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Features TOPGRADE Conventional Academies
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Prepare for NUST Entry Test (NET) Online with

NUST Entry Test (Engineering) preparation

Best Place to Prepare for NUST Entry Test

If you are passionate about securing your admission at NUST University, you will have to go through and pass the entrance test. The Preparation for any medical entry test is an assiduous task, and every year thousands of students, after their F.Sc exam, waste their significant time searching for a good place for its Preparation. TopGrade.Pk is a rapidly emerging online platform that helps thousands of students pass their entrance exams at different medical and engineering universities. Its expert, passionate and devoted teaching faculty has devised a customized study scheme that helps students secure their places at their respective Universities.

1. What is NUST Entry Test?

The National University of sciences and technology is one of the leading and renowned Universities of Pakistan located in the heart of the capital, Islamabad. NUST has always been successful in maintaining its ranking in Times Higher Education's Top 100 Universities from 22 developing economies and is considered one of the top high-tech Universities in social sciences and engineering. Therefore, it has set a few requirements and filters to pass if you want to get admission. NUST has its entrance test called NET. NUST has almost 28 Undergraduate degree programs, including engineering, computer science, biotechnology, business, and social sciences. Students who dream of getting admission in any of the above courses must have to pass the NET.

2. Who is eligible to take NET?

  • Admissions in NUST are made solely on a merit-based, irrespective of ethnicity or religion. Students who have passed their matric and F.Sc or equivalent exam with the distinction of at least 60% marks are eligible to take NET.
  • Those students who have passed their A-Level exam must have the Equivalence certificate from the Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) of Pakistan to take NET.
  • Engineering:
  • Students who wish to take admission in engineering must have completed their previous HSSC in Pre-Engineering Group / FSc Computer Science Group / FSc Pre-Medical with additional Math.
  • Those candidates who have completed their HSSC in physics, mathematics, computer studies, or computer science are eligible to apply for software engineering, computer engineering, and telecommunication engineering.

3. How do I register to take NET? When will NUST Engineering Tests be held for the 2024 session?

Online Registration:

In order to register to take NET for the incoming 2024 session, follow these guidelines. Visit and register with your email address.

Expected Dates of NET for the 2024 session:
  • NET 2024 will be held in 3 series:

    I. NET-1:

    Online registration of NET-1 starts from Dec-Feb 2024. The test will be taken in the Islamabad center only. The test will be held from Feb 2024.

    II. NET-2:

    Online registration of NET-2 starts from Mar – Apr 2024. It will be held in Islamabad Karachi and Quetta center, from Apr 2024.

    III. NET-3:

    Online registration of NET-3 starts from Apr – Jun 2024. The test will be conducted from Jun – Jul 2024 in the Islamabad, Karachi & Quetta center.

4. What is the Selection Criteria for Admission to NUST?

  • Merit criteria for NET 2024 will be as follows:

    I. NUST Entry Test:                      75 %

    II. SSC / O-level / Equivalent:      10%

    III. HSSC (Part-1) / HSSC / A level * / Equivalent / DAE:      15%

  • Admission is purely merit-based.
  • You can get admission based on the NET and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), for which limited seats are available every year.
  • Selected candidates must supply a Medical Certificate issued by any government hospital or a registered health professional at the time of joining a program of study. The medical Certificate Form will be emailed or sent to the chosen candidates together with the Provisional Selection Letter.

5. What is the Format of NET?

I. Exam format

NET is paper-based as well as computer-based. A computer-Based Test is performed in Islamabad, while a paper-based test is conducted in Karachi and Quetta.

II. Total marks

Total marks of the NET will be 400. 2 marks are given for every correct answer. There is no negative marking in the test.

  • The mathematics section will have 80 MCQs (40%).
  • The Physics section will have 60 MCQs (30%).
  • The chemistry portion will have 30 MCQs (15%).
  • The English section will have 20 MCQs (10%).
  • The intelligence portion will have 10 MCQs (5%).

