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How to get admission in best Medical and Engineering universities of Pakistan?

How to get admission in best Medical and Engineering universities of Pakistan?

For being a doctor or engineer, you have to pass your intermediate examination with quality marks. And it is compulsory to be on the merit lists for all the top and best medical and engineering universities of Pakistan.

After that, there is an entry test for medical and engineering colleges named MDCAT and ECAT. No matter you top your district or even your province, if you don’t clear your MDCAT or ECAT you do not get admission in the best medical colleges of Pakistan like KEMC, FMH, LMDC, AMC, KMU and FJMC. Nor even in engineering universities like GIKI, LUMS, PIEAS, UMT, UET and FAST which are known for their excellence not only just in Pakistan but all over the Asia.

Prominent Path Towards Success for Engineers & Doctors

Development of all nations is based on their youth. If youth is conscious, nation is strong. To make our youth strong and powerful, it is essential to give them the weapon of knowledge to fight against ignorance and illiteracy.

There are many ways and fields with whom young generation can serve our country and nation. But the most successful and honorable way to serve people is by getting yourself in to the medical and engineering field. One is dealing with nations health while the other one is creating infrastructures for development of country.

Sialkot, a city known for its sports goods all over the world

Located in North-East Punjab, Sialkot is 12th most populated city of Pakistan and famous for its sports manufacturing industries all over the world. This city is known for many other things, as it is the birth city of Allama Muhammad Iqbal also. Literacy level of Sialkot is very impressive; there are many famous colleges in this beautiful city.

MDCAT and ECAT preparation institutes in Sialkot

Sialkot is also known for its quality of education. We cannot ignore the important role of Murray College Sialkot.

But for getting admission in any medical or engineering universities, no one will ask about your secondary college or institute you passed. All they are looking for is your entry tests marks and score you hit in MDCAT or ECAT.

There are many institutes in Sialkot, who are running their business of teaching on the name of education. Do you think they can help you out in this important phase of life, where you are about to take your first step towards your dreams and they are playing with your future by promoting their businesses and taking advantages for being teachers?

KIPS academy, STAR academy, Punjab College and many other colleges and institutes are running their business on the name of quality education.

Best MDCAT And ECAT Preparation In Sialkot

If all these well-known and so-called coaching institutes are efficient in their work then why are you still looking for preparation of your entry tests? The answer is; they are not capable enough by their method of teaching to make your concepts clear and to make you the best.

You just learn your books there but you do not understand what actually is in these books. This is not the way to pass your entry test. Now is the time to make your concepts clear and to understand the jewels of wisdom hidden in your books.

TopGrade.pk introduced a real online educational system, which helps you in real not only to pass your MDCAT or ECAT exam but also to be an ideal student as well. By our unique method of teaching, TopGrade.pk now is one of the most popular online educational system by whom thousands of students make their dreams comes true with getting admission in best medical colleges and engineering universities and thousands are on their way of success.

Comprehensive MCQ’s for MDCAT and ECAT preparation

MCQ’s are not only the shortest and simplest way to get maximum marks in shortest time but also the best way to examine your actual accuracy and command on all subjects and all topics. TopGrade.pk provides you more than 18,000 MCQ’s on every subject and every topic. Your weakness on any topic cannot hide from your eyes now.

Self-assessment and practice tests for MDCAT and ECAT

In order to examine your condition and check your preparation level TopGrade.pk helps you with self-assessment and practice tests. Because there are not just MCQ’s but theoretical questions also the part of your MDCAT and ECAT exam.

To make yourself perfect and comfortable in your upcoming exams, it is suggested to take all these practice tests by yourself to make your grip even stronger on all topics of all subjects.

Video lectures for MDCAT and ECAT preparation

God forbid if you find yourself in a dark corner of misconception or with confusion in any topic, what will you do then? Surely you don’t want to try those methods with which you still do not understand that specific topic.

TopGrade.pk facilitates you with the quality level of its teaching method by providing you video lectures of the best professors for all subjects from all famous universities of Pakistan. There is no chance left for any confusion or misconception with their helping lectures.

Quick review notes for MDCAT and ECAT preparation

Our aim is to serve you with our best, not for sake of making money but for building a strong nation by making competitive and capable doctors and engineers. As you check your own perfection level in your studies by solving TopGrade.pk MCQ’s and practice tests. Not only this but also you spare all your flaws of misconceptions and fallacies of your strong grip on topics by TopGrade.pk video lectures.

