TopGrade.pk is an online learning program specially designed for Pakistani students in their entry test preparations.

We can tell you that the difficulty level is going to increase this year as the content is mostly conceptual and they cannot just take books form a book so expect more conceptual content.

TopGrade.pk comes with all the learning tools a student needs to study. These include Vide Lectures, a Question Bank of more than 25000 multiple choice questions, Fast Revision Notes of all the topics of all the subjects in your course, full length practice exams and analytics to pin point your strengths and weaknesses.

you should only use the federal text book if you already have studied from the federal text books in routine and if not then consulting new books at this time is not a wise thing to do.

To use TopGrade.pk’s services all you need is a computer and access to internet. You can also use your mobile phone or tablet to use TopGrade.pk.

From the exam’s point of view you have 3 areas to cover first ones are the ones that you have prepared and understand them well, second are the ones that you have read but do not understand them and third ones are that you neither have read nor do you understand them.

If you are preparing to take MDCAT, you can definitely use MDCAT.

This is not a good idea and I would not recommend this at all as this will not let you organize your efforts but instead would end up scattering the efforts. So my recommendation is that you need to do everything in a sequence and cover everything systematically on daily basis and focus on the previous syllabus to give tests and try to spend considerable time on the new topics while making sure that the previous topics are prepared as well.

Yes TopGrade.pk offers course for ECAT preparation.

Let me answer this, I understand that most of our curriculum books are not written concept based, although there are many concepts in the books but the way these books are written, you can not understand many things conceptually. So that is where teaching comes in and students rely on teachers to prepare for their studies. Alhamdulillah all the video lectures that have been delivered by TopGrade.Pk are highly conceptual. Many students think that taking lectures at this stage would waste their time, this is not true. A good lecture never wastes your time and lectures from TopGrade.Pk are the best. The way I have given lectures about various subjects is a testament to this as it would take minimum 9 hours to cover the subject for you and I have covered in three hours with letting you know about exam structure and possible pitfalls. So, you can always cover it by reading but the best way to clarify the concepts is through lectures.

You can pay by JazzCash, easypaisa, bank account transfers, cash on delivery. For any other medium or further information you can give us a call.

NUMS entry test scenario has not changed at all and it will be conducted at 11th October as usual. NUMS exam has nothing to do with National MDCAT 2020 apart from sharing the same syllabus and same conducting authority.

Select the course from the courses menu, select subscription you want, and then select mod of payment and pay through it.

We don’t know what books you are using but according to our knowledge all the topics are almost similar in all the books. There is not much difference between those books and if there is any you can prepare the syllabus from TopGrade.Pk and this should cover the whole syllabus.

Once you will submit the fee, your account will be activated within 5 mins after confirmation of transaction.

No! NUMS will get you admitted on the basis of its own test same goes with Agha Khan University both can get you admitted on the basis of their own entrance test but National MDCAT is completely different.

Yes, you can avail scholarships and discounts based on your marks. Just send your last year exam scorecard to our WhatsApp 0304-1115060.

If you are looking to attempt the test according to schedule than you need to explore the TopGrade.Pk and I will show you my self as well. You see, you will enter in to the question bank, from the question bank you would go in to any subject such as chemistry and you can create test in multiple ways such as incorrect questions, unseen or un answered questions. You can choose sub sections or topics and cerate test from that as well. You can choose how many questions you need in a test as well. You can attempt the answers and then read up on the explanations as well. Once you are done with the test it will show you the result. It is such a powerful program that would benefit you on immense scale and I can guarantee you that there is no other program exist in Pakistan that can make offer you National MDCAT 2020 preparation at the moment. At national level if you need to prepare for National MDCAT 2020 than TopGrade.Pk is the only agency. Taking any other option is putting yourself at risk.

Yes, with 910 marks your admission is still possible. Make sure that you attempt both NUMS and National MDCAT 2020 exam and on those bases, you can definitely get admission. By the way P.M.C. has made it easier to attempt the private test.

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Yes absolutely. Since our commitment with you guys was about the previous course and we had to make so much extra effort to calibrate the new course. You would need to re-register yourself with us.

Yes, they will dissolve. You will apply as new and you can either wait for the SMS or better yet you can visit our website and automatically you will get registered. If someone has not received the SMS then they can contact on our phone number and we will help you out with this.

No, every account has individual performance and progress stats. That’s why students can use their own accounts only.

I am so sorry but not in Pakistan. You will not be able to get admission in Pakistan.

Yes, same account can be logged in into multiple devices. But the latest login device remain active.