The total number of MCQs will be 200.

III. Time allowed

The total time allowed will be 3 hours.

IV. Important policies

Candidates can also appear in the entry test more than 1 time.

Note: In one series, only 1 attempt is allowed for a particular discipline.

6. What Is the Syllabus of NET?

NUST Entry Test is based on F.A. / F.Sc level studies (Part-1 & Part-II), and questions are in the sort of MCQs with four answer options each. The paper of English is on the pattern of the SAT exam. The test also includes the Intelligence part. A sample paper can be seen on the NUST website.

Textbooks are consulted while developing the question bank. Grasping the concepts available in several textbooks will be beneficial. You can view the sample papers b clicking the link below:

7. How Is NET Scored? How Long Will Its Scores remain valid?

  • Each MCQ carries two marks.
  • There will be no negative marking in the test.
  • NET scores are valid only for one year.

8. NUST offers admission in which courses based on NET?

NUST offers admission in the following programs:

  • Engineering
  • B.S Computer science
  • B.S Biotechnology
  • Business and social studies
  • B Arch and BID
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Physics
  • BS Chemistry

9. Where will NET be Held?

NUST Entry Test is conducted at Islamabad (NUST Campus), Karachi, and Quetta.

  • In Islamabad, it will be in Computer-based format.
  • In Karachi and Quetta, it is in paper-based format

10. What Is the Difficulty Level of NET?

Well, the difficulty level of the NUST Entry Test is sometimes high. It's a competitive exam. This exam aims to hunt for the most effective students who are going to become future engineers. So, it would help if you had in mind that you can't get high scores during this exam with carelessness. In NUST Entry Test, only Multiple-choice questions (MCQ's) are asked, which may be of three types

1) Memory-Based Questions:

Memory-based questions are right away lines from the books.

For Example:

  • Oxidation is

    a) Loss of electrons

    b) Addition of hydrogen

    c) Decrease in oxidation number

    d) All the above


    This is a question related to the definition of oxidation. Options are straight-away lines from the books. As you can see, all are true about oxidation. So, option (d) is the correct answer.

2) Analysis-Based Questions:

Analysis-based questions are concepts of the books.

For Example:

  • Which of the following statements is correct?

    a) Vectors can never be added and subtracted by simple arithmetic means.

    b) Vectors can always be added and subtracted by simple arithmetic means.

    c) Vectors can sometimes be added and subtracted by simple arithmetic means.

    d) None of the above.


    The concept here is, parallel and anti-parallel vectors are added and subtracted by simple arithmetic means. So, statements (a) & (b) are wrong. (c) is that the best answer to the current question, and option (d) may be a distractor.

3) Application-Based Questions:

Applications-based questions are related to real-life situations.

For Example:

  • A normal person grows 20% in height from age 10 to 8, and 18 to 25 grows 5% to 10%. Ali is 1.625 meters tall at the age of 10; maximum, how tall would he be at the age of 25?

    a) 1.4255 m

    b) 2.0475 m

    c) 2.1450 m

    d) 3.2434 m

    e) 4.1250 m


    In this example, very normal heights of a person are discussed. Obviously, from the data, increasing normally should get an answer greater than 2 meters. However, heights of 3 meters or 4 meters are illogical so that they can be quickly eliminated—a height less than 1.625 meters can be quickly eliminated. So, the answer is one of (b) or (c). If you check, you will see that 2.1450 is the correct answer for maximum height and 2.0475 in his minimum height; thus, (c) is the correct answer.

11. Why do Students fail in NUST Entry Test?

Well, to start this topic, let me quote a quotation of a famous investor of the U.S., "It's good to learn from your mistakes. It's better to learn from other people's mistakes." NUST Entry Test isn't a simple exam to pass. Every year, thousands of scholars take this exam, and only a specific number of students are capable of acing this exam. As quoted above, if you recognize the mistakes made by other students, who did not achieve their ambition, then you'll better rectify them before you make those mistakes. Allow us to explain the common mistakes done by students and assist you not to do an equivalent.

