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Entry Test Preparation for MUST, FAST, UET, NUST and GIKI (MFUNG)


MFUNG is the entrance exam preparation course for the following universities

•    MUST (Mirpur University of Science & Technology)

•    FAST National University (National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences)

•    UET (University of Engineering and Technology)

•    NUST (National University of Science and Technology)

•    GIKI (Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology)

This entrance exam preparation course is everything for the students if they are interested in taking admission in any of the above universities.

Advantages of Choosing MFUNG preparation Course

The course has been designed to tackle many problems, students deal regarding entry test preparation.

•    This will save students a lot of time

•    The student will get multiple entry test preparation courses in a minimum fee

•    A student can save up to 70%

•    The student will be able to find relationships among these different entry tests, no need to prepare the same topics for multiple tests again and again

•    The student will get maximum time for revision and practice tests

Disadvantages of not Choosing these preparation courses separately

•    It will cost student not only time but also money

•    It will cause time mismanagement

•    The student has to take separate lectures for same topics of different entry tests syllabus

•    It will cause stress and anxiety

•    It will make the student feels that a lot of preparation is pending till last.

Why for MFUNG

 Now students have everything at one stop now: Following are the reasons for choosing

•    Saves time with a lot of money.

•    It gives access to the content for 24/7

•    The student will learn the techniques to solve the test in minimum time

•    Mathematics lectures are delivered in a special technique that student will be entitled to solve lengthy calculation in just a few minutes.

•    Practice tests are designed to assess the student’s preparation

•    Performance graph will help a student to rectify his mistake and it will push him forward

This online learning platform is beneficial in every aspect for entry test preparation.

MUST entry test preparation

Mirpur University of Science & Technology conducts entry test every year for undergraduate programs. It is one of the best university in Azad and Jammu Kashmir. Students who want to get admission in this university has to clear this test.

FAST National University entry test preparation

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences has earned a name over years due to its excellent performance. Students seek admission every year in this institute. FAST conducts the test to assess the student’s abilities.

UET entry test preparation

University of Engineering and Technology conducts one of the big tests of the year. It has many undergraduate programs and the competition remains always neck to neck to secure a seat in UET. To get admission student has to clear ECAT (Engineering College Entrance Test) with

NUST Entry Test Preparation

National University of Science and Technology is one of the dream universities of the students. To fulfil this dream students, have to go through the NUST entrance test, conducted every year for undergraduate programs.

GIKI Entry Test Preparation

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology is one of its kind. This institute served Pakistan with excellent graduated every year. Therefore, every student wishes to secure a seat in this university. GIKI entry test preparation is bit tricky and a hard nut to crack but students who know how to prepare well will eventually get admission here.