Why it is Necessary to Study Online for Entry Test Preparation?
Online Entry Test Preparation

Save Time, Save Money, And the Most Importantly, Study Smart to Achieve Your Target 4x Faster Than Your Friends

Entry test preparation is the game of smart work, not hard work. It has been proved. But, unfortunately, a huge number of students are following the popular and traditional methods of preparation. A common trend shows that almost everything has been evolved to the next level from where it started. Just take the example of the smartphone. Everyone knows the era of this technology. Not going into the depth, in 2002, what was the existence of mobile phones. And imagine life without a smartphone nowadays. Nothing to say more than this.

Similarly, if we talk about the education system, no one can brush-off the contribution of the internet. It has made research convenient and efficient. To explore anything and to get the extract from it is the game of minutes now.

When we admit and admire the revolutionary changes in technology, why the education system in Pakistan is still showing the picture of the Stone Age? Actually, it’s not the fault of the education system. We are not ready to change this conventional system.

The first and foremost goal of almost every student in Pakistan is to become either a Doctor or Engineer. The latest researches are being conducted all across the globe. Intellectually, Pakistani students are at the front lines in all fields. But technology-wise, we are nowhere to be seen. The reason is that our educational system is emerging, but at a speed of 5 (out of 100), whereas globally, the speed is above 80.

Let me explore the differences and the weak areas which were never explored before. And, to be honest, due to these reasons, we are still not able to become a Doctor or Engineer even after scoring 950+ marks in F.SC.

Entry Test Preparation Planning

Proper planning to get required results is the main thing that most of the students, even toppers don’t know. That’s why every year, we hear the news that many students even getting 1000+ marks have not cleared entry test. It’s very sad. Why does it happen? Already a student who secures even 950+ marks is a potential doctor or engineer. What is the problem then?

Let’s delve into it. Normally F.SC part II papers end in May. Then the so-called entry test season starts that lasts for only two to three months.

Just imagine, how is it possible to cover the full syllabus that includes topics of both F.SC part I and Part II in two months?

A student doesn’t think that the syllabus or topics that are included in the Medical College Entry Test preparation or Engineering College Entry Test preparation are extracted from the F.SC books.

A survey of Medical and Engineering University students disclosed the figure that 83.49% of students start entry test preparation almost six months earlier. Like normally in January, test preparation has to be started.

Mostly, students believe that if they start preparation before F.SC exams, they will lose their focus on both exams that is wrong. To be brutally honest, this concept is the main reason behind the failure of competent students. The lack of proper guidance comes in the way of students to become future doctors and engineers.

Why is the Pain of Students not Properly Addressed?

Yes, it’s exactly the right question that if proper guidance is the problem, then why it is still not offered.

It’s the traditional entry test preparation system that has captured the mind of students. It has implanted in the minds of students that without attending academies for the preparation of the entrance test, they won’t be able to pass them with flying colours.

In Pakistan, the Entry test time is the most profitable business for brick and mortar academies. That’s why this myth has not improved, because if students realize that they can study even sitting at home, the business of many institutes will blow to bits.

It is the need of time to realize the difference between right and wrong. So, take the right decision and prepare for your entry test online to save your time and money. Achieve your goal by studying smartly rather than blaming yourself afterwards.

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