Students make common mistakes:

  • Not Having Own Study Plan and Relying on Teachers Completely:

Most students don't devise their study schedules and rely entirely on teachers or institutes for better Preparation, which is wrong. The only one that can confirm your success during this exam is you and nobody else. Because, it is well said that: "SELF REALIZATION is the best teacher, SELF LEARNING is the best teaching, and SELF PRACTICING is the best motivation."

  • Studying In Chronological Order Rather Than Priority Order:

This is another very wrong approach of students towards their NUST Entry Test prep. They don't prioritize the topics which are of upper importance in exams. NUST Entry Test syllabus isn't short. It's a lengthy syllabus. You've got to review two years of the syllabus in a few months. So, if you begin preparing from one side, i.e., in chronological order, then there are chances that you might not be ready to have a powerful hold on those topics which are most or more critical in the exam. As it is well said that, "There is no such thing as "I don't have time"- you just simply need to prioritize better.

  • Using Passive Study Strategies:

How are you able to know that your study strategy is passive? If you're studying a topic/ subject and your interest therein in a certain topic or subject isn't developing, then your study strategy is passive. So, to review actively, you would like seriousness. You would like to be compassionate about your goal. If you're studying and questions aren't developing in your mind associated with your topic, you're looking passively. You ought to know that knowing the question is the half answer. So, to review actively, you ought to develop questions associated with the subject and check out to find the answers.

  • Not Analyzing and Improving Your Test-Taking Skills:

When you take tests during NUST Entry Test prep, you'll make mistakes. But the key point which can differentiate you, other students is that you simply learn from those mistakes. Try not to make an equivalent mistake again. After taking the test, search for the MCQs which are wrong. This may prevent you from making an identical mistake in an actual exam.

  • Not Devising Ways of Fast Revision Along with Your Classes:

Many students continue preparing for the exam and don't realize that they're going to need to revise the entire syllabus once or twice at the top of Preparation. So, if they don't make any fast revision notes of the syllabus, they'll not be ready to revise the entire syllabus in one or two days. Amazing capture

  • Not Reviewing Information, You Already Know:

Some students consider that they know the topic and that they ought not to focus much thereon. This overconfidence is the reason for the failure of many students. Whatever you recognize or have a grip of, you still got to see that topic on the idea of the NUST Entry Test. At least, you would like to revise that

  • Memorizing Rather Than Understanding:

Some students are habitual of cramming. But you can't cram the entire syllabus of the NUST Entry Test because it consists of F.Sc parts 1 & 2, which is a sort of lengthy syllabus, to be true. Some topics may be memorized, but most of the topics are conceptual and desire proper understanding. Otherwise, your chances of failure would be more.

  • Failing To Master Certain High-Yield Subjects or Topics Owing to Overconfidence:

Well, there are often some topics or maybe subjects that you think you'll do quickly based on your F.Sc scores or some other factors, etc. Let's suppose you think you're good at physics, and while NUST Entry Test prep you don't take it seriously, your chances of failure are relatively high. Regardless of how good you were at that subject or topic, you still got to undergo it thoroughly because those topics are often of high yield in NUST Entry Test.

  • Studying Material That Is Rarely Tested on The NUST Entry Test:

To ace this exam, your focus should get on presumably to be tested areas. But some students get their selves tangled in some difficult questions and check out to go deep therein information even if it's not associated with your test. You've got to know that each difficult question or topic isn't getting to be in your test. Yes, there'll be difficult questions, but you've got to smartly analyze which questions should be your concern and which shouldn't.

  • Trying To Do It All Alone:

If you think that you'll steel yourself against the NUST Entry Test on your own and you don't need any teacher or guidance for your preparation, then you're on the wrong path. It doesn't matter what proportion marks you've got in your matric, F. Sc, etc., NUST Entry Test may be a whole different exam, and each student needs guidance and proper teaching to pass this exam. Well, you can't have the experience that your teachers have.

