How to Deal with Corona Virus Without Interrupting your Study Routine?

Take Smart Steps And Continue Your Entry Test Preparation during this Pandemic Situation

Consider yourself in a situation where you are in a progressive stride with your academic routine while discussing and coordinating with your teachers and fellow classmates and having group discussions in order to prepare yourself for the upcoming exams and suddenly you are made aware of a situation that has led to a complete halt to your overall studies.

You are unable to coordinate with your friends and that has put you in a difficult spot, but will this situation hinder you from achieving your goals? Or will it stop you from becoming what you have aimed for in your life? Obviously no and that is where the real problem arises. Unfortunately, this whole scenario is what Pakistan is currently going through and the only way to stop this from spreading is to keep yourself safe at home, avoid unnecessary gatherings and to go outside only when its deemed important.

This pandemic at present has created an unforeseen situation for students specifically for those that have to prepare for their intermediate exams. Not only that but there are also students that are preparing for their entry test exams. Whereas according to the recent notice from Govt of Pakistan, it is advised to avoid gatherings as much as possible in order to prevent any difficult circumstances that might arise due to COVID-19.

Therefore, the first and the foremost important question that must be considered seriously is:

How can students continue their studies during COVID-19?

The majority of the problems that a greater percentage of students are facing is because they are unable to reach their teachers or they do not have any access to their academics. The era of 21sth century when technology is at its peak but still students who aim to become doctors and engineers are facing issues regarding their education and are totally dependent on their academics and mentors for guidance has led to many issues.

In order to tackle these concerns, platforms like has made it easier for students to start their entry test preparation in a much better way as compared to the conventional academic cultural study.

Just think of yourself in a situation where you have to go into an academy or a college and take a lecture for about 45mins to maximum one hour and you are unable to jot down all the points covered in the lecture. Moreover, it cannot be repeated, and you are unable to ask questions until you are satisfied because you are not the only one in the class. That is where makes it simpler for students as they are able to have access to video lectures recorded by skilled teachers while sitting at their home in a safe environment.

The full syllabus is covered smartly, and the lecture is recorded so that you can have access to it anywhere and at any time. Not only this but full syllabus notes are made available for the students so that they can have better understanding of the topics.

Watch Lectures, Practice Thousands of MCQs, Get Instant Results

Students can watch video lectures on any topic, read the notes and even can make notes of their own and save them in online storage without worrying about the notes being misplaced.

Self- analyzing your performance by getting instant results had never been this easy.

Students while going to an academy have to wait for a day and sometimes almost for a week in order to get the results of their test as they are not the only one in the class and it takes time for the teacher to assess the test of each and everyone in the class and therefore that leads to wastage of time. So why wait for another day or a week when can provide you with instant results with a single click and you can analyze your strength and weaknesses and cover your gaps within the same day. When you feel you are prepared, you can test yourself whenever you want and on whatever topic you want even full book, full length practice exam. The system will mark your test and tell you what is right and what is wrong.

In short, there is no need to get worried as platforms like can enable you to overcome your weaknesses in a smarter and convenient way and can enable you to solve all the hurdles that might be in the way of your progress.

Below are some precautionary measures that a person can adopt in order to prevent corona virus:

  • Wash hands frequently for about 20 seconds.
  • Use protective masks when going outside.
  • Avoid close contact specially with people that are experiencing flue or common cold symptoms.
  • Increase intake of protein rich food like egg and meat.
  • Avoid touching your face, specially your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Keep your surroundings clean.
  • Increase intake of warm water.

Stay safe. Stay motivated and continue to prepare for your exams.

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