How to Best Utilize Your Time for ECAT Preparation in Last 17 Days
ECAT Preparation in Last 17 Days

The most Efficient way of Engineering Entry Test Preparation in less days

After the FSc exams, every student has to start thinking about his future plans. Either he wants to go for the medical or engineering. It depends on the choice and interest of the student. So, he must have to take a decision so that he can start preparing for the entry test.

Everyone tries to cover as much syllabus as they can so that he can revise it over and over again. All this struggle so that he can secure an admission in his desired university and carry on his academic career. But competition is getting tougher every year.

Preparing for an entry test is not an easy thing to do. You have to cover syllabus of all subjects in a short amount of time. It’s important for every student to know what to prepare and how to do it. They also need some guidance as they will go through these entry tests for the first time.

For the students who want to go for engineering after FSc, they have to go through an entry test known as ECAT. Many universities offer admissions on the basis of ECAT result. So, it is really important to get good marks in it.

Preparing for an Entry Test
Preparing for an Entry Test

ECAT preparation is not everyone’s cup of tea because it is way difficult than the FSC exams. So, every student has to work day and night and prepare for it. They join tuition centers or go for different classes that prepare them for the entry test. But still many students don’t secure the admission just because they didn’t get the assistance that they deserved.

To overcome these hurdles of the students, has come out to help all the students for the preparation of ECAT test.

What has done to help you? has started their own program in which they facilitate with the students with all the guidance and material that student is needed for the preparation of his entry test. We’ve developed the whole structural course that a student can follow and get good marks in the ECAT. The things that we’ve done during the making of this course are as follow.

  • We’ve analyzed the trend of all subjects from the past papers. We’ve checked all the past papers from last 10 years and see if the same kinds of topic are being repeated over the time. This gave us the idea of which important topics that ECAT will try to hit for the entry test.
  • We’ve interviewed all the toppers from previous years’ ECAT tests. We’ve gathered the useful information that will be needed for the students. We’ve asked them about their learning process, time table, different ways to approach all the subjects and time management techniques so that we can facilitate other students with all these useful tips.
  •  After analyzing all the past papers and interviews, we’ve devised a framework in which a student can learn different strategies on how he can approach all the subjects. Also, this framework will also help you with the time management in your test so that you won’t waste all of your time on a few questions.
  • After that, we’ve prepared a special time schedule from which a student can prepare for his entry test. This schedule will tell you what to do and how to do which will keep you in the loop without getting distracted.

 What will you do in 17 days’ course?

This course is especially designed for those students who wants to prepare for the whole test in less than a month. This 17 days course contain every past paper question, time schedule, important notes and important lectures from our faculty members, which will give you the guidelines about the whole entry test process. Let’s see what we will do in this 17 days course.

  • Study for 175 hours

In this span of 17 days, you’ll study for 175 hours which becomes around 10 hours and 20 minutes per day. The sole purpose of giving almost half of the day to studying is that students can grab all the concepts and then try to solve all the questions on their own. This will help them in their preparation as well as their time management as well.

ECAT Preparation
ECAT Preparation

In the time table we’ll provide, the topics of every subject is categorized into different parts depending on their importance in entry test. Also, we have mentioned the time that each topic will take in terms of solving the questions. So by following the time table, students will be able to cover the whole course in this short amount of time before exam.

  • Solve around 20 thousand MCQs

With this course, we’ll provide you the access to our special question bank at from which you solve multiple-choice questions of every subjects. All these questions are taken from the past papers or made by our qualified teachers for the students. Each question will be enough to test your knowledge as well your analytical thinking.

With every question, there is a brief detail given below it so that students can understand the solution if they get stuck on a question. By following the time-table, students can solve these questions while understanding the concepts at the same time.

  • Learn from your mistakes

While studying and solving all these questions, there is a great chance that you’ll give some answers wrong or leave the question and move on to the next one because you didn’t understand the concept. With course, you can attempt a questions as many times as you want. If you get stuck on some question, then you can find its solution just below the same page.

Students can skip a question then come back later to it and try to solve it again. Our question bank will monitor your progress and tell you the percentage of correct answers as well. This will help you to see your weakest link and then you can work on it. It means you can learn from your mistakes and try to make it right in many attempts.

  • Watch video lectures and read FRN

Our aim is to help students to get a good grip on all the concepts as well as help the m to memorize all the info so that they can use it in their entry test. If you get confused with a concept then we want you to take a video lecture about it to make your concepts clear. Just remember that don’t waste your valuable time on unimportant topics. Always keep yourself updated with the time table.

Find the important topic from the time table and then take a video lecture about it. This will save your time with other unnecessary topics. You can also read FRN (Final review notes) to understand the important concepts of that subject.

Preparation of ECAT Test
Preparation of ECAT Test

These notes are especially designed with all the important topics and concepts mentioned in it. You can read these notes and get all the understanding you need related to that topic. Final review notes will also be available at website along with question bank. You will be able to access with your account that will be provided by our team.

  • Take one day free

This 17 days is not meant to be hard on you. Our first and foremost goal is to provide all the facilities and guidance that you need while not making you fed up with all the work. For this, we will allow you take a full day off. On that day, you won’t study anything or prepare for your test. All you will do is rest and freshen up your mind.

Since, you will have to study 10 to 11 hours straight every day for 2 weeks, then it’s important for you to take a break from all this stress as well. We have already mentioned the day that you’ll take off in the time table. With all this hard work, you also deserve some rest as well. This will ventilate your mind again and you’ll be good to go again.

  • Take FLPs for test taking strategies

In the 17 days, we’ll try to test you as well with 5 FLPs (Full length papers). These full length papers are designed by our qualified faculty which will take a brief test of your knowledge that you’ve gained from our course. These papers will also give you an idea that how you will perform your exam in the entry test by managing the time.

First FLP will be conducted on the first day of the course so that you can see the position on which you’re standing with your studies. It’s alright if you don’t perform well in it. It’ll show you your weaknesses so that you can work on them in the next 17 days. Other 4 FLPs will be conducted according to the time-table. These FLPs are made just like a legit ECAT exam which will give you a brief idea before the entry test.

  • Revise most important content one day before exam

A day before the entry test exam, you’ll only read and memorize the important content from the FRNs and question bank. You’ll try to memorize all the important symbols along with their constant values which will be used in many MCQs. You’ll also go through all the important topics and concepts one last time so that you can refresh all the info in your mind.

We’ll also conduct a live session in that day which will be the most important thing of the whole course and you must have to attend it. In this session, we’ll give you all the tips and tricks about exam approach, time management, important formulas and tricky questions and how to solve them. This session will be the last step for the preparation of your ECAT exam. With, we’ll monitor all of your progress and the time you spent on studying the course and attempting the questions. You can check all your statics by clicking on your profile. This feature is especially for the parents so that they can keep checking on their child’s progress. We want to make sure that your parents must get to know your progress because they’ve done everything for you.

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