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About National MDCAT

National MDCAT Prep preparation

National MDCAT 2020

Recently the scenario has changed for public sector admissions and instead of provincial MDCAT that used to be the set standard has been replaced by the National MDCAT. It has created a different challenge for the students as they have to modify the way they prepare to ace this exam and secure the admission in public sector medical college.

As Albert Einstein said once, “you have to learn the rules of the game and then, you have to play better than anyone else”. So today we are going to cover the first part of this quote and I am about to explain the rules of the game to you and then you have to play better than anyone else to ace this exam and secure the admission in the public sector collage. So let me share the screen with you first.

So, our today’s topic is “Best Strategy To Prep. For National MDCAT (NUMS) In 32 Days. So first of all I would like to provide you the big picture and take it step by step.

I shall start with sharing the story of MDCAT 2020 then we are going to discuss the selection criteria, after that we will discuss the National MDCAT in detail and then frequently asked questions can be discussed and towards the end of our discussion we will discuss the Subject Wise Tips For National MDCAT 2020 Prep. I will also provide subject wise tips regarding MDCAT 2020 preparations.

The Story of MDCAT 2020

So, we will start with the story of MDCAT 2020. To be clear about it, you will need to understand the administrative hierarchy of government and previous trends of previous years as if you are looking to connect the dots in the future than it helps to know the past as well. Now, allow me to explain about what use to happen before and what changes are about to happen and how things will play out in the future.

What happened to PMDC?

So, to start the story, there used to be an institution in Pakistan called P.M.D.C. that stands for Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. It was the regulatory authority of doctors and dentists all over the Pakistan. Every single medical institute and every single doctor that want to start practice in Pakistan has to be registered with P.M.D.C. No one was allowed to practice in Pakistan without the permission and registration of this institute. P.M.D.C was also responsible for public sector medical admissions.

The procedure that P.M.D.C adopted was that they authorized different universities and institutions to take public sector entrance medical exam for the concerned province and the admissions were processed by the same authorities as well. For example, in Punjab UHS Lahore was responsible for taking the public sector medical entrance exam of all the medical collages including the private medical collages and process the admissions. In the same way EETA was responsible for KPK and in Sindh different authorities were responsible for different times and Baluchistan and AJK were dealt by the UHS from Lahore.

National MDCAT by PMC

But now situation has changed dramatically and P.M.D.C. has been dissolved and now we have a new authority emerged as PMC. There was some confusion before as P.M.D.C. got dissolved and then by the order of the court it was re-instated and it went on for a while but now the Legislator Assembly has passed the bill to establish the P.M.C and chances of this reverting are very slim and P.M.C is going to stay.

So from now on, instead of P.M.D.C, the regulatory authority for processing the admissions is going to be P.M.C. and will regulate the admission processing process through out Pakistan. Since this authority is also responsible for the testing process, they have taken a huge step towards abolishing the provisional testing system and has introduced a new concept of National centralized testing system called National MDCAT.

Merit in Different Provinces?

Now, here is the important bit. Although the whole country will have the same exam regardless, but that does not mean that the merit will be accumulated on national level as well. The admissions will be processed province wise and their merit will be decided province wise as it was done previously. Only difference is that this exam will be conducted on the same day all over the country.

There was an issue that needed to be looked closely, that P.M.C is a relatively new agency and it seems like a task too big for such new born agency to manage a national level exam on such magnitude. Upcoming MDCAT is going to be the largest exam in the history of Pakistan and question arises that how P.M.C is going to manage such huge task on the national level. So, we were anticipating that they might have to pass the contract to an already established agency operating on national level such as NTS or NUMS etc. and this is what exactly happened as P.M.C handed over the contract to the National University of Medical Sciences to conduct the exams.

How Does NUMS Fit in All this?

Now, to connect the dots you need to have complete understanding of National university of Medical Sciences. This university was founded back in 2016 and it was NUST university’s medical wing that was later separated from it and despite some of the medical courses still being taught at NUST, this university has its own identity. Main purpose of NUMS was to regulate private admissions in different institutions such as Army Medical Collage, CMH, and many private institutions. So, NUMS use to process admissions after taking the entrance exams for MBBS and BDS. They even used to regulate the academic activities such as MBBS part 1 and 2 and so on.

