About Us


To provide effective, affordable and enjoyable exam prep to students of TopGrade.pk community through our finest quality preparation products with the help of which students with different life styles and learning styles can best develop information, knowledge, skills, concepts, speed, IQ, EQ and the confidence required to excel on exams.

Our mission statement is met by 24/7 online access, best utilization of time, matchless content, multisectorial approach, interactive software design, keeping low costs for students and parents and personalized learning experience according to individual requirements.


To bring the best out of students and teachers worldwide and helping them to excel in their lives.

Core Values/Culture

At TopGrade.pk, our culture and values define how we approach our work, interact with students and each other, and much more. We strongly believe that a company cannot grow and keep its commitment to the end user without building a great culture. TopGrade.pk culture makes us what we are.

TopGrade.pk core values/culture is a decision-making framework which helps our team members to make decisions between two good options.

We are test prep experts after all! We are obsessed with quality and excellence. Here is a brief of our core values which constitute our culture.

  1. Passionate:

    We are passionate about our work. We love what we do. Even thinking about TopGrade.pk and our students makes us happy.  helping our teammates and students in times of need is our topmost priority

  1. Accept Challenges:

    We never hesitate from accepting challenges. We are all the time ready to come out of our comfort zone and take new challenges.

  2. Friendly:

    Our relationship with our colleagues, students, and partners is friendly. We take responsibility for our mistakes and don’t harp on the mistakes of others.

  3. Proactive:

    We are in habit of changing and upgrading ourselves before time. We always want to stay ahead of time

  4. Benefits

    Together we go and together we grow.

  5. Best utilization of time:

    We make every single minute count.

  6. Dynamic:

    We are very dynamic and love dynamism.

  7. Agile:

    We divide lengthy, unmanageable tasks into short and manageable phases of work which is in turn subjected frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans.

  8. Team work/synergy:

    We believe that 1+1 = >2. We are strong believers of team work. We believe that if we can deliver something extraordinary to our students, that’s just because of teamwork. Moreover, we go above and beyond in our work and never say, “It’s not my job.”

  9. Think win win:

    We are very optimistic. We think of winning even in most desperate circumstances.

  10. Company should grow irrespective of individuals controlling it:

    We have structured TopGrade.pk in such a way that even it will grow irrespective of the individuals controlling it. In Sha Allah.

  11. No barriers:

    If we face any barrier on the way of our work, we take it as our responsibility to remove that barrier.

  12. KAISEN (forever improving):

    We believe that weaknesses can be turned into strengths by overcoming them. When You Lose, Don't Lose the Lesson. We are in habit of learning from our mistakes. Moreover, we believe in potential and give Top Graders opportunities to grow and change roles.

  13. Scalable:

    We tend to measure everything that matters. Based on these measurements we are able to take right decisions.

  14. De political:

    We trust each other and don’t engage in politicking.

  15. Target oriented:

    We are all target oriented. We live in today and believe in achieving long term goals by achieving day to day targets.

  16. Zero tolerance to negligence:

    We forgive un-intentional mistakes of our mates, not the negligence.

  17. Users First:

    TopGrade.pk keeps the end users as the first priority. We channelize all our efforts so as to maximize benefits on part of our end users.

  18. No racism:

    Racism is considered a sin at TopGrade.pk. In our eyes all are equal.

  19. Unique work environment:

    We have created unique working environment that attracts, motivates, retains best players in field.

  20. Risk taking:

    We are never afraid of taking risks. We believe that risk is evident in every big game. If we have the vision, we take risks.

  21. New ideas:

    We encourage ideas from everyone—the best ideas can come from anywhere.

  22. Decision making by team:

    We make rational decisions with the valuable input from all our team members

  23. Mutual consensus:

    We try to develop mutual consensus before taking bold steps. It secures us in several ways.

  24. Hiring the smartest people:

    We tend to hire smartest people in the field which can help us achieving our goals and growing the company.

The list goes on. However, we are proud to adaptable and accept the changes. The values listed above has helped us a lot in achieving our goals. We make sure all of us follow these, and these have not only made an impact our professional way of life but also have improved the way we live and treat others in our personal lives.