“Cracking the Fast Entrance Exam: Understanding the Syllabus”
FAST entrance exam

In order to be admitted, students must either appear in the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST) admissions exam or submit their NTS test results. This is a computer-based FAST Entry test.

Although the test’s duration is flexible, it typically lasts two hours. There are numerous multiple-choice (MCQ) questions on the test. These questions are broken down into several categories, including IQ, English, and mathematics.

Dates of the 2024 Fast Entry Exam:

Dates for the 2024 entrance exam have not yet been released. The application form must be submitted by July 15, 2023, for the year 2023. The exam of entry was held from July 10–22, 2023. It is anticipated that in May of 2024, the entry exam schedule will be revealed.

FAST Test Pattern

Section/TopicBBA & BS(AF/BA/FinTech)BS (CS/Engg.) MBA MS(Applied Ling.)MS(Computing)MSOther Programs
Essay Writing15%30%25%10%10%
Analytical Skills & IQ25%20%20%15%30%20%
Basic Math50%20%
Adv. Math50%10%
Specialization Area45%30%40%
Quantitative Methods20%30%15%
Business relatedKnowledge20%

Note: There will be Negative Marking and use of calculators is not allowed in the Admission Test.

Time Allowed: 2 Hours

Mode of Test: Computer-Based Test (CBT)

Qualifications for the FAST entrance exam

Bachelor of Science in Civil/Electrical Engineering

· A minimum of 60% in the SSC (Matric) or a comparable test AND

· At least 60% in the Pre-Engineering HSSC exam or a comparable test.

Selection Standards

Admission determined by NTS-NAT scores

· The NTS NAT-IE scores are used to determine selection.

· The University will decide the cut-off marks.

On the basis of the NU Admission Test, admission

A Merit List is created by allocating 50% of the total weight to the grades earned in Intermediate (Part I) or a comparable exam AND

A 50% weighting is applied to the NU Admission Test score.

· Matriculation marks are utilized and multiplied by 0.9 (to equal it to average Intermediate marks) in the event that the Intermediate result is unavailable.

Admission determined by SAT results

• A cumulative SAT-I score of 1,500 or higher AND

· A minimum score of 550 on the SAT-II (Math Level IIC).

Admissions Schedule in FAST

Tentative Admission Schedule 2023BBA, BS (A&F) & BS MBA, MS & PhD
Admission Application SubmissionMay 29- Jul 15May 29 -Jul 15
Admission TestsJul 10-22Jul 10 – 22
Declaration of selected / test qualified candidates (1st Merit List )Jul 24Jul 24
Declaration of selected / test qualified candidates (2nd Merit List )Aug 07Aug 07
InterviewsAug 07
Admission FormalitiesJul 24 – Aug 18Aug 07 – Aug 18
Commencement of classesAug 21Aug 21

Procedure of FAST Entry test

NU Online Admission Test

Utilizing a computer, one takes the online admission exam. The applicant should know how to operate a keyboard and mouse. A unique exam is offered to each candidate. The test’s sections—English, math, analytical skills, etc.—appear in a random order. In addition, the candidate is presented with questions pertaining to several subjects in a random order. A candidate may go forward and backward in each part to examine the answers they have chosen. To any question in the current section, the candidate might modify their answer.

The length of each component of the admission test is set in stone. Every segment is timed separately, and any time elapsed in one does not translate to other segments. A screen summary of the test results appears at the conclusion. The Online Admission Test takes two to three hours to complete.

The test center should be visited by candidates at the time and date indicated on their admission card. Those who arrive late cannot take the test. Except for their admit cards, applicants should not bring anything to the testing location. The Admit Card must be endorsed in order for any applicant to take the test. All university campuses—Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar—host the admission test.

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