Is the Online Preparation of NMDACT Better than the Traditional Model?
online preparation of NMDACT

Can’t decide between online or conventional academy? Read this

With the advancement in technology, people are opting for online education more and more with each passing day. Virtual classrooms like zoom and google Meet are the new places for students to interact with teachers. Online education has already been shown to be pretty effective. But is it entirely good? There are certainly some drawbacks that come with it, but it has overall satisfied the needs of thousands of students. The world’s topmost renowned institutes, like Harvard, Oxford, and Yale, offer online courses. According to a survey, nearly 30 % of education in the USA is happening via online mode.

But is it wise to join online classes for competitive exams or entrance exam preparation like NMDCAT, ECAT, or institute-specific entrance exams? We would say yes, because we have been teaching our students via our online platform,, for years. And we can proudly say that we have created winners and leaders via this platform.

If you are an F.Sc. student who wants to join an online academy to prepare for entrance exams, you are in the right place. But let’s look at all the convincing reasons why this mode of education is becoming increasingly popular among students.

  • Online education is flexible:

Contrary to the traditional model of education where students have to follow the pace set by the institute, the online mode of education is quite flexible. Here, you can learn things at your desired pace. Opting for this mode means full autonomy over a person’s time and schedule, as you can study at any place and at any time in most cases.

  • Online education offers a customized experience:

Online classes cater to patients’ individual needs, as the students are at liberty of customizing their study schedules and modes.

  • It is more affordable than the in-person classes:

Affordability can be a big issue for many students, especially in a developing country like Pakistan, where not everyone has equal access to education. Students have to travel far away from their homes to learn. To tackle this issue, online education is the way out. In most cases, the fee for online institutes is very affordable. You can also save your travelling cost.

  • Students learn better in online mode than they do in conventional:

In a study, it was proven that the students learn five times more quickly in online education than in traditional classes. The use of different interactive tools in online classes makes students more invested and enables them to take in more information. Another benefit is that students can spend as much time on topics that they find difficult.

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