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Medical Entrance Exam Preparation

Preparation for medical entry tests can be daunting for students who see their future as doctors. The common practice is to join an academy just for entry test preparation. However, it needs time, energy and a lot of money and still, success is not guaranteed. TopGrade.Pk brings a solution to this; now, students can prepare for medical entrance exams without going to the academy or leaving their home city. All you need is access to the internet. TopGrade.PK has prepared proven tools for students specially designed for medical universities’ entry test preparation online.

A little About Medical Entry Tests in Pakistan

Medical entry test is taken for medical admission at different levels and it is conducted by different management bodies, including UHS. Different Universities and colleges In Pakistan conduct medical entrance tests for admission. Students are required to pass the entrance test in order to get admitted to medical colleges or universities. Like any country in the world, in order to become a medical doctor, you have to study in a medical college and get a degree. If you are a Pakistani student and want to get into a medical college or university, you will have to pass an entry test as specified by the respective institute.

The most common medical entry test is the National MDCAT, previously known as MCAT/MDCAT, and now it is known by NMDCAT. It is accepted by most of the medical colleges in Pakistan. However, some private medical colleges and universities conduct their own test. The main medical entry tests in Pakistan are:

  • NUMS Entrance Test
  • SZABMU Entry Test
  • AKU Entry Test

Here we'll discuss in detail all these test bodies and institutes.

I. NMDCAT Entry Test

The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) conducts national medical and dental college admission tests. Its result is accepted by almost more than thirty medical colleges and Universities. NMDCAT is a competitive test, and it measures students' intellectual skills and abilities. It is one of the hardest medical entry tests. This test can only be passed with proper guidance, and those students who do not take it seriously always fail in NMDCAT. TopGrade.Pk is a great initiative by the CEO, Dr. Moazzam Manzoor, who has established this online academy platform for students of all backgrounds. It is a low-cost online academy that gives the best guidance and NMDCAT preparation. You can access the complete NMDCAT syllabus, preparation material, deadline for the 2022 session, exam format, and other relevant information by clicking the link below.

Medical colleges that accept National MDCAT as an admission Test are as follows:

Name of Institute


Akhtar Saeed Medical & Dental College


Allama Iqbal Medical College


Ameer ud Din Medical College


Avicenna Medical College


Azra Naheed Medical College


Bakhtawar Amin Medical & Dental College


Central Medical College


Continental Medical College


de'Montmorency College of Dentistry (BDS)


Dental Section-PMC-FSD (BDS)


Dera Ghazi Khan Medical College

DG Khan

Faryal Dental College


Fatima Jinnah Medical College Lahore


FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry


Gujranwala Medical College


Independent Medical College


Islam Dental College


Islam Medical College


Khawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical College


King Edward Medical University


Multan Medical & Dental College


Nawaz Sharif Medical Mollege


Nishtar Institute of Dentistry (BDS)


Nishtar Medical College




Quaid E Azam Medical College


Rai Medical College


Rashid Latif Medical College


Rawalpindi Medical College (UNIVERSITY NOW)


Sahara Medical College


Sahiwal Medical College


Sargodha Medical College, University of Sargodha


Services Institute of Medical College


Shalamar Medical & Dental College


Sharif Medical & Dental College


Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan Medical & Dental college


Sheikh Zayed Medical College

Rahim Yar Khan

Sialkot Medical College


Aziz Fatima Medical & Dental College



II. NUMS Entry Test

National University of medical sciences is a federal public university, and it conducts medical entry tests every year; almost eight medical colleges and universities accept its result. It has always been difficult for the students to pass the exam because of the costly academies, and no proper guidance was available for the students. NUMS is a difficult exam to pass, and those who do not start their preparation from day one cannot pass this entry test. TopGrade.Pk is a cost-effective online academy that helps you achieve your goals. Its expert staff will solve your queries, and its support team will always be available to listen to your issues relevant to the website and app. TopGrade.Pk has a huge practice question bank, NUMS syllabus, revision notes, and recorded lectures available around the clock. You can purchase a subscription package from TopGrade.Pk in 1/10th of the amount that other academies charge. You can get the detailed information regarding the NUMS exam format, syllabus, and deadline for the 2022 session by clicking on the link below.

