BDS Admission Criteria: Your Path to Dental Education
BDS Admission Criteria: Your Path to Dental Education

The term Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) is used. After completing their FSC, students can enroll in this four-year undergraduate dental program. A dentist treats and diagnoses conditions in the teeth. The field of dentistry deals with gums, jaws, teeth, and mouths. The key pre-medical course is MDCAT for BDS Admission Criteria. Students interested in this field or hoping to become dental surgeons have selected this degree program. Additionally, both MBBS and BDS are remarkably difficult and easy.

BDS Admission Criteria is difficult since it requires you to study with patience. Additionally, it need diligent mindset and supervises your patients. It’s important that you treat your patient gently. Dealing with a patient who has various problems relating to their teeth requires a great deal of patience.

What is my degree scope if I achieve BDS Admission Criteria?

The BDS degree is availed by aspirants who wish to work as dentists. A job as a dental surgeon is rewarding. In the realm of medicine, it is very important. Moreover, a decent job is offered with this degree. Both MBBS and BDS are excellent degrees.

In Pakistan, it is regarded as a noble occupation. Furthermore, this is the specialized study of issues pertaining to the gums, jaws, and teeth. In Pakistan, the range of BDS is flourishing.

The requirements for BDS Admission Criteria:

It was explained to all students interested in the five-year BDS program that every college or university has advantages of its own. Students must obtain the best possible MDCAT scores, while it is not necessary. However, there is a little excellence in the value of MDCAT for MBBS and BDS degrees. The following are the requirements for BDS Admission Criteria:

  • It is necessary to receive at least sixty-five percent (65%) on the FSC pre-medical, HSSC, or A-level exam.
  • Requires a minimum of 60% (120/200) on the National MDCAT 2024.
  • For BDS Admission Criteria, there is no upper or lower age restriction.
  • Students who passed the HAFIZ E QURAN test are also awarded the extra points.

MDCAT and BDS Admission Criteria:

The BDS Admission Criteria requires passing the National MDCAT. A candidate’s National MDCAT score must be at least 65% in order to be admitted. Medical and dental schools must implement this entrance exam to get admitted.

Variety of Subjects Investigated in BDS degree:

The four-year undergraduate BDS program requires students to study a wide range of subjects.  Following are some of the BDS subjects:

  • General Human Anatomy covering Histology and Embryology.
  • Oral histology and Dental Anatomy.
  • Dietetics, nutrition, and general human physiology and biochemistry
  • Dental material General and Dental Therapeutics and Pharmacology.
  • Oral Microbiology and Oral Pathology.
  • both general surgery and general medicine.
  • Dentofacial Orthopedics and Orthodontics
  • Periodontology.
  • Public Health Dentistry.

Takeaway points for BDS Admission criteria:

  • Public sector, medical, and dental institutes begin accepting applications following the release of the results of the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) Part 2 by all Punjabi intermediate and secondary education boards.
  • The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) administers the National MDCAT across the country, while the University of Health Sciences (UHS) handles the BDS admissions process after that.
  • Applications for qualified students, open merit, reserved seats, underprivileged areas, disabled students, reciprocal seats, children residing overseas, and those with dual nationality can be obtained from UHS.
  • The PMC bases its determination of merit on the candidate’s overall percentage and applies the identical standards for MBBS and BDS.

Which type of education facilitates BDS Admission criteria? is still the best online academy, as shown by its success, even though many other educational platforms provide better services. Because of this academy’s exceptional student assessments and competent training, they have used the best BDS Admission criteria resources available. Additionally, due to its wealth of resources, is unquestionably a better academic platform than others facilitating BDS Admission criteria.

Why Is Academy Better Than Other Schools?

How facilitates BDS Admission criteria?

These characteristics let differentiate themselves from other MDCAT prep schools:

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  • Take a brief look at the test study slides.
  • Practice with these multiple-choice questions to help you prepare for the MDCAT practice exam.
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In short, your performance will determine how well you study for the MDCAT in Pakistan. Additionally, passing this test will facilitate your pursuit of a BDS degree. However, fight the urge to let it terrify you. Rather, put in constant effort and utilize all of the available resources. ensures that you are ready for every scenario when it comes to BDS admission criteria and provides the best learning settings for its students. One of the finest things about is its support for social media mentoring. Furthermore, these incredibly knowledgeable mentors can help you succeed and make you able to fall on BDS admission criteria

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the merit of UHS MDCAT for BDS in Pakistan?
  • The MBBS merit and the BDS merit are still quite similar. The merits of an MBBS and a BDS differ slightly. Last year its merit for King Edward Medical University was closed at 94.2045.It was 93.5000 for Allama Iqbal Medical College. The minimal merit for DG Khan Medical College, D.G. Khan, was 91.5455. The closing merit for BDS is 91.7455 (Public Sector).
  • Q: How can I register with for BDS prep?
  • Using the search engine on Google or the button will allow you to find quickly and easily. Give your phone number and the information after the web portal has opened. Additionally, a fourteen-day trial period is offered. You might additionally download and install the app from the Play Store.
  • Q: How long does BDS last in Pakistan?
  • A: The academic program for the BDS program lasts four years.
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