Attempting paper
Mar 13, 2019

Examination System-a blessing in disguise Examination system is the only tool to compel students solidify what they have learned and practice their skills. It is a system to depict students’ knowledge, aptitudes, and even characters. Examination assists the student to […]

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Art of Public Dealing
Mar 11, 2019

We have grown up listening a famous maxim “man is a social animal” therefore, needs to communicate with people around him in order to survive. As a matter of fact, we can only inspire people through our dealing in an […]

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9 tips
Dec 20, 2018

MDCAT seems monster to every student going through its preparation and it’s a big test conducted by UHS every year. Almost 3000 students get selected by UHS to become future doctors or a future of Pakistan. It is basically a […]

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Entry test Preparation
Mar 28, 2018

An Introduction to Medical and Engineering University Entry Test and Tips to Ace it What is an Entrance test? Entry Test is the test of abilities and specific skills of a student, under pressure. In our educational system children are […]

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