List of Medical Institutes Accepting NUMS Entrance Test

Following medical institutes require students to clear the National University of Medical Science (NUMS) entry test for admissions:

Name of Institute


National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS)


Al-Nafees Medical College


Army Medical College


CMH Lahore Medical College


CMH Institute of Medical Science


Wah Medical College


Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences


Fazaia Medical College



III. SZAMBU Entry Test

Shahid Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University (SZABMU) is also a federal government institute. It conducts medical and dental entry tests every year accepted by almost five other medical and dental colleges and universities.  You can get more information regarding the SZABMU syllabus, preparation material, recorded lectures, exam format and other information from TopGrade.Pk website.

Click on the link to get access to a free trial.

Medical Colleges that Accept SZABMU Entry Test

Shahid Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University (SZABMU) conducts its own entrance test. Here is a list of medical universities that accept SZABMU entry test:

Name of Institute


Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University (SZABMU)


Al-Nafees Medical College


Yusra Medical & Dental College




Federal Medical & Dental College


HBS Medical & Dental College



IV. Agha khan University (AKU) entry test

Agha khan University is a private University, and it offers medical and dental courses for which it conducts its own entry test. Agha Khan University is one of the most prestigious universities of Pakistan and has been also known for its toughest entry test criteria. It does not accept other medical entry test as NUMS, MDCAT or any other, it has its own entrance test. Students who wish to pass its entrance test from low income background can start their preparation with the TopGrade.Pk. TopGrade.Pk offers complete AKU entry test preparation. You can get access to the complete AKU entry test preparation course by clicking on the link given below.

Medical Institutes that conduct their own Entry Exams

There are some universities that conduct their own entry tests, these are given below:

Name of Institute


Univeristy College of Medicine & Dentistry


Univeristy Medical & Dental College


Agha Khan University (AKU)


Reasons behind the failure of students in the Medical Entry Test?

As I have told you before, the medical entry test is not easy, and the reason behind a student's failure is not incompetence but lack of proper strategy and learning platform. Students' behaviour towards their mistakes and blunders counts a lot. If students do not pay attention to their mistakes or senior's mistakes, they will have to suffer a lot in the future because students can have a chance to rectify them before facing failure. TopGrade.Pk has done thorough research to identify the most common student mistakes.

  • Complete dependence on the teachers:

    The biggest mistake that students often make, they entirely depend on their teachers. Students have a built-in perception that it's entirely their teacher's responsibility to help them prepare and pass their exams. Resultantly, on the result day, they face failure because they did not prepare and make their own schedule. "SELF REALIZATION is the best teacher, SELF LEARNING is the best teaching, and SELF PRACTICING is the best motivation."

  • Students do not opt for smart study:

    "Smart study is better than hard study." Most students prepare medical entry test with a very wrong approach, they start the syllabus from page 1 and cram till the last one. As a result, they end up creating a fuss. Remember, the Medical entry test syllabus is not a short syllabus. It is a lengthy syllabus that requires smart study, not cramming or hard study. You will face a lot of mental stress if you do not opt for smart study. Make a proper study plan according to the importance and then start studying. This is the formula that students often ignore and then face failure.

  • Using Passive Study Strategies:

    The first step towards your success is your interest. When you have interest and passion, you will automatically raise questions and struggle to find the answers. But if you have low interest in your preparation, then your strategy is passive. Whenever you sit to study, your mind will not be active, and it will not raise questions about the material you will be reading. As a result, you will not be able to learn the concepts, but you will end up cramming the syllabus. That is obviously a big mistake and blunder by the students, and they end up facing failure in the medical entry test.  You should know that knowing the question is the half answer.  