What about NUMS Entrance Exam?

Now, PMC has granted the contract to conduct National MDCAT exams to the same agency. NUMS is conducting its internal entrance exam that is conducted every year for NUMS academic programs is going to happen as usual on coming 11th October and institutes that are affiliated with NUMS will take admissions through NUMS.

National MDCAT Date 2020

Now just to be clear National MDCAT is not NUMS entry test but is actually a national level MDCAT exam that will be conducted by NUMS. So this is what the difference is between those 2 tests. P.M.C has recently notified that this test is going to be conducted in the second week of November and since the test is always held on Sunday so expected date is going to be 8th November.


So, to summarize the whole discussion, from now on the medical entry test will be held under the supervision of P.M.C, NUMS will be the conducting authority, it is notified by P.M.C that it will be held in the second week of November and it is still not confirmed yet. P.M.C will announce the final date after finalizing the logistical details and it could be delayed for a couple of weeks and odds are in favor of this test being delayed as it is not an easy task to conduct such a test at such huge level. It involves managing such huge testing centers and that when we are right in the middle of the Covid situation and then the usual hindrances such as preparing the papers, human resource management, their training and maintaining secrecy is not an easy task and the time is extremely short.

But still, since they have granted the contract to an experienced agency that was already managing the same sort of testing system on national level, I would say that there are still chances that it may be held on 8th November. We strongly recommend that you should start your preparation keeping 8th November in mind. So everyone this was the basic story of MDCAT 2020 and no matter which province you belong to, if you would want to get admission in public sector collage or even in a private institute, than you would have to pass the National MDCAT 2020.

National MDCAT 2020 Selection Criteria

Let’s have a look at the selection criteria now. It has changed a bit now as from now on the selection criteria will be 50/50. This means that 50% marks of FSC and 50% marks of National MDCAT will be taken in to account. Before that P.M.D.C. had a different formula as they were on 50/40/10 which meant that 50% marks of entrance test 40% FSC and 10% matriculation but now it is 50/50.

How is the National MDCAT Syllabus Different from What You Have Prepared Already?

Now scenario for students of all different provinces is somehow different. Let’s divide the students in three different broad categories with respect to their preparations.

First category is the set of students that has prepared the syllabus of UHS. These students belong from Punjab, Baluchistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir and they all have prepared for UHS Punjab MDCAT.

Second set of students belong to the KPK province who have prepared for ETEA syllabus.  Third set of students belong to Sindh province that has prepared themselves according to MCAT Sindh.

MDCAT National Syllabus Compared to UHS Syllabus (Students in Punjab)

The important point to elaborate is that, the worst effected students are the ones that has prepared the UHS syllabus. Reason being that UHS syllabus was constituted upon 50% of the full books and now there are 65 new topics of Biology that have been added on top of the UHS syllabus, 73 new topics have been added for Chemistry, 7 new topics of Physics have been added and English has not seen any notable additions fortunately. 

UHS students now face the dilemma of doing a huge amount of extra preparation in very short span of time and that is when Biology and Chemistry has accumulative questions of 2/3rd of the whole paper. This means that students of Punjab, Baluchistan and AJK have to make extra ordinary effort to prepare for the MDCAT 2020 to not only retain the previous syllabus but to prepare the new one as well. This is very critical point here.

MDCAT National Syllabus Compared to UHS Syllabus

As far as KPK students are concerned, they prepared ETEA syllabus and it was already quite comprehensive so they do not need to prepare much except the vocab of English that they have to prepare which is not a big deal. While students of Sindh were already preparing the full books so apart from vocab, they will not feel any difference.

To summarize the whole conversation up until now, students of Punjab, Baluchistan and AJK will have to prepare lots of new content and will have to revise the previous content as well. While the students of KPK and Sindh just need to look at the revised syllabus and to the critical preparation.

Number of MCQS & Exam Format of National MDCAT

Let’s have a look at the National MDCAT for now and see how many MCQs are going to be in this exam. There are going to be around 200 MCQs out of which there are going to be 80 Bio related, 60 Chemistry related and 40 Physics related questions and 20 English related questions. So, importance wise Biology is number 1, Chemistry is at number 2, Physics is at number 3, and English at number 4.

