Everything you need to know about NUST Entrance Test (NET)

National University of Science and Technology NUST is one of the most prestigious universities in Pakistan. It’s a dream of millions of students to get admission in NUST. But it takes some elbow grease to win a seat. The big challenge after getting good grades in F.Sc exams is the NUST Entrance test that is the major constituent of final aggregate in sanctioning the admission.

NUST Entrance Test (NET)

NUST Islamabad takes NET three times a year for various disciplines including engineering, business, arts, etc. The reason for multiple tests is that students may improve their marks by attempting the test multiple times before the NUST admission dates get closed. The test is valid for one academic year.

NUST Entry Test Syllabus

As far as the syllabus for NUST entry test is concerned, it’s all from the F.Sc textbooks, therefore, students need to study all of them thoroughly. No need to study other books, just focus on the previous syllabus which you already have studied in your intermediate. The test includes Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English. Along with these subjects, a section of Intelligence is also there to test the shrewdness of the students.

How many MCQs are there in NET?

NET consists of 200 MCQs each carrying one mark. There are 80 MCQs from Mathematics portion, 60 MCQs from Physics, 30 MCQs from Chemistry, 20 MCQs from English portion and 10 MCQs of Intelligence test with 40%, 30%, 15%, 10%, and 5% respectively. The MCQs from the Mathematics portion are of Matric level so that students of pre-medical may find it easy to solve them all for admission in the Physics department.

NUST admission dates


NUST fees and Scholarships

Students belonging to any academic background can become a part of the NUST community after getting success in the test, as the university assists both foreign and local students to avail scholarships, have flexible fee contracts and instalment systems to continue on their path of learning. The annual fee structure of undergraduate programme varies from Rs.90,000 to Rs.105,000 per semester, whereas the postgraduate programmes cost between Rs.65,000 to Rs.85,000 per semester.

NUST facilitates bright and deserving students by offering several scholarships from external sources too, which include Need-based Scholarship, Scholarship Programme for Talented Students of KPK under Chief Minister Education Endowment Fund (CMEEF), Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) and Department for International Development (DFID) UKAID Scholarship and Higher Education Commission (HEC) scholarship. The NUST Financial Aid Programme is a part of its need-based scholarship is granted to the students belonging to low and middle-class families.

How to prepare NUST Entry Test?

Well, if someone really wants to prepare well in the NUST entrance test, he/she needs to hit the textbooks. Students need to cover the ground in order to pass the test with flying colours. In order to prepare well, students need to divide the subjects on the number of days left for the test. Bear in mind, don’t get stick to a single subject rather make a note of two to three subjects so that you won’t get fed up. Along these lines joining academy is just a waste of time rather go for online entry test preparation platforms which can pave your path of success.

How to clear NUST entry test and what are the passing marks?

If you are pinning your hopes to clear NUST entry test and score maximum marks online preparation can serve you all in all. E-learning has seen an upsurge over the past few and has experienced mainstream acceptance around the globe and that’s for a big reason. The students have total control over their learning environment through online NUST entry test preparation and this acts like a silver bullet for their success in NET. No one can give online entry test preparation the brush off when it comes to getting excellent scores-no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

As far as passing marks in NET are concerned, there is no standard scale to measure, however scoring more than 140 out of 200 marks can get chances of your admissions. That’s a given!

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