The New National MDCAT, All You Need to Know

Webinar to answer National MDCAT Syllabus, Date and Your Questions on National MDCAT 2020 Do you know? As compared to MDCAT Punjab Syllabus, National MDCAT Syllabus has 145 EXTRA TOPICS (Bio: 65, Chem: 73, Phy: 7, Eng: 0) is […]

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The Best Revision Strategy For Best Result In MDCAT 2020

MDCAT preparation expert Dr Muazzam Manzoor gives the best revision strategy As the MDCAT 2020 date approaches, it is time to revise the MDCAT preparation you have done. Revision is the most important part of your entry test preparation.’s […]

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Webinar How to Score 100% Marks in MDCAT 2020

Dr Muazzam Manzoor (M.B.B.S, R.P.M) speaks on how to achieve 100% in medical entry test Update: This webinar has been conducted and the attendance was phenomenal. For the ease of students we will be uploading the webinar video here. Stay tuned […]

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