How to Prepare UHS MDCAT in 100 Days (for Repeaters)
How to Prepare UHS MDCAT in 100 Days

Causes of Failure in MDCAT and Solutions and Full 10 Day Entry Test Preparation Plan

Before starting your MDCAT preparation, you need to consider the causes of failure in MDCAT and then we’ll provide appropriate solution for them. So, let’s delve into them one by one:

Top 10 Causes of failure in MDCAT and their Solutions

1# Social Pressure

Due to the typical social pressure imposed on every student, it has become major barrier in the way of success. Most of the parents decide the fate of their children without trying to know the interests of their children. The students start fearing about failure in accomplishing the goals which even they have not set. As fear is not good for grades, as a result they fail the exams.


The only solution for this failure is to learn to follow your own heart and just follow the path which leads to your interests. The life is yours, so spend it in your own way. Steve Jobs has rightly said: “Your life is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s dream.”

Remember you have to satisfy your own self and make your parents feel proud of you. So, believe in yourself and “Don’t listen to the Naysayers” (Arnold). Follow your passion and you’ll see everything will become easy and enjoyable for you.

2# Low Score in F.Sc

Low score in F.Sc/A-level leads to poor effort as most of the students assume that having low score in F.Sc/A-level will come in the way of getting admission in their dreamed Medical Institute. They start doubting themselves and don’t prepare well for UHS MDCAT and get failed.


Firstly, believe in your own strength and be realistic. There are examples of million students who were at margins in F.Sc but manage to secure admission in public Medical Universities by preparing well for MDCAT. So, put all your efforts in MDCAT and let the stats decide for you!

3# Fear of Failing

It’s a very common cause of failure that students even before taking initiation start thinking about getting failed. When you lack confidence before getting into the competition, the failure becomes your ultimate doom.


First of all, you need not be afraid of anything. Remember, Success is not final and failure is not fatal. You cannot stop your journey if you get the success and similarly failure can’t inflict death. What counts is the Courage to Continue!

On the off chance, you couldn’t manage to get admission, no worries! There are hundreds of other fields to step in. Bear in mind “The person who has no courage to face failure, he has no right to achieve success” (Dr. Muazzam Manzoor)

4# Non-Serious Attitude, Over Confidence, Laziness, Poor Focus

It’s quite simple to understand that if you are not taking any exam of life seriously, you will never be successful. It is because of the fact that if you have no “will” to get something, you will never get it.

Mostly, students have not made up their minds to start their entry test preparation. Along the same line, over-confidence creates a barrier in the way of working hard, eventually students get fail.

Similarly, due to the laziness and not working hard at the right time, students have to face failure. Such students cannot focus on what the time needs and waste their time exploring other trivial stuff. This type of students put their cause of failure to others and try to justify themselves.


This junk of problems come with a simple solution. You must learn to take responsibility of your own actions. You are going to become a doctor or an engineer, so all efforts must be yours.

You have to keep yourself on the track. So, in case of entry test preparation, you have to consider it as a life changing test and take proper responsibility to clear it with all your efforts.

5# Lack of Vital Skills

There are some skills which play an important role in getting your hands on success and securing a bright future. These include, book reading, time management, stress/pressure management and test taking skills etc. Lack of these vital skills result in the failure of any upcoming exam.


Well, you should always crave to make yourself better. Try to find out convenient ways to complete a particular task. Gradually, the aforementioned skills will become a part of your personality.

6# Not learning from Mistakes

Another big issue that students make is the repetition of mistakes. Let’s take the example of entry test. In-depth research has proven that majority of students commit a particular mistake again and again due to which they get fail in their exam every year. So, if you want something different to happen, you’ll have to do the things differently.


Make a list of your mistakes you have made in your last year exam and plan how to overcome these blunders. Mistakes happen, that’s life.  But, repeating the same mistake is stupidity. For instance, if you take a test and get poor marks, you need to figure out few things i.e. whether you didn’t listen to the lecture carefully or you were unable to revise and clear the concepts. So, make the list to make your preparation better.

As an entry test aspirant, your dedication lies in the fact that how well you anticipate the problems which you are going to face in your entry test exam and you prepare for those problems.

7# Lack of Planning/ Poor Planning

Students don’t make plan for what they are going to do or make such plans which don’t work properly. Some students just start preparing for the entry test and don’t consider the proper planning for it and get fail.


Students need to plan wisely. Remember! An hour of planning can save 10 hours of doing. So, planning can pave away your path towards success.

First of all, analyze yourself, your strengths, weaknesses and concepts and make a list of all of them. Then, make a proper plan to work on your weaknesses and then start preparation. Repeat this cycle again and again till you get 100% sure of your perfection.

8# Selection of Poor Study Resources

Majority of students in the recent past claim that, they had adopted poor study resources (institute, instructor, books and live classes) due to which they failed.


Students need to do lots of research before choosing any study resource. Don’t follow the trend! If people are rushing towards a specific institute, don’t follow the same trail. In MDCAT, only those students get selected who prepare differently and quite well. Believe in your guts. Choose the best instructor and institute to pass with flying colours.

Without over garnishing. is the only vigilant platform that offers a robust hierarchical system to prepare for MDCAT or any other entry test exam.

Simply join and rest be assured of getting maximum marks in your entry test exam.

9# Friends

Friends can help you figure out problems and only friends can be responsible for your failure. Sometimes, students make such friends who are neither ambitious nor they would be able to get admission in any reputed Medical Institute. If you have friends that only de-track you, then gear up to face the failure.


When it comes to make friends, be careful!

Surround yourself with people who make you a better person. So, your friends should help you with any problem you are facing during preparation of your test rather becoming a problem themselves.

10# Not having Strict Study Schedule

Some students don’t feel it necessary to make strict study schedule and start their preparation abruptly. As a result, they fail.


Spare your time to make a proper schedule and stick to it. For your convenience, you can also follow 100 days study schedule which will help you cover all your MDCAT syllabus in just three months.

To sum up, every single student is “Trapped.” Some students have knowledge problems, some lack skills and some are lazy.

The Ultimate Solution to all Problems

The ultimate solution to cope all of your problems is to “be ruthlessly, absolutely, intellectually honest and develop an Attitude to Learn.”

Now let’s delve into the plan for preparing MDCAT in 100 days:

Preparing for MDCAT with in 100 days

We’ve developed a structured schedule for 100 days dividing the whole course in 6 sections.

In the first section, you’ll have ample time to learn a single topic. But as you’ll move ahead, the time span will gradually shrink.

The first section comprises of 66 days coaching session accompanying teaching and testing. In this period, 2 Full Length Practice Exams (FLPs) will be taken.

The second section or 2nd Revision is known as Test session comprising of 19 days. During this time, topic-wise tests will be taken.

The 3rd Revision is also a test session of around 5 days. In this section, you will undergo quarterly syllabus tests.

Note: On every Sunday, you’ll be given freedom to revise the previous syllabus.

The 4th revision consists of 2 days in which half syllabus tests will be conducted.

The 5th revision again comprises of 5 days and in this time period, you’ll be giving Full Syllabus Tests in accordance with the total number of subjects.

The 6th and last Revision will be your mock MDCAT exams which are 3 Full Length Practice Exams.

This 100-day plan is quite practical and you can prepare well following this plan. It will require 8 hours of self-study only without wasting your time. In a nutshell, is a consistently effective way which significantly improves your chances of success-no ifs and or buts about it.

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