Popularity of Online Education in Pakistan after Covid-19
Online Education in Pakistan

Studying Online, Especially Preparation for Exams, is Being Adopted by Pakistani Students in the Wake or Corona

The world is facing an unprecedented pandemic, the likes of which has never been seen before. Never in history, there were such severe measures deployed to tackle such problem. Every business organization, Government machinery and Industry either had to shut down completely or entirely modify the way they work.

Educational facilities were no different when it came to be affected by this pandemic. Infect, maintaining social distancing was way more difficult in close parameters of educational facilities than it was in any other social gathering venue. With future brains of the countries at risk, there was a dire need to modify the way they deliver the education to the masses.

Online Exam Preparation
Online Exam Preparation

Online exam preparation was gaining traction even before the pandemic hit, but coping with the crisis supercharged its popularity and made it compulsory to address the issue head on. You may say that due to the pandemic, the popularity of the online education sky rocketed, but in our opinion, online education emerged as only viable option to safely deliver the education to the masses while keeping them safe.

Online education is not just a hack that is helping deliver the education but has become an absolute essential tool without which it would be impossible to deliver the education. Let’s have a detailed look at the advantages that masses have enjoyed due to online education facility.

Study Anywhere, Anytime, At Any Pace

One of the biggest hurdles in conventional education is that students are restricted to attain the education unless they reach their specific academic institute at a specific time and once, they are there, they have to make do with the pace that their lecturer deems appropriate or with which the rest of the class is satisfied with.

Organizations that provide you online education such as TopGrade.pk liberates you from this problem and you do not have to spend your valuable time in unnecessary travel and can learn at your own pace.

Harmonious Working Conditions

Unlike in the conventional education environment, where it takes lots of courage to pose a question in front of whole class, you can easily put forward your idea or question in the comment section. Flowing those ideas means you get into perfect working relationship and contribution from the participants is mutual.

Preparation for Exams
Preparation for Exams

More Focus on Students

When it comes to online education, a student gets more individual focus as they can field a question or comment on any problem that they face anytime. They can float their ideas while reading through others comments and ideas. Lecturers are at ease to focus on the individuals at their own time and convenience and help students individually.

Equal Opportunity

While in the conventional teaching facility, there is always the possibility of encountering the favourite of the lecturers, online education liberates you from that inconvenience. Every one is at level playing field and every one gets to be treated same.

Endless Opportunities

Once you are on the online canvas, opportunities to learn are endless. Highly respectable guest experts can be invited to lecture online from where ever they are and lectures can be recorded for the convenience. Mock exams can be replicated and based on their results extra attention can be given to individuals. Interactive learning is another helpful tool incorporated in online education. Varying Learning techniques can be taught and coached new objective can be achieved.

Limitations of Online Education

Although it is easy to see the compelling advantages that online education present but it does have some short falls too. In a country like Pakistan accessibility of internet can be challenging to some students and reasons could vary, from no infrastructure necessary to provide the internet to affordability issues but, as long as students find it difficult to have internet, they are deemed lost.

Computer literacy plays a vital part as some areas in Pakistan lag behind in new technologies and training owning to the outdated education system of Pakistan. Breakdown in the services could be disruptive and spell an end of learning and some times the facilitators are not good enough to convey the massage to the students in a way that is easy to understand. Truth be told, after looking at all the pros and cons, we can conclude that online education helped the academic industry to cope with an impossible to win situation and has appeared to be the most viable option so far. By the look of it, this medium seems to strengthen even more.

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