  • Not Testing Yourselves on The Material:

Suppose you're preparing yourself for the NUST Entry Test exam but not taking tests. In that case, you're completely lost because it doesn't matter how good your Preparation is until you've got tested yourself on the material you've got prepared. Because it is said that, "Your eyes don't see, what your mind doesn't know." It means you can't know the mistakes if you haven't made them. So, you would like to take as many tests as you'll be able to before you appear within the actual exam.

  • Starting To Study Too Late:

Some students think that passing this exam is a simple task, but it's not. So, they take it easy and begin to review too late until they know. Because the syllabus isn't short so need time and proper attention to go through all the content.

  • Not Having a Proper Routine/Timetable:

Your daily routine plays a crucial role in your success during this exam. If you've got a variable routine, then you can't even consider passing this exam. The syllabus of the NUST Entry Test consists of two years of content which isn't a simple task to cover in a few months, so you need a correct schedule to prepare your syllabus and score good marks.

  • Negative Thinking:

Many capable students fail due to just negative thinking. Some students think that they can't make out. It's a wrong approach. Positive thinking plays a really important role in your success. You ought to believe that you simply can have it away. Put your complete effort in it and believe in Allah Almighty that He won't discard your efforts. Insha'Allah, your efforts will bore fruit.

12. How to Study for Scoring Higher on NET?

  • Focus More on Most Likely to Be Tested Topics:

NUST Entry Test is not an easy exam to pass. As you know, many students apply for this exam every year, and only a few are selected. To ace this exam, you've got to be serious about your future. The key to success in any exam is by exertions together with smart work. You ought to know where to place maximum effort and where to place minimum. provides you with the most effective strategy to ace this exam. Allow us to tell you that how you are able to score higher on NUST Entry Test. For this, you've got to understand which areas are of upper importance and which don't seem to be. You ought to know this exam's statistical data, and enables your strategic Preparation, keeping in sight this critical information and maximizing your chances of success.

There are 3 types of areas in the NUST Entry Test:

I. High Importance:

Remember! Your focus should be prioritized efficiently. The High important areas need more focus and detailed study. So, these sections will be your priority because most of the exams will be from these sections.

II. Medium Importance:

Similarly, Medium importance areas should get on 2nd priority. So, you ought to choose these areas after you're through with your 1st priority.

III. Low Importance:

Low importance areas will be on 3rd priority because these don't have much importance. So, you can consider these as low importance areas.

Tips for effective study:

  • If you want to attain well on the exam, you'll need to set a target and strive hard to reach the goal.
  • It is critically important to line up a sensible study schedule for your entrance test and start studying early.
  • Set a hard and fast daily routine. It'll help to bring the simplest out of you.
  • Identify your top 5 distractions/time wasters and check out to get rid of them directly.
  • Textbooks are vital for your entrance examination. Remember everything is vital for your exam, which is in your textbook. Moreover, anything which can assist you to know the textbook can also be important.
  • Anticipating questions while preparing for the exam helps to channelize your efforts in the right direction. So, whatever you're studying, always keep brooding about how questions would be asked from that specific area.
  • Develop your sort of attempting the paper.
  • Keep analyzing and improving your skills. Book reading, time management, and stress management are important skills for exam success.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses. Learn to play together with your strengths and check out to beat your weaknesses.
  • Practice as many questions as possible during the Preparation of your exam.
  • Stay mentally and physically healthy. Eat good, sleep well and take exercise regularly.
  • Find a relaxing place to review, which is quickly available to you all the time.
  • Stay motivated, passionate, and agile towards your exam.
  • Adopt a positive attitude. Remember, your attitude determines your altitude.
  • Prioritize your tasks on the day today. Make it a habit to try to do First Things First

Study with other well-prepared students. Keep or stand back from other negative students.