Lots of students have asked us to provide some information about the exam format and its difficulty level. Let us be very clear, that the exam’s difficulty level is going to be on the higher side. Allow me to explain, MCQs are of three types.

  1. Memory based
  2. Analysis based
  3. Application based questions.

Memory based questions are straight away lines from the books, analysis-based questions are concepts of the books and applications-based questions are related to real life situations.  

National MDCAT Syllabus 2020

P.M.C. has taken the lead from NUMS and declared that NUMS syllabus will be considered the MDCAT syllabus. So, you will have memory, application and analysis-based questions in the exam. NUMS was already conducting exams on national level so they already had formulated a national syllabus that combined federal, provisional and A level books so it is not unjust to any student belonging to a particular province.

Which Areas Can have a Higher Count in Exam?

Chances are that analysis and application-based questions will have a higher count and memory-based questions probability is reduced now. If you are wondering that what is the most important thing in this exam is, we would say it is your information.  If any one is not able to process the influx of information that is coming through on daily basis then you do not have bright chances to pass this exam with flying colours.

Then comes your knowledge, concepts, speed, IQ, Nerves and confidence and all these will be tested to its limits during this exam. Especially it is a test of your nerves as every one is panicking about the situation that how will they cover so much in so little time but what you need to remember is that the situation is the same for everyone.

Books for Preparation?

Exam is going to be paper based rather than being computer based and conducting authority is going to be NUMS with NUMS prescribed syllabus. Lots of students ask me that should they prepare from the federal books since the NUMS is a federal authority? Our opinion is that to take on new books is not a wise decision and you should prefer your own books that you have already prepared with.  Secondly this syllabus is consisted upon all the provisional and federal books and you can easily cover the NUMS syllabus by consulting your own books.

How Does it Affect Competition Level?

Encouraging thing is that you are not in competition with the whole Pakistan so if the syllabus is not added for KPK and Sindh students and you have to prepare for a lot of new syllabus than nothing to worry about as you only have competition within your own province. Only those who can keep their nerves can succeed in this exam. As Albert Einstein says that “Opportunity lies in the middle of difficulty”

Scores of students that were well prepared for such exam before would feel short changed and many who felt they were under prepared for such exam would feel confident now. Survival of the fittest is going to apply here. Total marks are going to be 200 without any negative marking. 2 hours and 30 minutes will be allowed for the exam.

MDCAT 2020 Preparation

Since the announcement, we have worked round the clock to launch the new course of national MDCAT. We have prepared a complete package that includes video lectures, revision notes, MCQs and Mock tests. You will need to attempt all the questions and there are no restrictions on how to attempt those questions.

You need to retain the first areas and try not to forget them as they are very important and then comes the second and third areas that you need to prepare. How? Let me explain. Got olf syllabus you just need to keep conducting tests from this area and that is how you can remember those topics and I will share the schedule with you on how to deal with it. As far as the second and third area is concerned that you have not prepared yet, you need to consult text book for it, you need to consult video lectures and revision notes and then you need to attempt tests from these areas.


If you do not understand what kind of questions are being asked from those areas then you will not be able to give comprehensive answers for them. Now the question arises that even if you prepare the areas then who is going to conduct tests for us. For this reason, TopGrade.Pk is your best choice. Let me show you what I mean. This is our National MDCAT course and you can prepare in 2 ways you can prepare subject wise and you can prepare module wise which ever way suits you the best.

Video Lectures of National MDCAT

Now let’s have a look at the video lectures. Let’s imagine we start with Biology first, in Biology we have different sections, if we click on any section such as cells structure and function, that will open up new topics and all those topics that are new for Punjab, Baluchistan and AJK students are tagged with new tag alongside so you know that these are the new segments in the syllabus. Similarly, if we look into life process in animals and plants, there are scores of new topis added that were not here before.

Tools by

Let’s get back to our original discussion and see you have video lectures and revision notes as it is shown in the summary, you have 385 video lectures, 368 fast revision notes, more than 23000 questions and we are planning to add around 2000 new questions related to the new syllabus do total count will go above 25000+.

You can have a look at the videos, FRN, questions meaning each and every detail are available and at your fingertips. So old syllabus and new syllabus both are included in this comprehensive course. Our massage for Sindh and KPK students is that you will need to do more focused studies to prepare your self and for this purpose TopGrade.Pk is going to help you with that.