  • Not focusing and Improving Your Test-Taking Skills:

    The behaviour and approach of students towards the preparation for the medical entry test matters a lot. It is common for students to make mistakes during the medical tests during prep, but some don't repeat them and learn from their mistakes. On the other hand, some students do not bother to check the reasons for the wrong answers, and as a result, they face failure. Always look for the wrong questions; this will prevent you from making the same mistakes and blunders in the actual exam. 

  • Not Devising Ways of Fast Revision Along with Your Classes:

    It is always over-confidence that kills success. Most students during preparation do not devise a proper revision plan and keep on preparing. It is very important to revise the whole syllabus at least two or three times for a medical entry test student because this is the thing that will differentiate him from the rest of the students. But mostly over-confident students do not prioritize revising the entire syllabus and resultantly face failure.

  • Not Reviewing Information, You Already Know:

    "Confidence is not bad, but overconfidence is." Most over-confident students think that they do not need to revise the information they need already, and they do not go through it before the exam; as a result, on the exam day, when they have their question paper in their hands, they realize they had made a big mistake because they are not even able to understand the questions due to their negligence. A medical entry test is a competitive exam, and whether you know it or not, you still have to go through the topics; otherwise, you will face failure on the exam day. 

  • Memorizing Rather Than Understanding:

    It is impossible to cram the medical entry test syllabus because it is the lengthiest syllabus among all other entrance tests. And it is not easy to memorize the whole syllabus because if you try to cram or memorize, you will forget on the exam day due to a lot of exam pressure and anxiety. That is why you should understand, not memorize, if you want to pass the medical entry test.

  • Failing To Master Certain High-Yield Subjects or Topics Owing to Overconfidence:

    A common observation is that students who have scored higher in F.Sc have a perception not to revise those subjects that they think are easy. For example, an F.Sc high scorer thinks that he is good at biology and does not revise biology before the exam day; his chances of failure will be higher. No matter how good you are at that subject, you still need to study that subject thoroughly and more passionately because these subjects are your win points.

  • Wasting time on the Material That Is Rarely Tested on the MDCAT:

    As I have mentioned a lot, the medical entry test has the lengthiest syllabus among all other entrance tests. And you cannot cover the entire syllabus if you start from page 1 and ends on the last page. You need a proper syllabus schedule on a priority based. Because there are some topics that are most likely to be tested in the exam, there are also some topics that are likely to be tested least.  And students waste a lot of their precious time on least likely to be tested areas as a result; they face failure.

  • Trying To Do It All Alone:

    The most important thing students need to learn is medical entry test is not like your F.Sc or matric exam that you will get good marks by studying alone. If you think you will pass the medical entry test by studying alone without any guidance and academy, you are not right and will face failure. The medical entry test is a whole different exam, and you need proper guidance and planning to pass it.

  • Not Testing Yourselves on The Material:

    "Practice makes a man perfect." The only key to passing medical entry tests is practicing and taking tests regularly. If you are only studying the syllabus and even you have good conceptual study mode but are at big loss if you are not taking practice tests. You should take as many practise tests as you can because this is the only way you can pass the medical entry test with good grades.

  • Starting To Study Too Late:

    Some students think that they can cover the syllabus in the last days or weeks, just like in F.Sc or matric, but they are wrong. The medical entry syllabus consists of F.Sc books, and it is not easy to complete it within just a few days or weeks. There has been a lot of exam anxiety and pressure in the last weeks that some students cannot even study and then face failure due to their non-serious behaviour.

  • Not Having a Proper Routine/Timetable:

    Students' schedule plays a key role in their success. It is obviously not easy to stick to the schedule throughout the preparation, but only those students who give them a hard time and come out of their comfort zone will pass the medical entry test. You cannot pass it if you have an abrupt or variable routine. The medical entry test syllabus consists of F.Sc books, and if you do not make a proper study plan, you will end up with anxiety and depression. 