13. Why is Online NUST Entry Test Preparation Better?

Online NUST Entry Test prep is best in an exceedingly way than conventional academies. Let me tell you. How? Well, there are many reasons but let's just highlight the main differences:

  • Ease of Access:

    In Online NUST Entry Test, you've got quick access to all or any of the syllabus. You don't need to look forward to the particular lecture to be delivered. You'll study whatever you would like to. In this way, your Preparation will be better in many ways because you've got the entire syllabus in your hand.

  • Time-saving:

    Online Prep can save you very precious time. Allow us to tell you. How? In conventional academies, you waste tons of your time traveling, getting prepared for the academy, expecting the teacher to come and deliver the lecture, etc. But in online prep, all the syllabus you would like to organize is simply one click away.

  • More Effective study:

    In Online prep, you'll study more effectively. Allow us to tell you, how? You don't need to hear the entire lecture as delivered in conventional academies. You'll start from the precise part which you would like to know. Otherwise, you feel you would like more focus on it.

  • Better understanding:

    In online prep, you'll understand and comprehend things better. You'll be able to pause where ever you are feeling any doubt. You'll be able to hear the precise video lecture again and again. This helps you in better understanding the subject.

  • Schedule Flexibility:

    While studying online, you don't need to be bound to the academy schedule. you'll be able to devise your schedule in line with your lifestyle or daily routine. Conventional academics don't provide you the ability to take lectures at your ease.

  • Personalized Learning:

    Well, in academies, you've got to concentrate until the lecture is delivered. You don't have the flexibility to focus on specific things which you would like to find out. But on the opposite side, here in online preparation academies you'll be able to study consistent with your priorities. You'll be able to first steel yourself against the topics you don't have much grip on.

14. Why Join for NET Prep?

  • The # 1 Exam Prep App: is trusted by thousands of scholars, teachers & parents across Pakistan. has the best reviews and remarks regarding online NUST Entry Test Prep. Students are fully satisfied with our system. We've earned the faith by providing quality services resulting from a decade of diligence and keenness. You'll be able to read and hear the reviews by clicking on the review section on this page.

  • Custom Course for You:

    We provide you with the precise combination of subjects and other courses as you demand. You'll be able to choose different courses, subjects. You'll be able to have different test courses in one subscription. With this, you'll have Best Preparation without Joining Academy.

  • Wise study schedule: provides you with the most uncomplicated study schedule for your NUST Preparation. From time to time, our team provides you with the most effective study plan with which you'll be able to harden your NUST entry test preparation.

  • Conceptual Video lectures of NUST Entry Test:

    Video lectures are available, which are very comprehensive and straightforward to know. We've almost 450+ video lectures recorded by the most effective teachers who have decades of experience teaching the NUST Entry Test.

  • Fast Revision Slides of NUST Entry Test:

    We provide you with Fast Revision Notes which makes your Preparation very easy. These notes can assist you in revising your whole syllabus in a few hours. If you don't want to pay attention to the entire video lecture on a subject you already knew, you'll be able to just read the fast revision note. This can accelerate your Preparation.

  • Unlimited MCQs Practice (With Explanations): features a 29000+ question pool, which has been gathered with decades of experience. Each question is given an explanation that helps you understand the solution. If you don't understand the answer even after reading the reason, you'll be able to demand more explanation, which can be provided to you within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Topic Wise Solved Past Papers: provides you with all the past questions which have appeared within the last years. Not only provide them but also categorize them consistent with the section associated with it. This may assist you to find out the sort of questions being asked during this exam.

  • Progress Tracking:

    Here, in TopGrade, we offer you a smart assessment of your Preparation. There's a smart system in our student panel which evaluates your result and Preparation. It tells you how well you're prepared for the particular exam. It shows your evaluation in a pie chart graph which makes it easy to know your preparation level.

  • Live Doubts Discussion: provides you with the live doubts discussion 24/7. There are different WhatsApp groups for every subject where you'll be able to ask questions from teachers and interact with other students further to share your queries. Girls and boys have different groups.