As I have said earlier that it has changed drastically and basically Punjab syllabus is discarded and NUMS syllabus is very different form the Punjab syllabus.

You can contact on our helpline any time 0304-1115060, you can also report issue from your account.

Yes you will have to apply again.

We have qualified and experienced subject specialist faculty having experience more than 10 years.

it all depends that which city you choose to do the studies. If you are aiming for Karachi then merit is a little low but in Lahore merit is always on a higher side. To be secure you need at least 90% score in National MDCAT.

Topgrade.pk allows you to study anytime anywhere with much more features that you get in academy at almost 4 times less fee than academy

No! November test is not related to the October test in any way shape or form. Syllabus is same and conducting authority is same but that’s about it. Both tests are not interdependent. Your marks are not bad but not too good either. You need 92% aggregate so you need to calculate how many marks you need in the exam to be successfully get admitted.

Your easypaisa and mobicash will be confirmed once you will confirm your transaction ID on our whatsapp/Helpline.

Short and precise answer is that for you NUMS syllabus is the syllabus that you need to prepare. Consult TopGrade.Pk for the missing topics but you will have to prepare the new syllabus.

Topgrade.pk allows you to make your own schedule. That’s why anyone can easily carry topgrade.pk with academy.

We have devised a routine in the master planner that spans from 5 in the morning to 11 in the night. And the rest of the time is to sleep. It is a complete routine where between 5-6 am you say your prayer then for half an hour you do your exercise and from 6-7 you start studies 7-8 am do your breakfast take bath give time to your family and 8-9 and 9-10am do your studies. Tea break between 10-11 am and then start your studies again between 11-1pm , from 1-2 pm say your prayer and then do your lunch sleep for an hour and then start your studies again till 6pm and then 6-7 pm give some time to any sports activity say your prayer have your dinner and you can customize it accordingly as well. Then start your spell no 5 that will continue till 11 in the night. In total it has 5 study spells some of which are short and some are long. You can fit the subjects accordingly in that time allocation. Distribute the study spells according to the difficulty of your subjects and create a routine. Make sure you only give the allocated time to the subjects and do not waste extra time to the same subject or you will end up ignoring many things. Make sure you are doing to the point preparation instead of scattered preparation you need to work smart not hard.

Yes, 978 is good score and it is worth fighting. If you can secure 94% in entrance test than you can surely make it.

It's not different topics its just that they have explained differently in the learning outcome as learning outcome is an extension of the given content. We have maintained the whole TopGrade account according to the learning outcome and syllabus so have confidence on that course.

Eou will need to have a deep analysis. You do not need to take all the lectures at all. Take NUMS syllabus and prioritize the topics as high medium and low and see the lectures for high priority topics and leave the medium and low priority ones and just take test and consult the book if necessary. You can not watch all the lectures in this short time span.

Schedule will be provided by the TopGrade team so you need to contact them and yes, this course is going to be valid till the test if the test is delayed for a few weeks still this course will be valid till the test date.

Yes, if you can take better score in the entry test then in private you can have bright chances.

Answer is none of these books because in the exam they won’t ask you the values. Your exam is going to be conceptual. In case there will be any values than they are going to be the common ones. They will never ask about years or names of the scientists or anything like that. Even if they ever ask about the values than you would understand it any way. Just have a little faith.

Do not worry about A or O level books worry about the topic instead, if your concept is clear than what ever the question is you will know the answer and if you do not know the topic well that it does not matter from where the question is coming from. Make sure that the topics that you understand need no lecture revision and the ones you are not clear about should be given proper attention.

If you are planning to sit in next year MDCAT then study from your KPK text book and you can only come to Punjab on reciprocal seat which means that you still will have to get admission in your own province and then they can send you to Punjab and these are only a limited seat available.

Your score is good enough to get admission in public sector medical university in Pakistan, and as far as stress management is concerned, this is a game of nerves and the best way to manage stress is to prepare yourself for the worst and fight for the best, suppress your negative thoughts, when you accept the worst outcome, you achieve calmness and when you are calm then you can put your best foot forward. If you have negative thoughts such as I have limited time and so on then just say that I only have today in my hand and focus on the day in hand leave the rest of the thoughts aside. You can eliminate lot of stress by just staying in the present day.

Retain it and the parts that have been excluded, leave that aside.

If we talk about the private collages than the lowest you can expect is around 88 and some collages take donations and even can give you admission on lower marks as well. Some colleges charge 2 to 3 million extra and give you admission but in general it is 88% for the admission.

For public sector it is actually too high to be honest. For Lahore I would say it is close to 94% at least.