  • Negative approach:

    "Believing in negative thoughts is the single greatest obstruction to success." Many intelligent students fail just because of negative thinking. When a person thinks he cannot do a task, all his powers and mind create failure scenarios and ultimately fail. You should have the confidence to pass the medical entry test because it is a long and hard journey. You will lose hope and energy, but your persistence will help you win the race.

2. How to Study for Scoring Higher in Medical Entry Test?

TopGrade.Pk is the best online entry tests preparation academy, and its expert team has done thorough research on ways to study to score higher in medical entrance tests. Following are some points that will help students score higher.

  • Focus More on Most Likely to Be Tested Topics:

    As we all know, the medical entry test is not an easy exam to pass, and every year, thousands of students take this test, but only a fraction of students pass this test and go into medical colleges. If you want to pass this exam, you have to be serious and prepare for this smartly. Always work smart than hard because this will save your time and energy. For this, you must know the most important and least important areas of the syllabus and put your efforts accordingly. provides you with the best smart study plan that includes all syllabus breakups according to the importance. TopGrade.Pk gives you the division of topics according to their weightage in the exam.

    There are three categories of topics. You should prepare according to this strategy:

    I. High Importance:

    TopGrade has categorized high importance topics in a section that you need to prepare first. Your preparation should be prioritized and smart; this will ensure your success because most questions come from this area.

    II. Medium Importance:

    Similarly, TopGrade has placed the medium-weightage questions under the medium important topics. These should be on your 2nd priority, and you should prepare for them after your 1st priority that is high importance topics.

    III. Low Importance:

    Now it's the turn of the lowest importance areas or topics. These are those specific topics that the examiner gives the least weightage. You should place these topics as the third priority. But remember, you cannot skip these topics completely. provides you with the complete list of priority topics in the paid subscription.

3. Why Online Medical Entry Test Preparation Is Better?

It's the era of technology, and people are now moving towards the online education system than the conventional academic system. Let me tell you how it is beneficial for you.

  • Ease of Access:

    The biggest advantage of online education is its ease of access. Students do not have to wait for the teachers or specific lectures to be delivered. They can access any lecture anytime and anywhere in the world. You will have the entire syllabus in your hand, and you can prepare easily for the medical entry test.

  • Time-saving:

    In conventional education, you spend and waste a lot of time on your daily commute and pay high fees. But in online education mode, you pay 1/10th of the conventional academies and save your time and money plus your energy. The daily commute sucks students' energy, and they feel tired at the end of the day but TopGrade.Pk gives you complete medical entry test preparation on your laptop or mobile app.

  • More Effective study:

    Students study more effectively than their academies in an online education system like TopGrade.Pk that gives you the best medical entry test preparation. You can start from any topic or subject according to the choice.

  • Better understanding:

    In conventional academies, students often do not get the idea from the lecture being delivered by the teachers. Now you can pause and re-watch the lecture anytime and understand the concept easily. This will help you better prepare for the exam.

  • Schedule Flexibility:

    While studying with the TopGrade.You can devise and customize your own schedule according to your need. Physical academies do not provide this facility, and you sometimes get tired of their tight schedule.

  • Personalized Learning:

    TopGrade.Pk is the only online academy that gives you the facility of personalized learning. For example, you do not want to watch the complete lecture of a topic; you can skip the video and listen to the specific part of the topic.

4. TopGrade. Pk's Line of Action for NMDCAT Preparation

Following is the unique and realistic line of action of TopGrade.Pk, that has helped many students.

  • I. Lecture

    First of all, listen to the lectures recorded by the expert teachers and try to understand them.

  • II. Book

    After listening to the lectures, open the book and that specific topic to memorize it.

  • III. Revision notes

    After listening to the lectures and reading from the book now, it is time to revise the notes. This will make you memorize the content more precisely.

  • IV. Attempt questions

    Practice will make you an expert in a specific topic. Try to attempt all the relevant questions and check the reasons for the wrongly attempted questions.

