Tips for Better Time Management While Preparing for Entry Test
Preparing for Entry Test

Manage Your Time in Best Way Possible to Achieve Maximum Success

In our daily life, students spend most of their time in other leisure activities rather than in studying. Many students pick new hobbies while growing and start prioritizing it over their studies. They just care about their hobbies more than the future and once they start realizing their mistakes, it’s usually too late.

How to manage time for the entry test preparation

Before starting the entry test preparation, you need to understand how to manage your time so that you can give maximum hours to your studies.

A student’s routine can be divided into four parts which include his hobbies as well.

Urgent and Important

The first part includes the tasks that a student has to do in a time period because they’re important to him. These tasks must be done in time or he has to face consequences in the future. So, he has to take time out of his life to perform all these tasks.

These tasks include taking online classes to understand a concept, applying for the university admission on the last day, preparing for the exam one day prior, taking an exam or a test, submitting the project on last day and perform certain tasks before deadline etc. All these important tasks must be completed on time or it’ll affect student’s grades or careers.

Non-urgent and important

The second part includes the tasks that a student doesn’t have to complete in a time period but still they’re important for him. These tasks are not bound to any time period but it doesn’t make them less important. If he doesn’t do these tasks, it can damage his reputation as well his career.

These tasks include planning to try studying from different sources, trying to learn some new skills, making a time table for the whole day, your relationship building with other fellows, exploring new things, doing exercise for your good health and finding new opportunities for the future. These tasks are not meant to be done instantly but a student must do it for his better future.

Urgent and non-important

This is the third part which includes the tasks that are not important to him but he does it at the moment for a long time. He spends his precious time which should be used on 1st and 2nd part of his routine but he is just using it on the leisure things.

These tasks include phone calls or messages from close friends, meet up with relatives and friends, gossiping, staying awake late at night for no reason and going to family ceremonies. These tasks do affect a student’s life by wasting his time for these activities.

Non-urgent and Non-important

The last part of a student’s routine includes the tasks that are not important to him and that doesn’t need his important time but he still spends his time on these tasks. Most of the students spend their daily routine in this part. They just waste their time in ease without thinking about their futures.

These tasks include watching movies and series, playing video games all the time, using social media apps and using internet for no reason. Due to these tasks, students give the time that is important for 1st and 2nd part routine, to these useless activities.

Now, what happen is, that students spend most of his days in doing 3rd and 4th part routine and they forget about the first two part’s routine. This affects their life as a whole. They start losing interest in their studies and other healthy activities which eventually make them lazy.

It means that 3rd and 4th part of routine causes an emergency situation to perform 1st part tasks and they just don’t get enough time for the 2nd part activities. This ruin the whole-time table of the student and he ended up missing many tasks from the 1st part as well.

After being done with the FSc exams, a student has a lot of free time. So, they start using it in the impractical hobbies instead of preparing for the university admission exam. This irresponsible approach often results getting no admission in any university and losing a whole year of academic career.

So, in order to live a successful life, a student needs to get rid of tasks or activities that are causing an emergency state in his life. He should get rid of all the tasks from the 3rd and 4th part and use this time in doing 1st and 2nd part routine tasks.

To do this a student must need to learn how he can manage the 24 hours of his day so that he can be productive and successful at the same time. Here are some tips that a student can use to manage his daily life routine and prepare for the entry test exams.

Tips for time management during entry test prep

  1. Get rid of all-time wasters in your life

The first thing you need to do is get rid of all the tasks, hobbies and activities that are very time consuming without having any benefits. These activities are only meant to waste your important time that you should be using for your preparations. Ditching all these activities will give you more time that you can use for studying and other productive tasks.

If there is an activity that you can’t get rid of and you want to do it to refresh your mind. Then, choose 15 to 20 minutes of your day in which you’ll do that activity. This will also help you not to get over-burdened with all the study. But make sure you do that activity only a very small period of time.

Learn to prioritize, plan, monitor and execute

The second thing you need to do is prioritize the tasks that you need to do for your exams or your daily life. Take a moment and think about the tasks that needs to be done. See which is more important and urgent to do. After prioritizing, plan to do that important task first and then go for the other ones. If you plan do it, then be persistent about it and try to complete it no matter what the situation is.

After planning, try to execute the task. No matter how hard and time consuming it is, you must be determined enough to complete it. Don’t back off from it or it’ll influence on your will power for the future tasks. If you can’t complete it one day, then leave it there and try again next day.

If you can’t execute the task, then monitor your progress and approach before going to sleep. See what you can do to complete this task so that you can be ready for tomorrow. If you completed it, then try to monitor the progress from the last night. It will help you to create some goals and once you start achieving them, you can reach to your main goal that is success.

