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Anmol Khan, Sahiwal, Studying in Sahiwal Medical College
MBBS Student Rehan Ali

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MBBS Student Maryem Ghani

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MBBS Student Rameesha Nasir

"It's an informative site and you are doing a great job but I suggest some extra helpful material as well, like supportive counselling+tricks for improved learning and mnemonic dictionary & timetables for vocabulory section of MCAT or the other category to develop interest. I too,had made a side mnemonic table on vocab section & helping stuff .Besides confining a student to only a web cast online stuff, we must encourage book studying and reading as well which is enough for an entry test like MCAT."

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MBBS Student Taimoor Asghar

"But the problem is there that how a student can convince his/her parents regarding its subscription. Because in MDCAT season, parents are much more concerned about students' online activities. But highly appreciating your efforts."

Taimoor Asghar, Sahiwal, Studying in Sahiwal Medical College
MBBS Student Sumbal Wajjid

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Muhammad Ali Jaffar
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Muhammad Adeel Iqbal