5. Why Join for National MDCAT Prep?

  • The # 1 Exam Prep App:

    TopGrade.Pk is the easiest app to use among all other educational apps. From its beginning till now, thousands of students have used it and given it a five-star rating. It is easy to use and operate. Even a layperson can understand how it functions. TopGrade.Pk has earned this trust by working day and night for more than a decade, and still, its team is working to improve it. Students who have secured their admissions at different Pakistani Universities have given their reviews and feedback. You can check it by clicking the link.

  • Custom Course for You:

    TopGrade.Pk has uploaded all relevant material of different types of entry tests, and students can choose customized tests and subjects according to their needs. Students can even have different courses in one subscription, and in this way, they can prepare in a better way for their entry tests.

  • Wise study schedule:

    TopGrade.Pk provides the best study plan and schedule for all the students from different backgrounds, including medical, engineering or any other field. Its team gives you complete guidance and support to ace your exam.

  • Conceptual Video lectures of Medical entry test:

    TopGrade.Pk teaches students through video lectures that are very comprehensive and easy to apprehend. has more than twenty-one thousand video lectures recorded by expert and experienced teachers. Students can access them anytime, anywhere for their medical entry test preparation.

  • Fast Revision Slides:

    Sometimes, students do not have enough time to watch lengthy lectures before exams. TopGrade.Pk has fast revision notes and slides that students with a shortage of time can easily go through them and prepare for the medical entry test within no time rather than watching full videos of hours. Now students can only read the fast revision notes, and they are good to go for the test.

  • Unlimited MCQs Practice (With Explanations):

    TopGrade.Pk has the biggest practise question bank. And it is almost a question pool of one lac MCQs and short questions. There are also proper explanations of the answers, and students can ask the questions if they don't understand the reasons. Teachers are available in WhatsApp groups to answer students' queries and help them understand the topics.  

  • Topic Wise Solved Past Papers:

    TopGrade.Pk app has the past papers of medical entry tests from all provinces. Its expert team has also categorized them according to the relevant section that helps students access a specific paper without wasting time.

  • Progress Tracking:

    TopGrade.Pk has a separate assessment section for the students. This section will evaluate students' performance throughout the medical entry test preparation. It predicts how well or bad a student is performing. This is the best way parents and students can get an idea of their performance. It consists of a pie chart graph that will give an overall view of your performance.

  • Live Doubts Discussion:

    There is a live doubt discussion about the queries of students. Where students can post their questions and teachers answer them within a few hours. There are also WhatsApp groups for the help of students where they exchange their ideas. There are separate WhatsApp groups for both boys and girls.

  • Full-Length Practice Exams of Medical entry test:

    TopGrade.Pk provides full-length practice exams for the medical entry test preparation that are exactly like the actual exam and help students build up confidence. Because when students attempt real exams like practice papers, it boosts their confidence, and, as a result, they perform best in the real exam.

  • Webinars For Guidance:

    TopGrade.Pk has a specialty that differs from other online platforms. Is it regularly provide guidance and counselling to all students? The CEO and Co-Founder of TopGrade.Pk Dr.Muazzam Manzoor regularly gives webinars to help and motivate students. And students also clear their doubts.   

  • Up-to-date Content:

    TopGrade.Pk updates content regularly on the website. Every year there are a lot of changes in the syllabus of medical entry tests; TopGrade makes sure to update students about the changes by the authorities. will give you the latest syllabus contents. According to the latest changes, you will have the exact syllabus and all the contents mentioned in your paid subscription.

  • 24/7 Availability of Entire Content: provides all content 24/7, and you can have an access to the entire content anytime, anywhere in the world. You can have access to all videos, lectures, revision notes and practice question banks.

  • More Focus on More Important Topics:

    The medical entry test is a lengthy syllabus and needs proper planning and schedule. TopGrade.Pk gives you a proper study plan according to the exam importance and difficulty level. It helps you prioritize the entire medical entry test syllabus.