  • Full-Length Practice Exams of NUST Entry Test:

    There are full-length practice exams available that are similar to the real-time exam. This may provide you with excellent confidence once you appear within the actual exam. This will assist you in learning your preparation level and your pace for every MCQ.

  • Webinars for Guidance:

    The CEO and co-founder of Dr. Muazzam Manzoor gives proper guidelines to students whenever needed through webinars. Students can ask questions associated with their studies. They will be able to clear their doubts. These webinars will assist you a lot during your Preparation.

  • Up-to-date Content: provides you with the most recent content. It doesn't matter what proportion the syllabus has changed. Topgrade.Pk will give you the up-to-date content of the NUST Entry Test.

  • Mapped with Latest Syllabus: provides you with the latest syllabus contents. You'll have the precise syllabus and all the contents covered in your paid subscription according to the most recent policies.

  • 24/7 Availability of Entire Content:

    The course provided by and respective WhatsApp groups are available to you 24/7. There's no restriction in using it anytime. You'll be able to watch as many video lectures, attempt as many questions, or read as many fast revision notes as you can.

  • More Focus on More Important Topics: provides you with the most effective schedule to review for NUST Entry Test. You're given proper instructions about the importance and difficulty level of all the sections and subjects accordingly. This may assist you in prioritizing better.

  • Lowest Fee Best Preparation:

    The cost, as compared to other conventional academies and online academies, is way lesser. It's almost 1/10th the value of conventional academics. has made it possible for poor background students to prepare for this exam.

15. TopGrade. Pk's Line of Action for NET Preparation

First, hear the video lecture on the subject. Then view the Fast Revision Slides. Then study an equivalent topic from your textbook. Then, practice as many MCQs as you will. Then view your mistakes, read the reasons and repeat. Prepare your NET for the 2024 session according to the following TopGrade. Pk's Line of Action.

a) Lecture

b) Book

c) Revision notes

d) Attempt questions according to the preference

16. What Instructions to follow on the exam day?
I. Instructions For Better Performance
  • Set your test kit the night before the exam. It should carry all the materials to take your exam room, e.g., Admit card, wristwatch, pen/ ballpoint/ pointer, chocolates, etc.
  • Get adequate sleep (At least 5-6 hours) before the night of the exam.
  • Put on comfortable clothes after a bath on the morning of the exam.
  • Take appropriate breakfast and a cup of tea/coffee before leaving your home on the day of the exam.
  • Arrive at the test room early and be seated.
  • Stay far away from others just before the test.
  • Don't expect to know everything on the day of the exam.
  • Stay relaxed and assured during the exam.
II. Instructions for better time management:

Remember! Time management is a crucial skill for success in your exam. Manage your time wisely.

  • Plan your time and pace yourself accordingly.
  • Attempt easier subjects first, then tackle the harder ones, e.g., First of all, attempt Biology. After attempting biology, attempt Chemistry, then Physics and, then English.
  • Answer easy questions first and then tackle the hard ones. You can use the Cycle strategy i.e.

1st Cycle:

Attempt easier questions first, skip difficult questions (without wasting any time on such questions).

2nd Cycle:

Attempt difficult questions.

3rd Cycle:

Attempt all remaining questions.

III. Instructions for better MCQ solving:

Remember! How you approach MCQs while sitting in the examination hall will create a big difference in your score. So, attempt MCQs wisely.

  • Be ready to read fast and think on your own.
  • Always have a backup plan. i.e., Plan A, Plan B, etc.

    Plan A:

    Read the statement & know it (read options & re-read, if u don't catch on for the first time). Solve the Q & Anticipate the solution, locate the solution & pick it.

    Plan B:

    Back solve.

    Plan C:

    Make an educated guess or skip and advance (Skipping is usually not good).

