MBBS Admission Criteria: Essential Guidelines for Medics
MBBS Admission Criteria: Essential Guidelines for Aspiring Medics

In order to gain admission to one of Pakistan’s premier medical colleges, prospective medical students must successfully complete a demanding admissions process. I will give you a thorough rundown of the Pakistani MBBS admissions process as a medical student, covering MBBS admission criteria, the MDCAT entrance exam, and crucial advice to help you get ready for the big day.

Understanding the requirements for Pakistani MBBS admission eligibility is crucial before beginning the application process. MBBS admission criteria are that candidates must have earned at least 70% in their intermediate or equivalent coursework from an accredited institution. Additionally, candidates also need to have completed intermediate-level coursework in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

MBBS admission criteria and eligibility:

To be eligible, you must meet the requirements listed below:-

  • HSSC (Per-Medical) or comparable test with at least twelve years of study and at least 60% of the possible points.
  • 55% of the possible MDCAT points for MBBS.
  • 50 percent on the MDCAT exam for BDS.
  • For students to be considered for admission against a foreign or overseas seat, they must qualify on the SAT II with a minimum of 550 in each subject or pass the Foreign MDCAT or UCAT exam with 50% of the possible points.
  • The MDCAT Exam must be passed for applicants to be eligible. Previous year MDCAT results will not be accepted under the PM&DC Admission Regulations, 2023.

MBBS admission criteria requirements for Foreign Seats:

The following prerequisites must be met in order to be eligible for admission to the MBBS and BDS programs against the Foreign Seats Quota:

  • Minimum 60% in an equivalent exam from a foreign university, examination body, or educational system; the exam must have included at least three science subjects, such as biology, chemistry, and physics or mathematics
  • Additionally, the course must have been duly certified by the Inter Boards Committee of the Chairman (IBCC) as being equivalent to the Intermediate Level of Pakistan or the HSSC.
  • Unless the person is a permanent resident of another country, has dual citizenship, or is an overseas Pakistani student who completed an HSSC 12th grade exam or its equivalent outside of Pakistan, stayed in that nation for the duration of the course, and has a certificate from the last institution they attended attesting to this effect.

Take the MDCAT Admission Test for meeting MBBS admission criteria:

August or September is when the MDCAT admission exam is normally administered. Pakistani MBBS programs require applicants to have a minimum MDCAT score of 60% to be evaluated for admission.

Send Applications to Colleges of Medicine

After receiving your MDCAT accomplishments, you can apply to Pakistani medical schools. Your academic transcripts, supporting documentation, and MDCAT results must be submitted as part of the application process, which usually begins in October or November.

Which myths are most common for MBBS admission criteria?

  • Which prep school should I enroll in to get ready for the MBBS admission exam?
  • Where do I find bona fide study guides?
  • How can I avoid squandering time and money on the daily commute to the academy?
  • How will I meet the MBBS admission criteria?

What kind of training helps meet the requirements for MBBS admission criteria?

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What Makes TopGrade.pk Academy Superior to Other Institutions?

How can TopGrade.pk help with the MBBS admission criteria?

TopGrade.pk sets itself apart from other MDCAT prep programs with these features:

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Key lessons learned in order to meet MBBS admission criteria:

  • Concentration and determination are critical.
  • Carry the PDMC course material.
  • Create and follow a schedule.
  • Seek appropriate guidance.
  • Fortify the areas where you are weak.
  • More, more, more practice is needed to prepare for the MDCAT .
  • Plan out how you will respond to MDCAT MCQS in advance.
  • Keep an optimistic outlook


To put it briefly, how well you prepare for the MDCAT in Pakistan will depend on how well you perform. Furthermore, passing this exam will make it easier for you to pursue a MBBS degree. Instead, work tirelessly and make full use of all the resources at your disposal. When it comes to MBBS admission criteria, TopGrade.pk makes sure you are prepared for every situation and offers its students the greatest learning environments. Support for social media mentorship is among TopGrade.pk’s best features. These extremely qualified mentors can assist you in becoming successful and meeting the MBBS admission criteria

Frequently asked questions:

  • Q: What benefits does MBBS offer Pakistan?
  • A: There is still much common between the MBBS and BDS scores. However, a BDS and an MBBS have slightly different benefits. For Allama Iqbal Medical College, it was 93.5000. DG Khan Medical College, D.G. Khan, had a minimal merit of 91.5455. BDS’s closing merit in the public sector is 91.7455.
  • Q: How can I sign up with TopGrade.pk for MBBS admission exam preparation?
  • A: You may rapidly and easily approach TopGrade.pk by using the button or Google’s search engine. After the web portal opens, provide your phone number and the data. There’s also a fourteen-day trial period available. The TopGrade.pk app is available for download and installation from the Play Store as well.
  • Q: What is the duration of PMDC MBBS in Pakistan?
  • A: The five-year program is an academic curriculum duration for MBBS in Pakistan.
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