Complete Preparation Plan of National MDCAT in 32 Days

From 7th October we are launching a new session of National MDCAT Prep 2020. What will you get in this session? You will get complete preparation of National MDCAT (NUMS) 2020 in 32 days. You will get 385 videos lectures, 366 Fast Revision Notes and over 25000 MCQs. You will get 24 topic wise tests, 4 quarter syllabus test, 2 half syllabus tests and 1 full syllabus test of each subject. You will also get 5 full length practice exams just like the real test. You will also get real-time teacher support in WhatsApp group.

We have created a complete 32-day topic wise schedule where we have incorporated quarter syllabus and half and full syllabus test for your convenience.

Our promise is that we will cover the whole syllabus in 32 days and we would conduct at least 4 full syllabus tests while you will learn from your mistakes as we will discuss those mistakes with you on regular basis and you would also see the full-length paper and will be prepared for complete syllabus.

This master planner is consisted upon preface, 32 days study schedule, and daily routine. We have made sure that in the schedule we have divided it in such a way that there is no undue pressure on the students and they can carry the complete course with minimal burden.

Study Resource for National MDCAT 2020

As far as the study resources are concerned, we recommend your text books and for even more comprehensive material TopGrade.Pk National MDCAT Prep Course. It is an extra ordinary situation where whole country is going to attempt the same exam and no one was anticipating that. But Alhamdulillah we were anticipating such situation and were ready for it. TopGrade.Pk is the only national level preparation provider at the moment and no one else comes even close to our level. No one is covering the whole syllabus apart from us and if someone claims such thing then chances are, they are claiming falsely.   

National MDCAT Registration 2020

Lots of students are asking that when and how do we apply? There is no specific information as yet. We are anticipating an update soon and once its clear then you can choose your city and place and accordingly you will take the test.

Subject Wise Tips for National MDCAT 2020 Prep

So you can prepare the complete syllabus presented on TopGrade.Pk while having faith in us Insha’Allah.

Now, let me give you a few tips subject wise for the preparation of the exam.

Most topics that have been added in the syllabus are indeed from the Bio and Chemistry and physics and English has not had any major changes. More challenging aspects come from Bio and Chemistry.

So basically, you need to practice your daily routine and prepare for the old topics with constant testing and for new topics you need to consult video lectures, revision notes and test all need to be done. Unless you do not do these, you will not be able to clear the exam. We will add the fast questions that you need to practice on regular basis.

Any subject that is not well prepared by you need your extra attention and you need to make sure that you need to allocate special time for that subject and on daily basis you need to prepare that subject thoroughly without a miss.

Full Schedule of MDCAT National Prep

You can notice that we have added a new feature in the schedule as we understand that you do not have time to do revisions, in fact if you can cover your course in time that would be an achievement so we have to plan revisions side by side so we have incorporated two new methods one of them is that on daily basis you need to attempt all incorrect questions of all subjects by creating a test and completing it by answering each question. Secondly, we have created the quarter syllabus test after 6 days of studies and then half syllabus test after 14 days of studies so you can keep performing the revisions side by side as well. You cannot ignore or delay the revisions and need to keep them side by side to your study plan.

Take home point for the whole discussion up until now is that if you are really looking to do the best possible preparation of the National MDCAT 2020 then firstly prepare yourself mentally that you are going to take this exam no matter what. You are not going to quit instead you are going to perform extra ordinarily in this changing situation and that will make you a winner. Have faith in yourself.

Secondly, you need to choose your resources very carefully and keep your text book in the play, NUMS syllabus and TopGrade.Pk National MDCAT prep course. You need to join the National MDCAT course straight away without any further ado.

In the current situation we understand that students are facing already a lot of pressure so we have reduced the charges to the minimal level. You will receive an SMS and you can contact us on the mentioned number to continue your studies and start your preparation by joining us.

Preparation Tips

Make sure you do not loose your nerves, you need to choose the right study resources which includes your text book, NUMS syllabus and, National MDCAT 2020 course. You need to follow the schedule that we have provided you religiously as if you tried to create your own schedule then chances are that you may end up missing lots of important details or focusing on the wrong details which would cause complications for you. We do not want you to create complications since you can take advantage of our efforts our homework and our experience.