  • Read all the options before picking the correct answer.
  • Pick the answer in the right spot.
  • Change answer if have a reason for doing this
    (your first hunch is usually correct).
  • Make sure that you just are answering the question asked, not the one you expected.
  • Don't leave any questions unanswered

In questions with the "All of These" option, check whether any of the other three options are incorrect.
In questions with the "None of These" option, check whether any of the other three options are corrects e.g.

Oxidation is

A. Loss of electrons B. Addition of hydrogen C. Decrease in oxidation number D. All the above
  • Reading the last line in questions with a very long statement might be helpful.
  • Checking dimensions in the physics paper might be helpful.

IV. Instructions for Making an Educated Guess:
  • If two responses appear to be equally correct, eliminate the response that seems least associated with the question being asked.
  • Choose the only general answer when other choices are specific and the other way around.
  • Choose the most extended answer when others are much shorter.
  • Choose the solution with a middle value when other answers are higher or lower.
  • Choose neither of the similar answers. Choose one of two opposite answers.
  • Choose the answer that agrees grammatically. For example: a, and an = singular, are = plural.
  • Choose the solution most related to keywords within the question or statement.
  • Choose familiar Vs. Unknown option.
  • Choose the choice which sounds most rational to you.

Avoid answers with absolutes in them.
(E.g., always, never, ever, none, all, only, etc.)

FAQs Regarding NUST 2024

There are lots of questions that students frequently ask, we have tried to answer as many as possible

NUST University takes its own Test every year called NUST Entrance Test Exam (NET).

Well, the difficulty level of the Test is obviously high because of its degree value. The Test is mostly conceptual base.

Merit criteria for NET 2023 will be as follows:
NUST Entry Test: 75 %
SSC / O-level / Equivalent: 25%

The total number of MCQs in NUST Entry Test will be 200.

NET will hold in 3-Series this year. You can take NET-1 in Dec this year, and similarly, the next series will be after one month gap.

SAT Test is a computer-based test held under the management of College Board, USA. NUST institutional code to receive SAT scores is 2790. SAT scores are valid for 2 years. Each degree has its own acceptable SAT score. For engineering, Computer Science, B.S Biotechnology, Architecture and industrial design the SAT score is 25. Natural sciences need SAT score 25 and Business studies and social sciences LLB reuires 550.

NUST merit position is mostly high because of its quality of study.

Time allowed for NUST Entry Test is 3 hours.

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To pass the NUST entry test you should attain minimum 75% marks. Admission in NUST is purely merit-based.

Yes, Calculators are allowed in the NUST entrance test exam

NUST entry test is computer-based as well as paper-based Test. Computer-Based Test is performed in Islamabad, while a paper-based test is conducted in Karachi and Quetta.

The total marks of NUST entry test are 200. Minimum 150 marks are required for admission in NUST.

NUST is a government institute under the administration of the Pakistan Armed Forces.

NUST online registration date varies every year. Most commonly its online registration for NET-1 starts in November mostly.

No, NUST doesn’t offer MBBS courses. NUST is mainly known for its engineering department primarily. It's management and I.T degrees are also valued but engineering faculty is their main strength.

No, NUST doesn’t offer BDS. NUST is mainly known for its engineering department primarily. It's management and I.T degrees are also valued but engineering faculty is their main strength.

Yes, NUST is offering a 5 year LLB program.

NO! NUST and NUMS are two different institutes, offering their services in engineering and medical field respectively.

NUST undergraduate application processing fee is Rs. 3,800/- or USD 35/-.

NO, there is no negative marking NUST Entrance Test Exam.

Almost 70,000 candidates apply for NUST undergraduate admission this year.

Tuition Fee (per semester) for Engineering/IT, Bio Sciences & Natural Sciences is Rs. 108,000/- and for Architecture, Social Sciences & Business Studies is Rs. 129,000/-.

The minimum requirement for NUST admission is 75% marks in NET.

The syllabus of NUST Entry Test is mostly from F.Sc. The complete Syllabus details are given in the Syllabus section above.