  • Lowest Fee Best Preparation:

    TopGrade.Pk provides the best medical entry test preparation at a low cost. And it has made it possible for all the students to get access and prepare for the exam. It is almost 1/10th of the cost of all online academies and conventional academies and coachings.

6. What Instructions to Follow on the Day of Exam?
I. Tips to combat exam's anxiety:
  • Prepare your exam essentials kit the evening before the exam. You should keep all necessary materials you are supposed to bring with you to your exam room, e.g.
  • Take sound sleep (at least 5-6 hours) before the exam night.
  • Take a shower before going to the exam and wear comfy clothes
  • Have a healthy but light breakfast and a cup of tea/coffee before leaving home on the day of the test.
  • Always try to reach an hour into the test room early and have a seat.
  • Try to avoid other students' discussions before the test.
  • Don't try to learn new things on the exam day it will ruin your previous knowledge
  • Try to calm down and be confident during the exam.
  II. How to manage your time 

    Remember, time management is the first important factor that will help you secure success.

  • Plan your time wisely accordingly.
  • Always attempt the easier subjects first, then the more difficult subjects, for example: try biology first, after biology, try chemistry, then physics, then English.
  • Answer the easy questions first, and then attempt the difficult ones. You can use cycle planning i.e.
  • I. 1st cycle:

    In the first cycle, attempt simple and straightforward questions; Skip the difficult questions (without wasting time on these questions).

    II. 2nd cycle:

    after the first cycle, attempt difficult questions

    III. 3rd cycle:

    And in the last attempt, all remaining questions.

    Instructions for better MCQ solving:

    Remember: your success depends on the way you approach MCQs in the exam room, so attempt them wisely and give them full concentration.

  • Prepare yourself to read quickly and think for yourself.
  • Always have a reserved plan. i.e., Plan A, Plan B, etc.
  • I. Plan A:

    Try to Read and apprehend the description (read the options and reread them if it's not your first time getting them). Solve the questions, predict the answer, find the answer, and set it aside.

    II.Plan B:

    Solve back.

    III Plan C:

III. Make an estimated guess or skip and move on (skipping is usually not good).
  • Always read all given options before selecting the correct answer in your test.
  • Select the answer in the right place.
  • Change the answer if you have a reason for it.
  • (Your first guess is usually correct)

  • Make sure you answer the question asked, not the one you expected.
  • Do not leave any questions unanswered.
  • For questions with the "All of the above" option, check if one of the other three options is incorrect.
  • If you have any questions with "None," check that one of the other three options is correct.
    Oxidation is, for example

    1. Electron loss

    2. Hydrogen addition

    3. Reduction in Oxidation Number

    4. All of the above

  • It may be helpful to read the last line of the questions with a very long statement.
  • It can be helpful to check the dimensions in the physics document.
Tips for making an educated guess when attempting a medical entry test
  • If two answers seem right, skip the answer least related to the question asked.
  • Choose the most general answer if other options are specific and vice versa.
  • Choose the longest answer if others are much shorter.
  • Choose the answer with a mean value if other answers are higher or lower.
  • Don't choose any of the similar answers. Choose one of the two opposite answers.
  • Select the grammatically matching answer. For example: a, and an = singular, are = plural.
  • Choose the answer that most closely matches keywords in the question or statement.
  • Select the option vs. Unknown Family.
  • Choose the option that makes the most sense to you.
  • Avoid answers with absolute values.

(For example, always, never, ever, none, all, just, etc.)

FAQs Regarding Medical Entry Test Preparation 2022

There are lots of questions that students frequently ask, we have tried to answer as many as possible

Like in any other country globally, you need to pass an entrance test to get admission into the medical colleges for the MBBS or BDS in Pakistan. Different medical bodies and institutes conduct this medical entry test.

Every year there are different deadlines for the registration of the medical entry test and similarly different dates for the exam. We cannot predict any specific date for the current year. Still, you can get the latest update for the exam date of the medical entry test by going on the official websites of respective medical exam conducting bodies. Here are a few links to these institutes.

