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This course is designed for the preparation of ETEA Medical i.e Entrance Test of Public Sector Medical Colleges of KPK

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Prepare for ETEA Medical (KPK) Exam

ETEA Medical (KPK) preparation

ETEA Medical entry test is compulsory for the candidates who wish to get an admission in Public Sector engineering universities of KPK. ETEA Medical entry test is formed on FSC course with subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. Thousands of aspirants each year fail to ace this test due to insufficient guideline and lack of smart work.

Unequivocally, the ETEA Medical entry test is pretty hard for most of the students due to the big competition amongst the students and limited number of seats in the Public Medical Universities of KPK. Resultantly, every student must give his 100% to secure a seat in one of the reputed Medical College of KPK. Don’t worry about the ETEA Medical entry test because is here to knock all of your fears down.

Medical ETEA Preparation with is unbeatable when it comes to the preparation for the entry tests in Pakistan. Because it allows you to say good bye to the old-fangled ways of calling on the academies and spend an oversized amount of money. Alright, what you need now for the preparation of ETEA Medical is a computer with a steady internet connection and you are ready to start preparation. This platform has got sorted out chapter wise complete video lectures, topic wise thousands of solved MCQs, fast revision notes, question bank/tests and full length practice exams to help you do your preparation in a comfortable and inexpensive way. Just sign up now and start getting closer to your aims.


Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is an academic entity installed in November, 1998, by way of the authorities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It’s miles supervised by means of a Board of Governors, headed with the aid of the chief Minister, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Initially, ETEA was installed to adopt the administration of entrance tests for admission to Engineering and clinical institutions of the province in area of external trying out businesses.
However, the scope of activities and the goals for the ETEA were broadened beyond the doorway exams as said in the Ordinance.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants who secured minimum 60% marks in their intermediate with the combination of Physics, Chemistry and Bio can appear in ETEA.

Students from A-Levels and Federal Board are also eligible to for this test.

Domicile holders of AJK, K-P, and G-B are eligible to apply for K-P medical entry test.

The students who already took admission in MBBS/BDS can also apply if they have withdrawn their admissions.

How to Apply

Students are required to fill the registration form, available online, at the site of KMU. After the completion of the procedure, students will be able to get medical test entrance scratch card for Rs.1600 from respective bank. 

Selection Criteria/Merit Determination

Merit for the admission is calculated as under:

Matric = 10%

FSc = 40%

ETEA Test = 50%


There is no proper syllabus for ETEA entry test. The test, however, will be from FSc textbooks.

Exam Format

ETEA Entrance Test consists of 200 questions. The test carries 800 marks. Questions and marks distribution is as under:

  • 60 MCQs from Physics (240 Marks)
  • 60 MCQs from Chemistry (240 Marks)
  • 60 MCQs from Biology (30 from Botany and  30 based on Zoology) (240 Marks)
  • 20 MCQs from English (80 Marks)
  • Each question carries 4 marks. There is negative marking, for each wrong attempt one mark will be deducted from total score.
  • As per the guidelines of PMDC, there is no passing marks exist for ETEA medical entrance test. The body just declares the score of each student.
Score Validity

ETEA is valid for one academic year.

H5: Important Points for Students


Exam Centre / Testing Locations

The candidate can select any of the cities given below as his/her test center. The candidates are advised for their own convenience to choose a city nearest to their residence.

Applicants will appear in one of the below mentioned test centres to take exam.

  • Peshawar:

University of Peshawar Cricket Ground

Islamia Collegiate School Ground

  • Abbottabad:

Ayub Medical College

  • Swat:

Grassy Ground, Saidu Sharif

  • D.I. Khan

University of Wensam College

Each center is allocated to the students of different boards. Those from Kohat, Mardan and Peshawar will appear in test centers based in Peshawar. Students from DI Khan and Bannu will take test in University of Wensam College, DI Khan. Saidu Sharif test center is allocated for the students of Malakand and Swat. Students of Abbottabad, Mirpur, AJK and G-B will appear in Ayub Medical College for the test. While, those from Federal Board can select any one of the above mentioned centers.