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In Pakistan, straight after Matriculation/Secondary School Certification, the next big challenge for students is to choose the most suitable academic career ahead. Students who have greater interest in social sciences or humanities opt Faculty of Arts (FA) while those students interested in Science subjects have mainly following options:

  1. F.Sc (Pre-Engineering Or Pre-Medical)
  2. ICS

Students who want to become doctors or engineers choose one out of above mentioned programs. But wait a minute, it is not that much easy to be a doctor or engineer as it looks like. Yes, students need a big score on the board in order to make their dreams come true which surely is not an easy job.

Preparation for Intermediate

Being the critical stage of every student, Intermediate needs great focus and concept building through proper guidance and study. Most of the students take admission in different colleges as well as academies in the evening. That being the case, they can’t deal with the burden of both and get confused about which one to cover first. As a result, they don’t perform well and fail to get enough marks to get into renowned medical or engineering university around Pakistan. Therefore, students need to opt a vigilant platform which help them to get maximum marks.

Here, comes to aid students all in all. Unlike conventional academies, provides students comfort to study whenever and wherever they want. Let’s delve into how is better than conventional academies

Online Intermediate Tuition makes preparation for any exam a lot easier, thanks to the modern teaching practices. The tools a student can use with include:

  • Video Lectures by experienced teachers
  • Multiple Practice Exams
  • Fast Revision Notes
  • Quick analysis of performance
  • Past Papers
One-stop Solution for Your Educational Requirements proudly claims to be best among its rivals because of its quality educational facilities. What we offer is really second to none. You can have best video lectures of all top professors of Pakistan on all subjects and every topic. Not only this but we also provide easy to understand and comprehensive notes on all subjects with which you are capable to go through your whole course in short time.

Quality range of practice exams and past papers also play an important role not only for exam preparation but also to understand the pattern of upcoming exams and important questions as well. That’s a given!

Agile & Functional Learning Tools Offered by

PERSONALIZED STUDY for Entry Test Preparation


With, you as a student can have your own personalized study plan according to your own situation instead of relying on one criteria for all. You can decide for yourself how you would like to plan your study on your individual strengths and weaknesses.

VIDEO LECTURES for Entry Test Preparation


Video lectures by fully qualified and experienced professors on all topics of all subjects. Everything explained with the help of innovative teaching methodology. Video Lecture, HD quality for desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

FAST REVISION NOTES for Entry Test Preparation


Notes in the form of slide-shows of all sections of all subjects enabling fast revision of highest yield facts. Information is limited to essentials only with self-evident content. Entire content of all slide-shows in standard format available on desktop, tablets and mobile devices

QUESTION BANK for Entry Test Preparation


Practice with all types of pattern and past questions from each topic of every subject along with well written explanations. Interactive and intelligent software predicts score of learner in final exam and suggests necessary actions to be taken for improving the performance.

FULL LENGTH PRACTICE EXAMS for Entry Test Preparation


Practice tests that closely resemble format of real exam. Questions are written according to latest exam trends. Each test comes with detailed analysis and an approximate score in final exam so students can get an idea of their expected performance.



While using you get your detailed reports on all content you have used and whats remaining. These analytics also show you the reports of all the practice tests where you can see exactly in which chapters of which subjects you need to focus more.


SKILL ENHANCEMENT VIDEOS is not just about studying for exams, we also offer personal skills development videos. These videos can help you enhance your personal characteristics like book reading, time management, stress management, general instruction for exams etc.

PERSONALIZED NOTES for Entry Test Preparation

NEWS AND EVENTS tries its best to keep you updated with all the related news and happenings in the education sector that can be of helpful to you as a student. You can see all of this information in your student account at any time.

DISCUSSION FORUM for Entry Test Preparation


Practice tests that closely resemble format of real exam. Questions are written according to latest exam trends. Each test comes with detailed analysis and an approximate score in final exam so students can get an idea of their expected performance.