KE Medical College: Your Exam Preparation Guide
KE Medical College: Your Exam Preparation Guide

Undoubtedly, KE Medical College is the top medical college in Pakistan. Students of KE Medical College are the actual brilliant students of the nation. Every medical aspirant’s dream is to get admission into KE Medical College. King Edward Medical University was founded in 2005 as a chartered university in the public sector. Students from Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Germany, England, Canada, and the United States make up the diverse student body at this institution.

Furthermore, the merit of KE Medical College increases every year because of the increasing competition among the students. To make your dream of getting admission into KE Medical College real, you should join a well-known academy for preparation.

Which academy can help me achieve my dream of admission into KE Medical College?

With time’s advancement, students are shifting towards an online academic system. Moreover, many online academies help you in preparation. But, finding a bona fide academic platform has been an issue for the students. is the best academic platform that covers all your issues. Moreover, they have excellent student reviews, which help you trust them more easily.

Journey to KE medical college requirements:

KE Medical College takes admissions based on the MDCAT exam. This test is held in Pakistan every year between August and October. Admission to KE medical college requires acing MDCAT and scoring high in MDCAT.

The MDCAT test is a standardized test that assesses your critical thinking and problem-solving skills and your understanding of basic scientific concepts (including those in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English). However, students learn how to maximize their odds of selecting the correct answers by making educated guesses in the MDCAT test prep course.

When is the best time to begin your MDCAT test preparation for KE Medical College?

The best time to prepare for the MDCAT test for KE Medical College is while preparing for the FSC. Moreover, combining FSC and MDCAT preparation has many benefits. Indeed, students are more enthused and passionate this semester. They should concentrate on tasks that will help them build a better future. Unfortunately, many children do not. On the other hand, they spend all of their valuable time doing foggy hobbies.

Why should I prefer over other academies?

Why should I prepare for my KE medical college admission with differs from other academies providing MDCAT preparation with the following features:

  • Excellent online lectures
  • An overview of the online study resources for preparing for the MDCAT entrance exam
  • Extended practice exams
  • Prior research on particular topics
  • Fast Review test study slides
  • Use these practice multiple-choice questions to prepare for the MDCAT practice exam.
  • Arrange webinars regarding the medical programs at MDCAT reach.
  • Have in-person conversations about ambiguity in MDCAT entry test preparation.
  • With constant access to all content
  • Presented on a map that corresponds with the most recent MDCAT entry test preparation practice test syllabus
  • The most cost-effective configuration

Track Your Development with

Seeing how far you’ve come will motivate you to finish the race. If you start planning sooner, you will have more time to monitor your progress. Remember how well you’ve done so far if you feel like giving up and want to return to your old (bad) habits. You can discover your weaknesses and discover strategies to overcome them by keeping a record of your successful and unsuccessful weeks.

Developing self-assurance for admission to KE Medical College:

Without any doubt, being perfect starts with developing self-assurance. Practicing, learning, gaining experience, conversing with others, and making accurate predictions are all strategies for increasing self-confidence. Your confidence level is influenced by your body’s and mind’s popularity (your shallowness) and your perception of your potential, skills, and enjoyment.

The following departments are housed at the KE Medical College:

Departments of basic sciences

  • Anatomical Structure
  • Medicine in the Community Biochemistry
  • Legal Medicine
  • Disease
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • The Physiology
  • Pathology

Medical and related fields

  • Heart Disease
  • Pulmonology and tuberculosis in chest medicine
  • Radiation oncology in clinical settings
  • Units I and II of Child Psychiatry Dermatology
  • Neuroscience
  • General Medicine Units I, II, III, and IV: Pediatrics
  • Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine
  • Both behavioral sciences and psychiatry
  • Radiation therapy
  • Preventive and Social Medicine
  • Pediatric Preventive Care

Surgical and related divisions

  • I and II anesthesiology units
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics Units I, II, III, and IV
  • Units I, II, and III of ophthalmology
  • Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery
  • Units I and II of Orthopedics
  • Pediatric Surgery Units I and II of Otorhinolaryngology
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • radiological
  • General Surgery Unit I, II, III and IV
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Urology
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Neurosurgery


To prepare for admission to KE Medical College, one must be consistent and have unwavering determination. You must maintain motivation throughout planning because giving up will inevitably fail. You can use educational resources like to prepare for the admission exam. Every year, many students who use to prepare for the MDCAT are accepted into medical schools and often receive positive feedback from their peers. They provide the greatest learning environments for their students and ensure that you are ready for any situation that may arise while preparing for the KE medical college. One of their best features is social media mentor support; you can perfect your MDCAT preparation with guidance from these extremely qualified mentors.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Q: King Edward Medical University, is it public or private?
  • A: King Edward Medical University was founded in 2005 as a chartered university in the public sector. Its student body is diverse, with members from all over Pakistan.
  • Q: What percentage does King Edward require for MBBS?
  • Candidates for the A level must have passed an examination of a course from a foreign university, examining body, or education system with a minimum of 65% overall marks in physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics, and the course must be duly certified.
  • Q: Which medical school in Pakistan is the best?
  • A: KEMU, No. 1 in Top Merit among All Medical Institutions – King Edward Medical University.

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