UHS Affiliated Institutes

What is MDCAT? The medical and dental college admission test (MDCAT) is a mandatory test conducted each year by the university of health sciences (UHS) for admission to medical and dental colleges of Punjab. It is a prerequisite for the […]

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Study Plan for NMCAT

Follow this study plan for the best NMDCAT preparation Most average students prepare for NMDCAT in 3 months, after they are done with their intermediate exams. But some passionate students start studying as early as their first year in college. […]

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Score in MDCAT 2022

Must read if you want to score high in MDCAT 2022 We know that you are all eager to put the word “doctor” next to your name and wear white overalls. That’s understandable. But you, my friends, have to cross […]

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Registration Process for MDCAT 2022

The registration for MDACT 2022 has not started yet, but the procedure will be the same as last year. You can get access to the registration process and all the information regarding MDCAT through the website of PMC. Here’s […]

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Online Preparation for NMDCAT

Here is why you should opt for online prep for NMDCAT 2022 There are various reasons for choosing the online mode of preparation for NMDCAT, but first and foremost is the cost-effectiveness of online packages. They are cost-effective, but they […]

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MDCAT 2022

Planning to take NMDCAT in 2022, here is what you should know Let’s start with the basic information about this test. Eligibility Criteria for MDACT: Two kinds of students can apply for MDCAT, Pakistani nationals and overseas Pakistanis. The eligibility […]

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Online Entry Test Preparation

Get the Best Results from Online Entry Test Preparation In COVID-19 By Staying Safe at Home No one can brush-off the importance of self-study when it comes to Medical or Engineering entry test preparation. In these hard-times, it has become […]

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Online Entry Test

Prepare for Your Entry Test at Home Without Wasting Time and Saving Thousands of Rupees In Pakistan, it has become a trend to join the academy to get good marks in any exams. From Montessori, parents send their children to […]

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Top 7 Universities of Pakistan

It is worth to note that all the seven Pakistani universities occupying the list are based in either Lahore or Islamabad. Their names according to the rankings are: Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS): 397 National University of […]

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A) ECAT Date 2019 Engineering College admission test is going to be held on 14th of July 2019. B) The four combinations for entry test are given below: English, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry English, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science English, Physics, Mathematics, […]

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