Secrets of High Scoring in MDCAT
Secrets of High Scoring in MDCAT

Tips for Students Who are preparing for MDCAT

The biggest obstacles in our lives are the barriers our mind creates. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding MDCAT preparation, these mental blocks need to be cleared to achieve what you are looking for. If you will approach the MDCAT exam with the mindset of FSc students, there are chances you will not get to the desired position. Most of the efforts are misdirected by students that must be channelized 100 percent in the preparation of exam.  For all your efforts to be fruitful follow these secrets to achieve success.

Be target oriented

To reach a destination you must have one path that you follow religiously. You cannot randomly choose a path and let it lead you anywhere. As an entry test student you must know that the public sector merit is tremendously high. Last year the merit was more than 91 percent, keeping this aggregate in mind you should be able to calculate how much effort you require to get 92 percent marks. In order to secure your admission, your focus should be only on your target like a laser beam which points only in one direction with great intensity.

Start Studying Early

Due the pandemic most of the students have become lazy. You must keep in mind that timeis the most valuable asset. Gear yourself up, make a schedule, and follow it passionately. There’s a high possibility that MDCAT will take place by the end of September. Over all you are left with almost 100 days only. You need to strive hard every day for almost 8 to 10 hours in your studies. You need to keep revising what you have learned to an extent that it becomes a matter of your second nature.

MDCAT Preparation
MDCAT Preparation

Set daily routine

While staying at home most of the students do not have particular time table to follow like in an academic institute. Without a daily routine you won’t be able to make everyday progress which is necessary to score extraordinary results. A proper routine is not only necessary for studies but it is also important for a disciplined life.

Utilize the day time efficiently, this is when you are at high level of awareness, focus, determination, and clarity. Divide your day and work into smaller portions and move from difficult to easy subjects. Whenever you try to set yourself for study make sure you don’t have any distractions.

Avoid Distractions

As a student you must keep in mind that entry test is not just simply a test, but it is a matter of your career that is going to shape your life, which means you cannot compromise on it. Keep in mind that you have to be the most hard working person in the room because if, you are not the most hardworking you cannot expect success. To cut short, any distracted student won’t be able to score well. Entry test is indeed the game of focus, if you want to make the best out of your time and you want to score extremely well in your studies make sure you do not have cell phone by your side or any other distraction.

Understand the Exam format

Smart work is the need of this era if you put all your effort smartly there’s a high chance you will stand out. As a student who will be attempting the entry test you must know the format that will be used to prepare an exam for students. Consider the weightage of different subjects. Make sure you give attention to the subjects that require improvement. The criteria for the MCQs that will be inquired in your exam is divided in three parts for each subject.

  • Memory based Question
  • Analysis Based Question
  • Application Based Question

Keeping this criterion in mind you should be able to recall all the things you have learned, you should be able to remind yourself of the concepts that you gathered through learning, and you should be able to unlock different scenarios and then figure out the answer.

Know importance of text books

In order to attempt your paper well you really need to focus on your text books. If you keep looking for different websites and guides which are just practice questions and not directly related to book you will just be distracting yourself from the main source. Keeping that important factor in mind all the schedule present on revolves around your text books.

Tips for MDCAT Students

Focus More on Areas Most Likely to Be Tested

While talking about focus and how it must be adjusted, here’s another secret that needs to be heard. You need to make sure that you are focusing on subjects and areas that have a high chance to become a part of the exam. Rank your subjects in a time table and then read accordingly. It will help you in subsequent revisions. Divide the chapters in your books considering this trick.

  • High yield areas
  • Medium yield areas
  • Low yield areas

All lectures delivered on have put an emphasis on important major areas that require your attention. This way you will have access to everything without wasting your time.

Anticipate Questions

If you want to learn how to answer than learn how to write a question. To have hold on what you are learning you really need to understand the concepts that you are given through books. An easy way through which you will be able to grasp all the concepts and answer well in exams is by asking questions. You need to make your mind think like teachers, critics, scientist, and examiners, only than you will be able to answer in a way that is acceptable and makes sense. You must read your books like you are not looking for answers but questions.

The services on will help you learn all the questioning and answering according to the requirement. It will allow you to retain more knowledge.  You can also click the question bank and see the questions asked in the past papers for better understanding.

Stay mentally and physically healthy

Healthy mind lies in a healthy body. Due to the pandemic people are going through a psychological   phase where fear and frustration is the center of all emotions. Keep in mind that as a student you need to stay in balance and keep the sportsman spirit high. Some students tend to transfer their stress into their body which leads to major health issues. Make sure that you maintain the stability you need to be successful. Keep your temperament calm and cool and try to focus on what’s necessary and worthy of your attention.

Adopt Healthy Working Style

Quality of your work depends on the style you adopt to bring it to completion. Studying style or working style must be healthy. Your body and mind will give up learning if you do not manage to have a proper working style. In order to elongate your stamina, make sure you do no sit in dark rooms. Instead make sure that your study environment is completely comfortable and motivating. Don’t over focus with your eyes this will make you tire some, room temperature must be appropriate you should sit in well ventilated rooms, keep your water bottles with you so that you don’t become dehydrated or deficient in minerals. Each step must be carefully planned as only a few hundred out of thousands are selected.

Know that is a battle for you and in order to succeed you have to be passionate and motivated about your work. There shouldn’t be any external pressure, instead you must keep yourself empowered from the inside and crazy enough to achieve your target.

Stay Away from other negative students

Not everybody around you wants the best for you. Anyone who has negative influence on you stay away from them. Keep in mind that whoever spreads negativity should be left aside. You shouldn’t accept anything negative from other students or even your friends. Work your own way up and join the company of people who are optimistic. Don’t get instilled with negativity. Even if your friends co-exist with you as roommates don’t let their words get into your mind. Take a hypothetical umbrella and prevent yourself from any negative vibe or negative energy people are showering over you. Keep your emotional quotient strong. Ignore anyone or anything who crosses your mind negatively. However positive criticism is important because it leads to improvement make sure you have people who are promoting you towards success. While following the schedule of nothing can stop you from success. Stick to that schedule and complete the mile stones on daily basis.

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