Preparing for AKU Medical Entrance Exam with
Preparing for AKU Medical Entrance Exam with

The innovative AKU has raised the standard of living for a lot of students. In addition, they aim to produce exceptional leaders and highly educated mentors for the nation. They undoubtedly have much higher expectations for educators. Regretfully, it is hard for other universities to compete with them. It has always been challenging to pass the medical entrance exam for this university. It would help if you ate iron pellets to ace the AKU Medical Entrance Exam.

In summary, obtaining a medical degree from Aga Khan University (AKU) has long been a goal for those aspiring; however, only some can realize this ambition. However, I’ll take you through a few steps so you can realize your dream of riffling through the AKU Medical Entrance Exam.

What Is the AKU Medical Entrance Exam?

The goal of any medical student is to earn an MBBS from Aga Khan University. However, getting accepted into this esteemed institution is a challenging feat. The university administers the AKU Medical Entrance Exam annually for undergraduate admissions. The test’s sole objective is to assess your comprehension of the given material and your grasp of concepts. Fortunately, it is challenging but not impossible.

All academically qualified candidates may apply to the program regardless of their gender, religion, race, creed, color, or place of residence. Moreover, students from all over Pakistan and the world may apply.

Why is AKU a dream college for medical aspirants?

The Aga Khan University is a trailblazing center for higher learning and research that seeks to raise living standards within and outside developing nations. Undoubtedly, they create knowledge that can save lives, train future leaders, and set an example that elevates standards in the communities they serve. Moreover, their efforts involve empowering women and the underprivileged, promoting pluralism, and collaborating with globally recognized institutions to tackle issues impacting millions of individuals.

Who Can Take the AKU Medical Entrance Exam?

The eligibility requirements to take the AKU Medical Entrance Exam are as follows:

  • Candidates must have finished at least six subjects at the Ordinary Level (O-Level), including English, chemistry, biology, and physics.
  • Superior Level (A-Level) requires at least a “B grade” in the three disciplines. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are required subjects.
  • A minimum score of 70% on the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) in the pre-medical group.

What Is the Format of the AKU Medical Entrance Exam?

  • The AKU test consists of five sections with marks of 100.
  • Different subjects have different numbers of questions.
  • Time Allowed for this is 2 hours.
  • Biology (20 MCQs)
  • Chemistry (20 MCQs)
  • Physics (20 MCQs)
  • Science reasoning (20 MCQs)
  • Mathematics reasoning (20 MCQs)

Total time: The Total Time for the AKU TEST will be 2 hours

Total Marks: Total marks for the AKU Entry Test will be 100

What Is the AKU Medical Entrance Exam Difficulty Level?

Well, the AKU Entry Test is typically complicated. The exam is competitive. Moreover, this test is designed to identify the top students who will become doctors. Only multiple-choice questions (MCQs) come in three varieties and are asked in the AKU Entry Test.

  • Questions Based on Memory: Straight from the books, these are based on memory.
  • Analysis-Based Questions: The ideas in the books are the basis for these questions.
  • Questions Based on Applications: Application-based questions are relevant to actual circumstances.

Which Academy Will Help Me Score Highly on the AKU Medical Entrance Exam?

Over time, more and more students interact with an online learning environment. Furthermore, many online academies offer preparation assistance. Definitely, students have needed help finding a reliable academic platform. is the most critical educational website that can solve all your issues. Their stellar student reviews further reinforce your confidence in them.

Why is performing better than other academies for the AKU Medical Entrance Exam?

The following characteristics set apart from other AKU Medical Entrance Exam preparation academies:

  • Great lectures accessible via the internet
  • An overview of the internet tools that can be used to get ready for the AKU Medical Entrance Exam
  • Extended practice tests; past studies on specific subjects
  • A glance through the test study slides.
  • Practice answering multiple-choice questions with these to get ready for the AKU Medical Entrance Exam.
  • Arrange webinars about AKU Medical Entrance Exam Reach’s medical programs.
  • During your AKU Medical Entrance Exam preparation, speak with individuals face-to-face about any uncertainties you may have.
  • Constant access to the entire entry test preparation curriculum, as mapped out by the most recent AKU Medical Entrance Exam syllabus.
  • The setup that offers the most significant cost savings

What benefits did offer candidates taking the AKU Exam?

Gaining confidence is unquestionably the first step toward perfection. Developing one’s abilities via education, experience, learning, social interaction, and accurate forecasting can strengthen one’s faith. Your enjoyment level influences your confidence.


Without a doubt, the AKU Medical Entrance Exam is challenging. Students should start preparing for the AKU Entry Test as soon as possible. Candidates should study for both the FSC and the AKU Medical Entrance Exam simultaneously because the number of applicants for both tests is increasing yearly. Early preparation will increase your chances of being admitted. Your chances of passing the dreaded AKU Medical Entrance Exam will rise if you strategically prepare before taking it. You will perform better if you are qualified for both exams simultaneously.

The only educational resource that provides simultaneous FSC and AKU Medical Entrance Exam preparation is They will polish your abilities to raise your admissions prospects.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Q: Is MDCAT required to take the AKU exam?
  • A: To be admitted to AKU, you must take the NMDCAT exam.
  • Q: What is the entire registration process for the AKU Medical Entrance Exam?
  • A: At AKU, the deadlines for submitting applications vary annually. The application process is open from April through July. Please verify the dates on their official website and register yourself under the guidelines provided.
  • Q: To prepare for the AKU Medical Entrance Exam, how can I sign up with
  • A: To quickly find, use Google or the search bar. After the website opens, kindly enter the requested data and your phone number. Fortunately, a fourteen-day free trial is also offered. The app is also available for download from the Play Store.
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