Attempting paper effectively in Exams
Attempting paper

Examination System-a blessing in disguise

Examination system is the only tool to compel students solidify what they have learned and practice their skills. It is a system to depict students’ knowledge, aptitudes, and even characters. Examination assists the student to evaluate their merits and put in more labour, where necessary. It also empowers them to rise higher and higher in education. So, it would be better to call it a blessing in disguise whether it’s entry test preparation or board exams.

Students of Matric and F.Sc (Pre-engineering, pre-medical) are usually confused in attempting paper effectively. After reading the whole article you’ll be able to attempt your exams in a way to score highest marks.

Materials Required

How can you go for a war without weapons? Didn’t get it? Alright! In simple words, as powerful weapons are necessary for war in the same way writing material is necessary to attempt the exams in a presentable manner. To make a flow in your writing you’ll need to possess following materials:Materials Required

  • Clipboard is usually not allowed in the examination hall, but if you are left-handed you are allowed to take it with you.
  • Take at least 2 pens with you in working condition and an inkpot. It means that the nib of new pen is usually harsh and will come in the way of your fluent writing.
  • Use cut-marker for headings and drawing margin lines. Keep simple blue marker too. If you are unable to write neatly with cut-marker, immediately quit it and use the simple one.
  • Don’t use lead pencil to draw margin lines, instead, use marker and scale to draw lines. Avoid using small scales and pen.
  • Wear a wrist watch (preferably digital) that enables you to balance and manage your time.
  • If it’s mathematics paper, don’t forget to take geometry box and scientific calculator with you. Even the calculator is necessary to solve physics and chemistry numerical.
  • Keep a water bottle due to the reason that you might not be allowed to go outside during examination.
  • Last but not the least, handkerchief is the life saver. The intermediate exams are usually conducted in the months of June and July, due to the load-shedding the sweat can spoil your paper.

Understanding Board Answer Sheet

It is very necessary for you to read the answer sheet thoroughly before filling up the roll no. A single mistake can result in your failure. Remember, If a single digit of your roll no is filled up incorrectly, your whole paper will be cancelled. So, carefully fill up the circles in accordance with the correct digits of your roll no. Read the instructions and then mention correct date, your paper time-whether evening or morning, paper code and then roll no. After this carefully write your name and father name in bold letter and your signature at the end.Board Answer Sheet

Next comes the MCQs response part, where you need to write the paper code of your question paper. Same is the case with Urdu paper but the difference is, you have to write in Urdu language. You need to be careful, careful and careful. That’s a given.

Steps for attempting paper

The knowledge in your mind is not enough to get good grades in your examinations, rather attempting paper in an effective manner and implementation of knowledge wisely will surely get you good marks. There are a few steps which can make you attempt the paper in the finest way:

  • Draw margin lines with the blue marker on both sides of the paper or at least left side. It will give uniformity to your paper.
  • Write section number and name in the middle of the paper to highlight which section you are going to attempt first.
  • Write question number and question’s part number as mentioned on the question paper. Don’t make your own sequence, just follow the question paper as it is.
  • Don’t forget to write the heading of the question and description.
  • Draw an end line after completing each question.

Paper Attempt Format

Writing a Definition

Writing a Definition

Drawing a diagram

Drawing a diagram

Derivation and Proof

Writing a comparison

Solving a numerical

Solving a numerical

Writing a comparison

Writing a comparison

Describing the properties/types/ characteristics or uses

 Describing the properties

Contribution of Handwriting in your paper impression

Handwriting is always considered light-weighted by the students. But for your kind information it is as important as your knowledge about a subject is. Your handwriting is the first thing to impress the paper checker. Thus, you need to write in a good handwriting. A neat and clean paper with least cuttings will get more marks. On contrary to this, a paper written in bad handwriting will get you fewer marks because it is difficult for the paper checker to understand a poorly written answer.Beautiful handwriting

That being the case, the teacher won’t be able to comprehend what the student want to say in his answer. There is a chance that the teacher may interpret the answer wrong due to the absence of neatness and proper word formation. Thus, if a student want to score highest in the exams, he/she has to work on the handwriting.

Time Management

Managing the time is very important for every student. Right after getting the question paper, don’t immediately start writing rather be calm and read it at least for 10 minutes to understand every question and mark those questions which are easier for you. Attempt the easier ones first and try to attempt all questions. To improve your time management skills, you can also try this free tool, specifically designed to optimize your essay paper and other written assignments, all while making the process easier.time management

Don’t waste your time on one question. If you get stuck in some question leave the approx. space and start the new one. Divide your total time to the type and number of questions.

Revise at least once

The most important thing students skip in their exams is the revision of paper. Manage your paper time in such a way that you spare 10 minutes after completing the whole paper. Time for revising the paper. Once you have completed all questions, revise the paper thoroughly.Revise at least once

It will help you omit your all mistakes. While writing in a flow, students skip certain words which can cause grammatical or sentence-structure mistakes. Revising paper will ensure that you haven’t committed any mistake in the paper.

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