UHS Affiliated Institutes

What is MDCAT? The medical and dental college admission test (MDCAT) is a mandatory test conducted each year by the university of health sciences (UHS) for admission to medical and dental colleges of Punjab. It is a prerequisite for the […]

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Preparation for MDCAT

The Complete 100 days plan of preparing for MDCAT entry test online Before starting the preparation for MDCAT, you need to understand how to read your book and prepare from it. There is a method known as SQ-3R-T, by which […]

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How to Prepare UHS MDCAT in 100 Days

Causes of Failure in MDCAT and Solutions and Full 10 Day Entry Test Preparation Plan Before starting your MDCAT preparation, you need to consider the causes of failure in MDCAT and then we’ll provide appropriate solution for them. So, let’s […]

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Subject Wise Guidelines For UHS MDCAT Preparation & Intro to TopGrade Power Play Series

UHS MDCAT Preparation expert Dr. Muazzam Manzoor explains the best strategic preparation methods UHS MDCAT is approaching in couple of months time. Strategic preparation is something that can help you achieve your goal of success.’s MDCAT specialist Dr. Muazzam […]

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Free Webinars by

Attend these free webinars for Pakistani Students is committed to the betterment of students. We are organizing a series of webinars which anyone can attend for free. We invite the experts in education who will guide you through the […]

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How to Prepare for UHS MDCAT in 100 days

University of Health and Sciences conducts Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) for admission in MBBS and BDS in various public and private medical colleges across Punjab. Students who want to get admission in any public or private medical […]

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MDCAT Syllabus 2019

In a recent meeting of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, it has been decided that all provinces must bring forth certain syllabus for medical and dental colleges’ entrance examination. Keeping in view the instructions of PM&DC, UHS has announced the […]

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9 tips

MDCAT seems monster to every student going through its preparation and it’s a big test conducted by UHS every year. Almost 3000 students get selected by UHS to become future doctors or a future of Pakistan. It is basically a […]

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