Make a time table schedule before sleeping

The third thing that you should do before going to sleep is, sit for a while, think about your tasks that you have to complete tomorrow and make a time table around it on a paper or a whiteboard. Keep it in front of your table or tape it to the wall so when you wake up, you have all the tasks that you have to do in front of your eyes.

Try to complete all the tasks one by one in the selected period of time. Try to save time from each task so that you can give this extra time to your studies or the other complicated task. After completing one task, cross it from the paper and go for the other task. Keep in mind that spare some time from your day for the prayers. You can’t be successful if you don’t bow down in front of your Allah and ask for his help.

Start day early in the morning

The fourth thing that you can do is try to get up earlier than everyone else and complete your tasks as soon as possible. You can wake up at the time of Tahajjud, and then go to do your tasks. This will make you punctual and perfectionist.

Waking up earlier than everyone else gives you an edge of performing all the study without getting disturbed and distracted by anyone else. You can complete all of your tasks before everyone’s awake. You can take a nap in afternoon after completing all of your tasks. The extra time you can use in your complicated tasks.

Start your day with the most challenging task

The fifth thing you can do is start your day with doing the most complicated task of the day. If you’re no good at math and you have to cover a lot of syllabus in short time, then start your day by doing math. No matter how much time does it take, if you complete it then you can go for the easier ones and complete them quickly.

Giving the first time to your complicated task allows you to use fresh mind on more complicated things which can help you to perform task more efficiently.

Perform easiest tasks at the end of day

You can do the easiest tasks at the end of the day. These easy tasks don’t take much energy so you can do it before going to sleep. These tasks include ironing your clothes, cleaning your room, taking a shower and polishing your shoes etc. You can be ready for the next day even before going to sleep by performing these tasks.

Ask for someone’s help

Another thing you can do is if you’re doing a complicated task and you get struck on something you can ask for someone’s assistance. You should try to do it on your own but if things are way too difficult for you and taking most of the time of your day, then you can go to your siblings, fellow friend or your teacher and ask their help.

It’s not a bad thing to ask for someone’s help if you can’t do certain things. But try to make sure you also help the others when they need your help.

Learn to say “NO”

While doing your time table tasks, if someone tries to disturb you then say no to him. You tell him that you’ll give them a proper time but right now, they should leave you alone so that you can perform your tasks with all the concentration.

You can fix a separate time from your schedule in which you have to give your time to your family and friends and help them to do their tasks. But don’t let them ruin your time table by interfering their own tasks in it. If they try to do it then say No to their face.

Use technology to its fullest

Everyone is surrounded by technology these days. You can use this technology for your own welfare. You have a mobile and internet. You can use it to find videos related to your course and learn about it more briefly just by watching them. You can research about related topics which will increase your general knowledge.

MDCAT Entry Test Preparation

For entry test prep, you can find hundreds of MDCAT past papers on the internet. Use them for the MDCAT entry test preparation. Internet is filled with knowledge. All you have to do is find it.

Be organized

An important thing you can do is be organized while doing multiple tasks. There is a saying that “A messy desk shows a messy mind”. It means that if your study table or your surroundings are not organized then your brain is also not organized and it’s not working productively.

You should always keep yourself organized so that you don’t have to find the things and get distracted from your task. It will also help you in your career and future.

Have a visible clock in front of you

The next thing you can do is, keep a clock in front of your eyes so that you can monitor your time while performing a task. Keep your time table and clock side by side which will help you to see the task you have to do in the next hours. You won’t be able to miss any of your task because you kept everything in front of your eyes. Also keep yourself updated with the prayers’ times so that you won’t miss it.

Batch similar task together

Another thing you can do is if you’re going outside and you have a lot of outdoor tasks to do, then you can do it all by going out once rather than going again and again. It will help you to save a lot of time and also you won’t get distracted after completing all the task.

Choose a time from your time table and go outside to pick up some groceries, submit all the utility bills, meet with your friends and do other tasks altogether so when you come home, you can go back to your studies and finish it on time.

Always be calm and cool

The next thing you can do is keep yourself calm in difficult situation. If you get stuck on something and you’re wasting a lot of time on it, don’t lose your control over it. Be calm and try to do it again. Take some time off and then get back to it with a fresh mind. Don’t waste your time on the useless things. Be productive and use your energy in productive things which will help you in the future.


Last but not least, always be focused on your goals. If you made up your mind to do something then be persistent with it. You can follow all the above tips in your life if you’re focused on your aim. Success doesn’t come easily. You have to work hard for it. If you start losing focus on something, then take a short break from it, come back and try to do it again. Just don’t lose hope. Stick to your time table and don’t let anyone disturb it for you. Once you set your eyes on your aim, nobody can stop you from achieving it.

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