Do Not Panic

There is absolutely no need to panic as the minor details such as when and where to apply for the exam will be clarified with the passage of time. The biggest challenge that you are going to face is how to prepare for the syllabus and we already have guided you about that. We have explained you about the new topics that you need to give more time and effort to the new topics. When you sign up with TopGrade.Pk, you will receive our master planner as well and if you have any question right now if you have any concerns regarding the National MDCAT.

FAQs Regarding MDCAT National 2020

There are lots of questions that students frequently ask, we have tried to answer as many as possible

We can tell you that the difficulty level is going to increase this year as the content is mostly conceptual and they cannot just take books form a book so expect more conceptual content.

you should only use the federal text book if you already have studied from the federal text books in routine and if not then consulting new books at this time is not a wise thing to do.

From the exam’s point of view you have 3 areas to cover first ones are the ones that you have prepared and understand them well, second are the ones that you have read but do not understand them and third ones are that you neither have read nor do you understand them.

This is not a good idea and I would not recommend this at all as this will not let you organize your efforts but instead would end up scattering the efforts. So my recommendation is that you need to do everything in a sequence and cover everything systematically on daily basis and focus on the previous syllabus to give tests and try to spend considerable time on the new topics while making sure that the previous topics are prepared as well.

Let me answer this, I understand that most of our curriculum books are not written concept based, although there are many concepts in the books but the way these books are written, you can not understand many things conceptually. So that is where teaching comes in and students rely on teachers to prepare for their studies. Alhamdulillah all the video lectures that have been delivered by TopGrade.Pk are highly conceptual. Many students think that taking lectures at this stage would waste their time, this is not true. A good lecture never wastes your time and lectures from TopGrade.Pk are the best. The way I have given lectures about various subjects is a testament to this as it would take minimum 9 hours to cover the subject for you and I have covered in three hours with letting you know about exam structure and possible pitfalls. So, you can always cover it by reading but the best way to clarify the concepts is through lectures.

NUMS entry test scenario has not changed at all and it will be conducted at 11th October as usual. NUMS exam has nothing to do with National MDCAT 2020 apart from sharing the same syllabus and same conducting authority.

We don’t know what books you are using but according to our knowledge all the topics are almost similar in all the books. There is not much difference between those books and if there is any you can prepare the syllabus from TopGrade.Pk and this should cover the whole syllabus.

No! NUMS will get you admitted on the basis of its own test same goes with Agha Khan University both can get you admitted on the basis of their own entrance test but National MDCAT is completely different.

If you are looking to attempt the test according to schedule than you need to explore the TopGrade.Pk and I will show you my self as well. You see, you will enter in to the question bank, from the question bank you would go in to any subject such as chemistry and you can create test in multiple ways such as incorrect questions, unseen or un answered questions. You can choose sub sections or topics and cerate test from that as well. You can choose how many questions you need in a test as well. You can attempt the answers and then read up on the explanations as well. Once you are done with the test it will show you the result. It is such a powerful program that would benefit you on immense scale and I can guarantee you that there is no other program exist in Pakistan that can make offer you National MDCAT 2020 preparation at the moment. At national level if you need to prepare for National MDCAT 2020 than TopGrade.Pk is the only agency. Taking any other option is putting yourself at risk.

Yes, with 910 marks your admission is still possible. Make sure that you attempt both NUMS and National MDCAT 2020 exam and on those bases, you can definitely get admission. By the way P.M.C. has made it easier to attempt the private test.

Sign up with us.

Yes absolutely. Since our commitment with you guys was about the previous course and we had to make so much extra effort to calibrate the new course. You would need to re-register yourself with us.

Yes, they will dissolve. You will apply as new and you can either wait for the SMS or better yet you can visit our website and automatically you will get registered. If someone has not received the SMS then they can contact on our phone number and we will help you out with this.

I am so sorry but not in Pakistan. You will not be able to get admission in Pakistan.

As I have said earlier that it has changed drastically and basically Punjab syllabus is discarded and NUMS syllabus is very different form the Punjab syllabus.

Yes you will have to apply again.

it all depends that which city you choose to do the studies. If you are aiming for Karachi then merit is a little low but in Lahore merit is always on a higher side. To be secure you need at least 90% score in National MDCAT.