There is only one medical entry test conducting body in Pakistan, and some medical colleges also have their own entry tests. UHS conducts NMDCAT; NUMS conducts entry tests that more than 7 medical colleges accept. You can get complete information by visiting the site linked below.

Medical entry test has always been conducted physically, but the exam was held online in 2021 due to the COVID-19.

We cannot predict this year's merit, but it always lies around about 89% to 90%. In 2021 the merit was around about 89%.

In Pakistan, there are different testing bodies and medical colleges which take medical entry tests, including PMC, NUMS, SZABMU and many more. You can visit their official website pages and check the online registration procedure.

TopGrade.Pk is the best online entry test preparation academy that will help you prepare for the medical entry test and do proper counselling. It is very cost-effective, and its fee is almost 1/10th of conventional academies and coachings.

We will prefer online medical entry test preparation because it will save your commute time preparation time; you will not have to wait for the teachers to come and deliver the lecture, and it's also cost-effective. TopGrade.Pk will provide you best online medical entry test preparation.

According to the PMC, 65% of marks are required to be eligible for any medical college. This is not the admission percentage. It varies every year, and only those students get admission to medical colleges that secure maximum marks.

It is compulsory to take and pass PMC's medical test to get admission to any medical institute in Pakistan. There are also institutes' own medical entry tests. You can get detail by clicking on the following link.

No, they are just different names. The medical entry test was called MCAT, then it was renamed as MDCAT, and now it is called NMDCAT.

You can take a medical entry test as many times as you can in your life. It is conducted once a year.

NO, the Pakistan Medical commission conducts Pakistan's medical entrance tests.

The result of NMDCAT is only valid for the year it is taken.

You can get the detail of these institutes by visiting the following website.

No, there is no negative marking in the medical entry test.

We cannot give you the exact value but try to achieve as maximum because the merit is always higher than the previous year. It almost closes at 89% or above.

King Edward Medical College Lahore has the highest medical entry test merit.

i. Matric Result or O-Level Result+ Equivalence Certificate. ii. Intermediate Results or A-Level Results+ Equivalence Certificate iii. 8 Photographs (Name mentioned on back of each picture) iv. 1 copy of CNIC of Candidate. v. 1 copy of CNIC of Parent/Guardian. vi. Candidate's domicile copy.

i. A smooth and perfect study plan. ii. Your ambition and persistence iii. Past papers iv. Regular MCQs practice

Medical entry test is always conducted physically, but in 2021 due to COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions, it was conducted online by PMC.

The fee of registration for the medical entry test is PKR 6000.

Yes, without a medical entry test, you cannot get admission at any medical college or university in Pakistan.

There are almost eight medical colleges that accept NUMS entry tests. You can get their names by clicking on the link below.

There are almost six medical colleges that accept the SZABMU entry test. You can get their names by clicking on the link below.

NMDCAT is required in all medical colleges and Universities for MBBS admission.

There is no exact percentage but try to secure as maximum as possible.

The medical entry test is not an easy test, and it requires a proper study plan and seriousness.

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While using you get your detailed reports on all content you have used and whats remaining. These analytics also show you the reports of all the practice tests where you can see exactly in which chapters of which subjects you need to focus more.


SKILL ENHANCEMENT VIDEOS is not just about studying for exams, we also offer personal skills development videos. These videos can help you enhance your personal characteristics like book reading, time management, stress management, general instruction for exams etc.

PERSONALIZED NOTES for Entry Test Preparation

NEWS AND EVENTS tries its best to keep you updated with all the related news and happenings in the education sector that can be of helpful to you as a student. You can see all of this information in your student account at any time.

DISCUSSION FORUM for Entry Test Preparation


Practice tests that closely resemble format of real exam. Questions are written according to latest exam trends. Each test comes with detailed analysis and an approximate score in final exam so students can get an idea of their expected performance.