Entry Test and FSC Preparation Myths, Mistakes That 95% Students Make During Preparations
Entry Test and FSC Preparation Myths

By making the correct decisions on time, avoid doing mistakes in entry test preparation and achieve the best aggregate required

What Students do Without Getting Directions?

Intermediate studies in Pakistan are more likely confined to books. Educational systems are making students habitual to a limited approach. Students study according to the given syllabus and unconsciously restrict themselves to a finite knowledge. Due to this, they couldn’t explore the other horizons of the same practical concepts that are the real essence of education. Every year, thousands of students get enrolled at conventional academies to prepare for entry test 3 months before the test date, study hard after their FSC exams but logically the efforts they put in those couple of months for entry test is equivalent to the efforts of two years for FSC exams with the same concepts and syllabus provided in both cases. Still, only a few of them make it up to medical and engineering universities. Students portray FSC and Entry test as two unique entities. They believe that they’re the only captain of two ships and if they sail them at once, both ships will drown. All this sounds pretty convincing and logical right? But little knowledge is a dangerous thing, so what’s the reality?

What’s the Reality?

First of all, FSC and entry test syllabus is not a collection of chapters, it’s the collection of concepts. It is not confined to the respective board published curriculum, there are other dimensions of these concepts that students need to explore as well. After matriculation, if a student makes himself habitual of conceptual studies rather than bookish knowledge, he or she will definitely excel in their utmost target. When students start focusing and dwell on the practical concepts provided in the FSC syllabus, they produce extraordinary results in FSC and for Medical College Admission test. The problem occurs when students segregate FSC and Entry test and treat them individually while the two things are ultimately the same concepts and studies.

How Can One Achieve It?

Topgrade.pk emphasizes on conceptual studies. It provides video lectures that help students to explore the multiple dimensions and phases of a single concept. Chapter and concept-wise lectures are provided with every course individually. Students feel no difference either its FSC or Entry test level lectures and studies, so the environment Topgrade.pk provides is the epitome of success in both FSC and Entry test preparations. The faculty delivers lectures in a way that will clear all the concepts of
students throughout and that can be accessed anytime anywhere.

This is the routine and level that every student needs to adopt. Entry test preparation is not about hard work. It’s all about smart work.

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