No! November test is not related to the October test in any way shape or form. Syllabus is same and conducting authority is same but that’s about it. Both tests are not interdependent. Your marks are not bad but not too good either. You need 92% aggregate so you need to calculate how many marks you need in the exam to be successfully get admitted.

Short and precise answer is that for you NUMS syllabus is the syllabus that you need to prepare. Consult TopGrade.Pk for the missing topics but you will have to prepare the new syllabus.

We have devised a routine in the master planner that spans from 5 in the morning to 11 in the night. And the rest of the time is to sleep. It is a complete routine where between 5-6 am you say your prayer then for half an hour you do your exercise and from 6-7 you start studies 7-8 am do your breakfast take bath give time to your family and 8-9 and 9-10am do your studies. Tea break between 10-11 am and then start your studies again between 11-1pm , from 1-2 pm say your prayer and then do your lunch sleep for an hour and then start your studies again till 6pm and then 6-7 pm give some time to any sports activity say your prayer have your dinner and you can customize it accordingly as well. Then start your spell no 5 that will continue till 11 in the night. In total it has 5 study spells some of which are short and some are long. You can fit the subjects accordingly in that time allocation. Distribute the study spells according to the difficulty of your subjects and create a routine. Make sure you only give the allocated time to the subjects and do not waste extra time to the same subject or you will end up ignoring many things. Make sure you are doing to the point preparation instead of scattered preparation you need to work smart not hard.

Yes, 978 is good score and it is worth fighting. If you can secure 94% in entrance test than you can surely make it.

It's not different topics its just that they have explained differently in the learning outcome as learning outcome is an extension of the given content. We have maintained the whole TopGrade account according to the learning outcome and syllabus so have confidence on that course.

Eou will need to have a deep analysis. You do not need to take all the lectures at all. Take NUMS syllabus and prioritize the topics as high medium and low and see the lectures for high priority topics and leave the medium and low priority ones and just take test and consult the book if necessary. You can not watch all the lectures in this short time span.

Schedule will be provided by the TopGrade team so you need to contact them and yes, this course is going to be valid till the test if the test is delayed for a few weeks still this course will be valid till the test date.

Yes, if you can take better score in the entry test then in private you can have bright chances.

Answer is none of these books because in the exam they won’t ask you the values. Your exam is going to be conceptual. In case there will be any values than they are going to be the common ones. They will never ask about years or names of the scientists or anything like that. Even if they ever ask about the values than you would understand it any way. Just have a little faith.

Do not worry about A or O level books worry about the topic instead, if your concept is clear than what ever the question is you will know the answer and if you do not know the topic well that it does not matter from where the question is coming from. Make sure that the topics that you understand need no lecture revision and the ones you are not clear about should be given proper attention.

If you are planning to sit in next year MDCAT then study from your KPK text book and you can only come to Punjab on reciprocal seat which means that you still will have to get admission in your own province and then they can send you to Punjab and these are only a limited seat available.

Your score is good enough to get admission in public sector medical university in Pakistan, and as far as stress management is concerned, this is a game of nerves and the best way to manage stress is to prepare yourself for the worst and fight for the best, suppress your negative thoughts, when you accept the worst outcome, you achieve calmness and when you are calm then you can put your best foot forward. If you have negative thoughts such as I have limited time and so on then just say that I only have today in my hand and focus on the day in hand leave the rest of the thoughts aside. You can eliminate lot of stress by just staying in the present day.

Retain it and the parts that have been excluded, leave that aside.

If we talk about the private collages than the lowest you can expect is around 88 and some collages take donations and even can give you admission on lower marks as well. Some colleges charge 2 to 3 million extra and give you admission but in general it is 88% for the admission.

For public sector it is actually too high to be honest. For Lahore I would say it is close to 94% at least.

Confidence is directly related to practice. If you are practicing and you are doing it right, then it is confidence. Stay away from self-doubt and have self-belief. Have confidence in your self 85 right answers out of 100 is fine, do not stress over it. Your target should be that you need to attempt as many questions as possible, let me tell you a hard and fast rule. In next month or so attempt at least 800-1000 MCQs and learn from your mistakes. If you do that you will get admission and this is the whole secret. Just do this one thing and then if you score in FSC is 90% or above than you will get admission.

