Preparing for the NUST Entry Test: A Comprehensive Guide
NUST Entry Test

The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) is one of Pakistan’s leading and pioneer universities. This university has many campuses, and its main campus is in Islamabad. They offer multiple undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs for the students. Getting admission to NUST is not an easy task because of the saturation of students. Their merit is going up every passing year. They have an excellent question bank, which has diverse questions for testing students’ abilities in their entry test.
NUST entry test preparation requires your determination and pure focus. Here, I will give a comprehensive guide for preparing for this test.

Preparation for NUST Entry Test

Start your preparation preliminary:

Start your NUST entry test preparation as soon as possible. Save your time because the NUST entry test is a tough exam, and you need proper time for your preparation. You should join an academy for this cause.

Join a well-known academic platform:

You must rely on something other than your self-study because you have FSC background knowledge where we used to cram things. Now, you have to change your approach, changing your way of study to conceptual thinking. For this, you should join an academic platform known for NUST entry test preparation. is one of the best academic platforms that helps you in concept building because they have experienced and highly qualified teachers. You can practice MCQS from their question bank.

Follow NUST syllabus:

NUST gives a syllabus for every respective degree. Follow that syllabus and avoid distractions to keep you on track to achieve your goal. You can access it via or their own website.

Improve your time management:

Time management is a key factor on exam day, where many students fail because they don’t have control over their nerves. Most students come with the required preparation, but time management might be the issue they face, which causes them to fail. has also got you covered in this situation because they have set timers on each MCQ so students can judge their abilities.

Bona fide study material:

Helping books and MCQS practice material should be authentic because this makes you better grab concepts from your textbooks. Your sequence for preparing a topic should be as follows:

  • Read your lecture notes
  • Go deeply through a textbook
  • Practice MCQS from your helping materials.
  • has an outstanding question bank for their students. These questions are according to the exam pattern, and every question is given with its explanation and reference.

Increase your counts of revisions for NUST Entry Test:

In humans, short-term memory lasts for hours only; after this, you start forgetting things you have learned. So, the solution is to increase your number of revisions and convert your short-term memory into long-term memory, which lasts way longer. You can make short revision notes during your NUST entry test preparation, which will help you one day before the exam to get a quick revision of the complete syllabus.

Take care of your health:

Health should be of prime importance because if your health is compromised, it will affect your studies. Follow these things:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Take proper sleep; an ideal sleep should be 6-7 hours during your preparation tenure.
  • Take a proper meal on time.

Set a proper timetable for NUST Entry Test:

Make a proper timetable and give more time to your weak areas in the preparation. Focus more on the portion that has high marks weightage in the exam. Avoid wasting your precious time.

Go through NUST’S past papers:

The NUST entry test is based mostly on conceptual questions, and students should have prior experience with past papers before the exam. Past papers will help them judge the theme of the NUST questions bank. There might be a possibility of repetition of some MCQS.

Keep yourself motivated for NUST Entry Test:

You can achieve any goal if you are motivated. Don’t get demotivated seeing your fellows preparing better during NUST entry test preparation; keep working on yourself and improving yourself. Avoid talking with friends and relatives who demotivate you, saying that you cannot achieve your goals.
You can watch motivational videos online, either on YOUTUBE or top grade, to keep yourself motivated. has also shared their students’ success stories on their website.

Boost your confidence for NUST Entry Test:

Make strong concepts and clear confusions you face while taking a lecture. Note down your mistakes while practicing MCQS and learn from your mistakes. Your confidence level depends on your preparation. You can better control your nerves on exam day if you have worked hard during your NUST entry test preparation.


Getting admission to NUST is a dream for many students. Their entry test is challenging to clear; you must work hard to achieve your goal. The success ratio in the NUST entry test is decreasing every year because of the saturation of students.
Joining an academic platform such as can increase your chances of success. So many students do NUST entry test preparation from top grades.PK gets admission to NUST every year. With the best student reviews, is at the top of the table and polishing your skills and making you able to secure a seat in NUST.


Q: What is the eligibility criterion for the NUST entry test?
A: Students having 60 percent marks in SSC or equivalence exam can apply for undergraduate programs of NUST. For more updates, keep visiting

Q: DO academies offer NUST entry test preparation courses?
A: Many academies offer NUST entry test preparation courses, and is one of the well-known academies offering this course and has much more for the students.

Q: Can I apply for the NUST entry test before completing FA/FSC?
A: Yes, you can apply for the NUST entry test based on your part 1 result, but your admission will be confirmed on your board’s FA/FSC certificate.

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