Confidence is directly related to practice. If you are practicing and you are doing it right, then it is confidence. Stay away from self-doubt and have self-belief. Have confidence in your self 85 right answers out of 100 is fine, do not stress over it. Your target should be that you need to attempt as many questions as possible, let me tell you a hard and fast rule. In next month or so attempt at least 800-1000 MCQs and learn from your mistakes. If you do that you will get admission and this is the whole secret. Just do this one thing and then if you score in FSC is 90% or above than you will get admission.

No, NUMS test is taken from a common syllabus that comes from all the text books collectively. It’s the national curriculum that form all the text books. I have seen them all and there is not much difference between those books. So, you better stick to your own text books.

It is usually remarkably low and around 75-80% you can get admissions in KPK and private sector.

Yes, we strongly suggest the past papers for preparations and we at TopGrade.Pk are feeding NUMS last four years past papers into the system.

Yes NUMS and National MDCAT 2020 syllabus is the same.

It mainly depends on your domicile, students from Federal have an opportunity to move to KPK so it all depends on your domicile.

There is a lot of inter college variation and it is not a set science and it determines based on many situations but a calculated guess is that it would be around 80 to 85% marks can get you admission.

Do not read any books in English, for English just TopGrade.Pk is more than enough. Does not matter if you are from Punjab, KPK or AJK you just need to see lectures, revision notes and MCQs from TopGrade and that should be enough. Try not to waste your time on any other source. You absolutely do not need to cram the lines you just attempt regular tests from TopGrade.Pk and learn from mistakes that’s all you need to do.

Punjab has its merit usually at higher side. Lowest is usually between 85% but I know lots of people who get the admission processed by going out of the way such as donations and what not. I know people who had 70-75% marks and they somehow managed to secure the admission somewhere. Its all about navigating the target.

As far as we know National MDCAT is applicable because if MCAT or provinces were still to take the entrance exam than there was not point giving the concept of National MDCAT. So in my opinion they will remove it from the website soon. In your best interest, you should focus on the National MDCAT and prepare for that. Logically speaking I do not think that only Sindh province can take a separate entry test. Other wise P.M.D.C would not recognize the collages that had not gone through the process. And if they are not recognized than those doctors would not be able to do the practice. There are a lot of places where conflict of interest is present but my final advice is that that’s fine if you would like to give test for MCAT but prepare yourself for National MDCAT at all costs.

We are going to handover the whole content to you guys and it would be up to you that if you would like to prepare for 8/12 or 16 hours a day. You can create as many tests as you like we have given you free limit. You can watch videos , lectures, listen to the revision notes, its not a big deal. This is the beauty of TopGrade.Pk that we tailor make the preparation accordingly.

You will need to purchase new one. National MDCAT course needed to be purchased.

No, even with Sindh there is a good possibility that they will start following soon. With Punjab there are absolutely no chances what so ever.

You need go to the website and call on the helpline they would guide you about this.

Now its 50% marks for Fsc, and 50% marks from MDCAT and you need at least 95 % aggregate now calculate yourself.

Yes, feel free to attempt all the full length papers and I will try to increase the limit from 5 to 10 actually.

promo automatically applies if you register before 12pm tomorrow and you would get the discount automatically. I have already instructed the team and they know that whoever is contacting us is due to the webinar.

you need to give the provincial test anyway because there is heavy competition in that field and you cannot rely on that since there is a chance that it might happen it might not. So provincial MDCAT is a must. After the notification from the government you will process your admission fee and everything.

Yes, you certainly can.

No, at least 8th November and chances are it could be delayed at least a couple of months. It is clearly stated that it would be the second week of November and it is not possible to get it done before November. You better prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Keep 8th November in your mind and do the preparation, if it delays than it is even better for you and you can gain extra advantage.

Yes, not in all but to some extent they can. There are no extra ordinary limitations for private institutions.

For the time being since time was very limited, we have created new accounts and you can join the new accounts for the National MDCAT 2020 and you need to join the new course. We cannot commit with you to update the existing accounts as there are technical limitations in this process and it was impossible to update all the student accounts in such short span of time so we have created a whole new course. Let me discuss with my team that what kind of quick solution we can provide for such issue and then we can let you know. Students who have KPK domicile can apply for some limited seats in Punjab University.

Well if the difficulty level increases than we need to keep in mind that due to the Covid situation, students have already got extra marks and over all marks of the students are better and on the higher side in FSC. So, that effect is going to be counter reacted. Means that if the merit was to increase further, this may not happen but we should not get ahead of time and the merit is going to be auto determined depending upon the relative performance of the students in the National MDCAT.