“Conquer the Challenge: Mastering the NUMS Entry Test”
Conquer the Challenge: Mastering the NUMS Entry Test

The NUMS Entry Test must be passed to be accepted into Pakistani medical institutions related to NUMS. The National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) gives this exam to students who have completed their intermediate (pre-medical) level education and desire to pursue a career in medicine. Every year, NUMS administers its entrance exam across the nation. Apart from this, the National University of Medical Sciences conducts its tests in various cities of Pakistan.

The test will begin and end at the same time in each examination room. Definitely, this test evaluates your readiness for medical school as well as your degree of aptitude and knowledge. Due to the pupils’ increasing competitiveness, this test is getting harder every year.

Is the NUMS entry test simple or challenging?

Well, the majority of pupils are concerned about NUMS’s level of difficulty. It would be difficult to describe this by claiming that the NUMS entrance test is difficult or simple. Unfortunately, it is demanding for people who trust in chance but not hard work and easy for those who believe in hard and intelligent labor. To get through NUMS you have to chew iron pellets.

Paper pattern for NUMS Entry test:

A single-question paper with 200 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) divided into the following four (04) sections will make up the test format:

  • 80 Multiple-Choice Questions in Biology
  • 60 MCQs in Chemistry
  • 40 MCQs in Physics
  • 20 multiple-choice questions in English

The test will last 150 minutes, with a total possible score of 200. Negative markings won’t be used in the exam. 30-minute aptitude test must be given after the 150-minute NUMS-MDCAT exam. Although required, this aptitude test will not be used to determine the order of merit. On TopGrade.pk, you can get further information and instructions for completing Answer Sheets and the syllabus.

Ideal academy for the NUMS entry test:

The courses provided by TopGrade.pk academy on their online learning platform, along with resources from textbooks, can help you prepare for the NUMS exam. Undoubtedly, the TopGrade.pk academy is renowned for its comprehensive yet simple-to-comprehend course materials that will help you perform well on the test. Additionally, they provide real-time exams that you can take to practice for the entry exam in a setting similar to the testing environment.

Tips for acing NUMS entry test:

Responsiveness and concentration:

The two qualities that are necessary in every life exam are conscientiousness and focus; together, they make up your foundation. Hence, your ability to complete your assignment well should be a quality.

To conclude, students who concentrate more on test preparation than on other activities will have better success rates than those who don’t.

Follow the NUMS syllabus:

A syllabus is an inventory that contains all of the details for a course. To understand the exam hierarchy, you must read the curriculum.

Because they might not adhere to the syllabus, this could be the reason why students fail. Aspirants for the NUMS are strictly recommended to adhere to the syllabus because only the material covered in the syllabus will be examined.

Work on your weaknesses:

You’ll feel more confident once your weak points become your strong points When faced with a “weakness,” don’t be scared to push yourself, try something new, and take more chances. You’ll have more options and opportunities the more things you attempt, which effectively puts the entire world at your disposal. Most importantly, have faith in your capacity for success.

Intentionally listen to lectures:

Attend your classes with care, paying close attention to every point the instructor makes. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to contact your teachers for help if you run into any problems. Before pursuing the following subject, resolve each of your questions. Create and read your lecture notes before reading the textbook. Hence, this will help to quickly conceptualize the subject.

Get a handle on NUMS prior exams:

Your preparation for the test will benefit greatly from past exams. Before participating in your exam, you must have a prior understanding of it. Examine previous papers to determine the importance and degree of difficulty of the questions.

TopGrade.pk offers old papers with excellent explanations for each question.

Recommended books according to NUMS test prep:

The textbooks you are using to study for the test exam are the recommended reading material. Unfortunately, NUMS hopefuls who believe that studying a subject from additional books will help them pass the exam make the common mistake of wasting time on vague books.

Moreover, this is a myth that you must dispel by putting more of an emphasis on your textbooks. Keep your emphasis on textbooks.

Take care of your health:

Last but not least, your health should come first. Stay hydrated and don’t risk your health by skipping meals. Moreover, avoid letting the pressure of your exams get to you. Get enough sleep every night; 6-7 hours is ideal.


In conclusion, the NUMS exam is difficult to pass. Without wasting any time, students should begin their entry test preparation for the preliminary. Besides, their test preparation is built around concept building, which will assist you in achieving your objective.

TopGrade.pk is an academic-only platform that strengthens your foundation and equips you with the skills necessary to succeed in NUMS. Your anticipation of success will flourish if you join TopGrade.pk

Frequently asked questions:

· Q: Does the government run the NUMS?

· A: In Pakistan, it is a public university of medicine. The Pakistani army owns it.

· Q: Is there any negative marking in the NUMS Entry Test?

· A: There is no negative marking on their test. There are a total of 4 subject questions that come on the test. 

· Q: What Are The NUMS Passing Marks?

· A: Passing the MDCAT for the test is necessary. For BDS admission and MBBS admission, NUMS’s MDCAT pass percentage is 45% and 55%, respectively. F.sc (Pre-Medical) or equivalent with at least 12 years of study and a minimum grade point average of 60% in at least three areas, namely biology, chemistry, and either mathematics or physics.

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