Mistakes to Avoid in NMDCAT Preparation 2022
Mistakes to avoid in NMDCAT preparation 2022

Don’ts of NMDCAT preparation

While preparing for NMDCAT, students try their hardest to secure full marks in the test, but even the most brilliant students sometimes fail. Students don’t realize that there are specific tactics and tricks needed to secure good marks and inevitable mistakes that you should avoid. Our experts at TopGrade.pk has come up with a list of mistakes that you should avoid at all cost while preparing for NMDCAT.

By depending completely on your teacher:

Remember that your teachers and tutors are here only to guide you; you shouldn’t rely on them completely. Exercise your critical thinking skills and comprehension abilities by putting in the effort.

Employing passive study strategies instead of active strategies:

Some examples of passive study strategies include revising notes provided by teachers, highlighting stuff, re-reading a topic over and over to understand. Try replacing them with active strategies like preparing your own notes, testing yourself, using flashcards. Bonus: try teaching what you learned to someone else.

Not working on improving your test-taking skills:

Takings tests is an essential part of improving your total NMDACT score. Merely memorizing and understanding concepts will not take you anywhere. It would help if you analyzed your retention ability by taking timed tests.

Not revising what you know already:

 Being overconfident is not always a good idea. Even if you are confident that you know a particular topic, you must revise it before the final exam. In fact, revise everything before the test so it will stay fresh in your memory.

Cramming rather than understanding:

NMDCAT tests your grasp of the concepts along with your critical thinking skills. You cannot succeed by just cramming, as it is relatively ineffective and helps you temporarily only. Research has proven that students who learn by understanding concepts are high achievers compared to those who cram.

Being too self-dependent and not asking for help:

It is okay to admit that we all need help sometimes. Some students don’t ask for help when they face difficulty understanding a topic because they find it embarrassing. Your mentors and friends are there to help you. This egoistic attitude and stubbornness will cost you good grades on the test.

Negative thinking:

The consequence of negative self-talk is a sensitive topic that often doesn’t get talked about enough. How you think affects how you behave. We understand that it is very intimidating to embark on a journey, especially when there is a lot of competition. You should have faith in yourself and continue working hard with full attention and dedication. Eventually, you will succeed in achieving your goal.

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