No, NUMS test is taken from a common syllabus that comes from all the text books collectively. It’s the national curriculum that form all the text books. I have seen them all and there is not much difference between those books. So, you better stick to your own text books.

It is usually remarkably low and around 75-80% you can get admissions in KPK and private sector.

Yes, we strongly suggest the past papers for preparations and we at TopGrade.Pk are feeding NUMS last four years past papers into the system.

Yes NUMS and National MDCAT 2020 syllabus is the same.

It mainly depends on your domicile, students from Federal have an opportunity to move to KPK so it all depends on your domicile.

There is a lot of inter college variation and it is not a set science and it determines based on many situations but a calculated guess is that it would be around 80 to 85% marks can get you admission.

Do not read any books in English, for English just TopGrade.Pk is more than enough. Does not matter if you are from Punjab, KPK or AJK you just need to see lectures, revision notes and MCQs from TopGrade and that should be enough. Try not to waste your time on any other source. You absolutely do not need to cram the lines you just attempt regular tests from TopGrade.Pk and learn from mistakes that’s all you need to do.

Punjab has its merit usually at higher side. Lowest is usually between 85% but I know lots of people who get the admission processed by going out of the way such as donations and what not. I know people who had 70-75% marks and they somehow managed to secure the admission somewhere. Its all about navigating the target.

As far as we know National MDCAT is applicable because if MCAT or provinces were still to take the entrance exam than there was not point giving the concept of National MDCAT. So in my opinion they will remove it from the website soon. In your best interest, you should focus on the National MDCAT and prepare for that. Logically speaking I do not think that only Sindh province can take a separate entry test. Other wise P.M.D.C would not recognize the collages that had not gone through the process. And if they are not recognized than those doctors would not be able to do the practice. There are a lot of places where conflict of interest is present but my final advice is that that’s fine if you would like to give test for MCAT but prepare yourself for National MDCAT at all costs.

We are going to handover the whole content to you guys and it would be up to you that if you would like to prepare for 8/12 or 16 hours a day. You can create as many tests as you like we have given you free limit. You can watch videos , lectures, listen to the revision notes, its not a big deal. This is the beauty of TopGrade.Pk that we tailor make the preparation accordingly.

You will need to purchase new one. National MDCAT course needed to be purchased.

No, even with Sindh there is a good possibility that they will start following soon. With Punjab there are absolutely no chances what so ever.

You need go to the website and call on the helpline they would guide you about this.

Now its 50% marks for Fsc, and 50% marks from MDCAT and you need at least 95 % aggregate now calculate yourself.

Yes, feel free to attempt all the full length papers and I will try to increase the limit from 5 to 10 actually.

promo automatically applies if you register before 12pm tomorrow and you would get the discount automatically. I have already instructed the team and they know that whoever is contacting us is due to the webinar.

you need to give the provincial test anyway because there is heavy competition in that field and you cannot rely on that since there is a chance that it might happen it might not. So provincial MDCAT is a must. After the notification from the government you will process your admission fee and everything.

Yes, you certainly can.

No, at least 8th November and chances are it could be delayed at least a couple of months. It is clearly stated that it would be the second week of November and it is not possible to get it done before November. You better prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Keep 8th November in your mind and do the preparation, if it delays than it is even better for you and you can gain extra advantage.

Yes, not in all but to some extent they can. There are no extra ordinary limitations for private institutions.

For the time being since time was very limited, we have created new accounts and you can join the new accounts for the National MDCAT 2020 and you need to join the new course. We cannot commit with you to update the existing accounts as there are technical limitations in this process and it was impossible to update all the student accounts in such short span of time so we have created a whole new course. Let me discuss with my team that what kind of quick solution we can provide for such issue and then we can let you know. Students who have KPK domicile can apply for some limited seats in Punjab University.

Well if the difficulty level increases than we need to keep in mind that due to the Covid situation, students have already got extra marks and over all marks of the students are better and on the higher side in FSC. So, that effect is going to be counter reacted. Means that if the merit was to increase further, this may not happen but we should not get ahead of time and the merit is going to be auto determined depending upon the relative performance of the students in the National MDCAT.