Now is the time to take benefit with the supreme offer of quick review notes by subject specialist teachers for MDCAT and ECAT, you undoubtedly become a person who have every single topic on his tips by all of our teaching techniques. There is no need to worry at all because we prepare you not for being a person who just pass its exam but want you to be on the tops of the best.

Why TopGrade.pk?

You can save your time by availing TopGrade.pk facilities, you can save yourself a lot of money when you let us serve you. Moreover, you can catch us whenever, where ever you want. All you have to do is just log in here, and start making your dreams comes true.



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Engineering and medical entry test preparation with TopGrade.pk


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Excellent Support

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TopGrade.pk offers the best tools for students who are looking to take their MDCAT. MDCAT is the first main step in your dream of becoming a doctor. Scoring good marks in this entrance exam will enable you to get in to a medical or dental college in Pakistan. Prepare for your MDCAT online with TopGrade.pk to increase your chances of becoming a doctor.


In this era of computers, mobiles, tablets and internet when the world has become a global village, you do not have to go to a conventional academy for your ECAT preparations. Whether it’s ECAT or any other engineering university, TopGrade.pk offers the best online engineering entrance exam preparations. So fulfill your dream of getting in to an engineering university with TopGrade.pk.


If you are planning to take the NTS Aptitude Test (NAT), TopGrade.pk offers the best solution. There are special courses designed for NAT Engineering, NAT Medical and NAT General, for you to study and prepare online. So whatever field you have your eyes on, you can prepare the exam using the modern study tools by TopGrade.pk at your ease.


Now with TopGrade.pk, GAT preparation is no more difficult task to accomplish. You don’t need to rush to academies because everything is at your doorstep. From notes to video lectures and from practice MCQs to Full Length Practice exams, this online learning platform has everything you need to score good results in GAT. So get in touch today to take your first step towards a secure future.


For intermediate students, we have a good news for you, we have launched full online preparation courses for F.sc Pre Engineering and Pre Medical and ICS students. You have the options to subscribe to our 1st year, 2nd year or full intermediate courses depending on your preferences. Click below for more details.

Agile & Functional Learning Tools Offered by TopGrade.pk

PERSONALIZED STUDY for Entry Test Preparation


With TopGrade.pk, you as a student can have your own personalized study plan according to your own situation instead of relying on one criteria for all. You can decide for yourself how you would like to plan your study on your individual strengths and weaknesses.

VIDEO LECTURES for Entry Test Preparation


Video lectures by fully qualified and experienced professors on all topics of all subjects. Everything explained with the help of innovative teaching methodology. Video Lecture, HD quality for desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

FAST REVISION NOTES for Entry Test Preparation


Notes in the form of slide-shows of all sections of all subjects enabling fast revision of highest yield facts. Information is limited to essentials only with self-evident content. Entire content of all slide-shows in standard format available on desktop, tablets and mobile devices

QUESTION BANK for Entry Test Preparation


Practice with all types of pattern and past questions from each topic of every subject along with well written explanations. Interactive and intelligent software predicts score of learner in final exam and suggests necessary actions to be taken for improving the performance.

FULL LENGTH PRACTICE EXAMS for Entry Test Preparation


Practice tests that closely resemble format of real exam. Questions are written according to latest exam trends. Each test comes with detailed analysis and an approximate score in final exam so students can get an idea of their expected performance.



While using TopGrade.pk you get your detailed reports on all content you have used and whats remaining. These analytics also show you the reports of all the practice tests where you can see exactly in which chapters of which subjects you need to focus more.



TopGrade.pk is not just about studying for exams, we also offer personal skills development videos. These videos can help you enhance your personal characteristics like book reading, time management, stress management, general instruction for exams etc.

PERSONALIZED NOTES for Entry Test Preparation


TopGrade.pk tries its best to keep you updated with all the related news and happenings in the education sector that can be of helpful to you as a student. You can see all of this information in your student account at any time.

DISCUSSION FORUM for Entry Test Preparation


Practice tests that closely resemble format of real exam. Questions are written according to latest exam trends. Each test comes with detailed analysis and an approximate score in final exam so students can get an idea of their expected performance.

The Complete Online Solution for Entry Test Preparation.


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