May 3, 2019
Complete Guide for Students Appearing in Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT) 2019

A) ECAT Date 2019

Engineering College admission test is going to be held on 14th of July 2019.

B) The four combinations for entry test are given below:

  • English, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry
  • English, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science
  • English, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics
  • English, Physics, Biology, Chemistry

C) Subject-wise details:

  • English: 10 questions. The test for English subject will be comprehensive type. Alright, let’s put it this way. A paragraph will be given to the candidates and TEN multiple choice questions regarding the paragraph. The students would be required to answer the questions.
  • Physics: For the Physics portion, the number of questions will be 30. All the questions would be from the topics covered in F.Sc/ “A” Level/ DAE. The questions would be conceptual and students will have to solve the problems by making use of the skills and concepts they have learnt during the intermediate level studies. To be more specific, the questions would be taken from topics such as Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism, Work and Energy, etc. and adequate knowledge is something really, really necessary to take on the test.
  • Mathematics: Again the number of questions for Mathematics portion will be 30 and all of the questions would be asked from the topics covered in F.Sc/ “A” Level/ DAE. The questions would comprise problems from the topics including Differentiation, Integration, Linear Algebra, Trigonometry, etc. Candidates would be required to solve the given problems by using their concepts and skills learnt during the intermediate level studies.
  • Chemistry/ Computer Science/ Statistics: Number of questions for this portion will be the same i.e. 30. The students will be asked questions from the textbooks of F.Sc/ “A” Level/ DAE. Again, the candidates have to solve the problems using the conceptual skills and knowledge gained during the intermediate level studies.
  • Biology: 30 questions will be asked from the Biology portion. Entry test aspirants will have questions from the topics included in F.Sc/ “A” Level/ DAE. Candidates would be required to make use of their concepts and intellectual skills to answer all the problems asked in the test.

D) Marking of Entry Test Answer Sheet:

The marking mechanism for the entry test is given as under:

Correct Answer: 4 marks, Wrong Answer: -1 mark. No answer: 0 marks.

The marking mechanism of the entry test clearly shows there is negative marking as well so you need to keep a close eye on this factor as well. To put it simple, if a student has 40 correct answers on the board coupled with 40 wrong answers and 20 blanks, he/she has obtained the following marks: 40 x 4 + 40 x (-1) + 20 x (0) = 160 – 40 + 0= 120 marks out of maximum 400.

Entry Test Answer Sheet

E) Versions of question paper:

All the four versions of question paper will be comprised of the same questions, be that as it may, the subjects, questions and the numbering of answer choices would all be indiscriminately placed. For instance, one version of question paper may have English as the first subject (that is, question numbers 1 to 10) followed by Mathematics as the second (that is, question numbers 11 to 40). The other version may have Physics on the first place (that is, question numbers 1 to 30) and so on. The answer sheet given against each version would be different and the candidates will mark the answers on the sheet provided with their version.

F) The answer sheet will have a carbon copy sheet

In majority of the cases, the carbon copy sheet separates from the answer sheet. DO NOT try to attach it with the answer sheet at any cost. You may fill the carbon copy by hand separately for your record once you are done with your test.

G) Candidates MUST carry the following items ONLY:

  • Computerized CNIC, Matriculation or first year certificate coupled with a photograph, passport or a domicile certificate.
  • Computerized “B” form (In case the student is under 18 years of age)
  • Admit Card
  • Clean Clip Board.

H) Candidates are advised NOT to bring the following items with them:

Mobile Phone              Calculator                   Any material that’s helpful regarding test

Handbags                    Staplers

I) Why ECAT?

Entry test is a pre-requisite in order to apply for admission in UET Lahore or its affiliated colleges. Other public-sector institutions like Punjab University, UET Taxila, BZU Multan, and Islamia University Bahawalpur, Khawaja Fareed UEIT RYK, Punjab Tianjin University of Technology (PTUT) and some private institutions also demand the Combined Entry Test conducted by UET Lahore as a pre-requisite.

J) ECAT 2019 Validity

This Entry Test is valid for admission cycle 2019 only.

K) How to Prepare for Entry test

Well, if I am brutally honest, preparation of entry test is a real bear- no if, ands, or buts about it. For this reason, an in-depth knowledge and intellectual skills are a silver bullet. As entry test is conducted right after the intermediate exams, students don’t get much time to prepare themselves for the entry test. That being the case, one need to go with the pace. As far as academies are taken into account, the preparation mechanism is outdated as the teachers have to keep in view the picking power of all the students in the class. In doing so, they wouldn’t be able to cover the complete syllabus and go with the adequate pace. With that, some students cannot put up with the disturbance in jam-packed classes. In this scenario, online platform is the lifesaver.

ecat prep

When it comes to online entry test preparation, each candidate can go with the pace he is comfortable moving with. All the preparation material such as video lectures, questionnaires, practise test sessions etc. is within easy reach of every aspirant so that he can study anytime of the day as long as there is a stable internet connection. Not only this, candidates can keep tabs on their preparation and work on the weak topics along the way. As far as the cost of preparation through online platforms, it’s super affordable.

Now that you have given a look-see to the pros of online entry test preparation platforms, it depends on you how you take on the entry test preparation in a better way.

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