Boost your Entry Test Preparation Up to 40% by Following Simple Tips
Entry Test Preparations

Achieve Your Desired Results In An Entry Test Through Smart Work And Secure Your Seat In Top Medical And Engineering Universities Around Pakistan

What’s Wrong In The Conventional Preparation System?

When you jump into an ocean without knowing its depth, you’ll drown even if you know how to swim. When students set their goals, they start doing hard work to achieve them using conventional and outdated methods. At the end of the day, they score average marks that do not help them secure their seat in the desired institute. So, to achieve something bigger, better and different, you’ve to be smart and need advanced methodologies that’ll help you in your entry test preparations.

How Can You Achieve Your Goal in Effective And Smart Way?

There are two main things which take you to the top of the charts among the whole competition. These are time management and system analysis.

Time Management

Time management is to figure out the wastage and to minimise it. Just imagine that you are spending four hours a day on your entry test preparations and working hard. But in the end, you feel tired and feel that you could perform even better than what you have done. Why? Where is the problem?

There is nothing that you are doing wrong. Let me figure out the problem that is creating the mess. This is the matter invisible, but you may experience it during UHS entry test.

The point that I am going to elaborate will blow your mind away. Not only this, but it will also surely make you one of the luckiest 3500 students amongst the 90,000 who manage to get admission in medical colleges. You need to track your time and manage it accordingly.

First of all, calculate the amount of time you’re giving to your MDCAT preparation daily. Secondly, find out which time suits you the best in your daily routine and when are you comfortable to study?

Thirdly, list down your daily routine tasks, and arrange their priority levels and manage them accordingly. It will emphasis you to focus on your points and make you realise that which thing is right at what time.

Last but not least, find out the activities that seem to be part of the conventional study system. In reality, these are the central time wasters that more than 90% of students realise when they face failure in their entry test attempt.

Let me mention a few popular circular activities that you are bound to adopt even after realising that these are time wasters.

It is not usual that your academy is at a few minutes distance from your home. Sometimes, students need to travel for hours to reach the academy. Isn’t it like this? Exactly it is. You can save this time.

Every day, students struggle to manage their handwritten notes. They arrange them subject-wise and keep them safe. It’s crucial to write down the notes of every lecture, but it requires time and separate attention besides your preparation. If you have an authentic source of notes, it’ll save your time.

Unfortunately, teachers are not available 24/7 to answer every single question individually. More than 90% of students feel that their questions never get authentic answers. It is because the environment of the class doesn’t allow them to clarify their ambiguity during the lecture. They chase their teachers to get the answers after the lecture and couldn’t get their queries resolved for days and weeks.

System analysis:

The second thing that can make you stand out of the crowd is system analysis. System analysis is to keep track of your potential and performance according to the requirements to pass the entry test.

For that, choose a system that will show you a detailed comparison report of every test you give. This report should show all of your mistakes, weak points, and your current performance.

Further, it should analyse your performance in accordance with entry test preparations. Every report you’ll get against your test should be formed based on current criteria and aggregation systems of entry test you’re preparing for.

How Will Help You In Time Management And System Analysis? will help you achieve both time management and system analysis as it focuses on smart, ye with effective methodologies. It includes techniques and individual status that help students to create and produce maximised results by putting the least efforts required to achieve their goals. The conventional education system that says that pack your backpack, grab a cab and go to academies. Approach your mentors, study with a class of 50 other students, get back home, revise the lecture through books and repeat that cycle every day until you’ll be one of those 9 out of 10 high potential students who couldn’t make it to medical or engineering universities like Air University, GIKI, LMDC, NUST every year.

All of this is a wastage of time with zero system analysis. and smart work says, Unlock your laptop, mobile phone or tablet, Login to Watch video lectures 24/7, review their fast revision notes, attempt one-click generated tough and competitive Mock tests. Gauge your performance through our test analysis reports provided with the full-length exams, past paper MCQs, and all of it at the ease of just one click and comfort of your home sofa. So, don’t waste time, analyse yourself and be one of the smart workers rather than the hard workers with

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