How to Secure Admission in NUST (Complete Guidance for 2020-21 Session)
How to Secure Admission in NUST

Successful NUST Admission Preparation Online With Assured Results

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) is arguably the best University for Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. students in Pakistan. The standard of education provided at NUST can’t be matched anywhere else in the country. In the past few years, NUST has seen a dramatic increase in international rankings as well due to the improvement of educational standards across its campuses.

When it comes to programs, there are courses and degrees offered in just about every field one can imagine. The main campus, the H-12, has everything a student aspires, and there are other campuses as well in the area like EME and MCS. The faculty is of international standards and is full of Ph.D. scholars from around the world.

If there’s someone that wishes to have a great career in his field of choice in Pakistan, NUST is the best choice for them. Even if one aspires to go abroad for further studies, the high-quality skills he learns at NUST make it a seamless transition when moving to other Universities in the world.

When it comes to technological advancements, NUST puts a great emphasis on unique research. The degrees offered at NUST offer a great balance of theoretical and practical studies, hence making the learning process much more enjoyable for the student.

The Competition for Admission in NUST

When an institution is the best in the country, the amount of competition increases by quite a lot. Other exams like ECAT are mostly provincial, but as for NUST, it attracts students from all over the country, and that is what increases the competition for a limited number of seats.

Every year, 70 to 80 thousand applicants apply for a place in this prestigious Pakistani institution. They compete for a limited number of seats (1500-2000) every year. So, from NUST entry test preparation to the exam and getting into the University, the whole ride for a student is a tough one, which is why they should be prepared for a hard and tough experience.

The Eligibility and Selection Criteria

The eligibility criteria for appearing in the NUST entrance test exam is a basic one, which requires a minimum of 60% marks in Matriculation and the same in Fsc. One thing to keep in mind with regards to the eligibility criteria is the fact that it is only the minimum requirement to be able to sit in the exam. It doesn’t mean that you’ll get selected if you score 60% in both Matriculation and Fsc.

As for the selection criteria, this is where students that haven’t scored well in Matric/Fsc get a more equal ground as compared to the high scorers. For the NUST Entry Test (NET), NUST has set a weightage of 75% for the entry test in the overall aggregate score. For Fsc, the weightage to be added is 15%, and as for Matriculation, the percentage is 10%.

The good thing about the eligibility is that those that are still in Fsc part 2 can also apply with their Fsc part 1 scores. The only difference would be that only their Part 1 scores would be added in the overall weightage and not the full Fsc score.

Steps for Admission in NUST

There are multiple steps for getting admission in NUST. A student has to go through a lot to earn his place in that great institution. We’ll discuss some of those steps here down below.

  • Apply Online at NUST

The first step to getting in the long line of applicants is by applying directly. You’ll have to fill an online form and choose the required options alongside filling it with your details. After you’ve done that, you’ll get a slip that you’ll be required to deposit in the bank. After that, your application is complete.

  • Get Admit Card

After paying the fee, you’ll be sent an admit card with your photo on it. You’ll have to take the card to the test center where everything will be thoroughly checked before you’re allowed in. The card has your registration number as well so you must not lose it or else you wouldn’t be able to take the exam.

  • Take the NUST Entry Test

When you have the admit card with you, take it to the center. You can then take your exam and do your best in it. Make sure to leave no stone unturned during the exam and feel confident about your ability to ace the entrance test.

  • Wait for the Final List

The next step after taking the test is going back home and waiting for your test result to come. Only then you’ll be able to know if you have a chance of getting selected or not. If you score well and are selected, your way of studying in NUST is all clear.

  • Start Studying

The session for NUST starts sometime between October and November. So, after you’ve cleared the exam and paid the semester dues, you’ll be eligible to come and study at NUST as a student.

The NUST Entry Test (NET)

The NUST Entry Test (NET) is a test that requires a great deal of preparation, and it is unique in a way that it is different from all the other tests organized in Pakistan. The test format is based on MCQs where you have a list of options to choose from for each question.

In Islamabad, Computer-Based tests are conducted so you can choose the right options on the computer. The total MCQs that you’ll have to do are 200, which are divided into different sections with regards to the subjects. Mathematics/Biology covers about 40% or 80 MCQs of the total exam, which means this subject should be of the highest priority.

As for the rest, Physics covers 30% or 60 MCQs out of 200. Chemistry/Computer Science covers 15% or 30 MCQs, while English takes 10% or 20 MCQs to be precise. The remaining 5% is taken by Intelligence that has 10 MCQs out of 200.

The one key thing to remember here is the point that NET questions are very conceptual. They require having a deep knowledge of every topic, and those that cram fail miserably. So, learning things from a conceptual point of view is something that is always recommended.

The total marks in the test, as previously mentioned, are 200. It is pertinent to remember that there is no negative marking in the test, unlike ECAT and MCAT exams where negative marking exists. The total time for finishing the test is 3 hours, so one has plenty of time to do these 200 MCQs.

When it comes to, we have a very different approach to the aforementioned process. From preparation division to regular practice, we have a plan for everything. For example, a subject having more weightage in NET should be given more time to prepare as more MCQs come from that area.

  • Computer or Paper Based (Computer Based)

The test is offered in both Computer-based form and paper-based form. You can choose any depending on your preference, but the availability of the test form depends on the location of the exam.

  • Syllabus

The main syllabus of a student’s preparation for the NUST NET test is course books that are Fsc and A levels books. Not much else is needed for preparation, but we have a few other things than just books, which we’ll recommend below.

  • Study Resources

Whenever we discuss something about exams, everybody’s first question is about the study resources. For the NUST entry test, your textbook is the main thing you must prepare to have a shot at a seat at NUST.

The second thing that comes exclusively from is the preparation course we offer. If you take it and combine its practice and preparation with the training from the main book, everything suddenly starts looking much, much better. With the combination of textbook and, the deadly combo can just about guarantee you a place at NUST.

  • Important Policies

There are a few key things for you to remember when you head over to the exam center for your NET. The first is making sure that you attempt all the multiple-choice questions. There might be a few questions that you might know nothing about but make sure to guess their answers rather than leaving them out as there is no negative marking.

The second thing to remember is that with this exam being a mostly computer-based test, you can always go back and change the answer to a question you’ve answered previously. You can do that as long as you do it in the timeframe of 3 hours, and you’ll be good as gold. You can also mark specific MCQs for which you’re not sure about. So, you can always go back to those MCQs and give another go to attempting them.

One more important point to ponder is the order in which you attempt the questions. You can follow any order you like from a subject perspective. You are permitted to attempt any section you prefer. For example, you’re not forced to finish one section before heading over to the next. All the 200 questions are available to you to attempt from the start till the end of the exam.

  • Test Centers

The NUST NET has three official test centers. The first is at the main campus Islamabad (H12 campus), which is the only place where Computer Based test facility is provided. The other two places Quetta and Karachi only have the facility of the paper-based exam.

You can choose the test center of your choice when registering for the test online. As for the date and test time alongside the location of the exam, everything is given on the admit card you’ll get after paying the initial test fee.

Tips for High Scores in NET (Only NET)

When it comes to any entrance test exam, there are a few tips for making the entire task easy for you. So, we’ll give you some key tips that will surely help you in accomplishing your goal of being an NUST graduate.

  • Make a Written Schedule

The most important part of achieving any goal is preparing a plan on how you’re going to do it. A proper schedule goes a long way to organizing the way you’ll approach your exam. So, a good schedule that you can act on is very helpful for your prep. If you don’t have your schedule, we, at, have a schedule that we’ll be more than happy to share with you.

  • Prioritize Subjects, Chapters, and Topics

A key tip from us to you is that you give priority to those subjects that have the most weightage in the exam. One always has a limited time when preparing for the NET, so students have to manage things, and in that management, one must give priority to the most important subjects, and those subjects have the greatest number of MCQs in the exam.

For, we recommend you prioritize your preparation in the following manner.

  • Mathematics/Biology (Prepare all topics and give this area the most importance)
  • Physics (Prepare all topics as this subject has the second most weightage in NET)
  • Chemistry (Prepare important topics in-depth and do regular practice)
  • English (Do past questions as it only has a 10% weightage in the NET exam)
  • Intelligence (With a 5% weightage, only focus on doing past questions for practice)
  • Spend Each Day Very Wisely

Spending each day wisely is something we recommend. Make sure to get everything out of the way on time involving preparation. Do 8 to 10 hours of daily preparation, and focus on doing difficult tasks early when you start your daily preparation.

  • Study Conceptually

Entry exams are not only a test of your knowledge base, but they’re very integral in filtering out the cramming students. So, to succeed in the NUST NET test, a student should always learn everything conceptually. Cramming might result in marks in the regular studies, but those that cram fail miserably when the real tests commence.

  • Practice as many MCQs as possible

We’ve often heard that practice makes a person perfect. That is true in this case as well, so one should always practice as many MCQs as it can. The mystery here is from where the student will find so many MCQs. has a very big number of MCQs that you can use for preparation and practice, and we help our students in everything related to practice.

How will prepare for NET in 28 Days?

Now that you’ve gotten to know about the NET, we’d like to tell you about and how we operate. In our preparation schedule for NET, we have a plan for studying a total of 208 hours, and after that, we guarantee that you’ll get your place in NUST for your bachelor’s.

In our schedule, we have a plan for students studying 8 hours a day with ease. With a huge set of MCQs for practice available (22884 MCQs) that also includes 1462 complete past NET papers MCQs, we give you everything you need to prepare for the exam in the best possible way.

Our online study portal allows you to learn from your mistakes. It allows you to attempted wrong, un-attempted, and bookmarked questions, which is similar to how students do the NET Computer Based exam.

We not only have MCQs but also have a huge collection of lectures that you can always watch to clear your exam. You can also watch FRN on the most important topics. If you’re doing mistakes, again and again, you can watch the lectures as many times as you want till you get to grips with the question.

We also recommend you take at least 5 FLPs (Full-Length Papers) as a practice to prepare yourself on what to expect in the exam. We do have full-length papers for NET rehearsal as well. As you have all the material already available, we recommend you to give some time again to the most important exam topics 2 days before the actual entrance test.

For your subscription that doesn’t end till you’ve appeared in your exam, we provide you three key things so that if you work according to our schedule, you’ll get those three things without a doubt.

  • Save plenty of your time and money as you’re preparing from home in affordable rates
  • Prepare a lot better than studying in groups in academies
  • Secure admission in NUST with our preparation guide

Final Verdict was created by keeping in mind the difficulties students often have to face to travel to the big cities for preparation. We provide them even more material than what those big institutions, and that too in the comfort of your home. We believe in excellence and delivering top-quality results. Our past shows we’ve delivered numerous times. So, ready to join Get in touch with our team for registration and complete guide on how to guarantee a place in NUST for yourself.

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