Study Plan for NMCAT

Follow this study plan for the best NMDCAT preparation Most average students prepare for NMDCAT in 3 months, after they are done with their intermediate exams. But some passionate students start studying as early as their first year in college. […]

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Registration Process for MDCAT 2022

The registration for MDACT 2022 has not started yet, but the procedure will be the same as last year. You can get access to the registration process and all the information regarding MDCAT through the website of PMC. Here’s […]

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Preparing for NMDCAT

It’s never too early to start NMDCAT preparation The first year is the time of a student’s life when he is most passionate about achieving significant milestones in his life. One such goal for pre-medical students is to become a […]

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Secrets of High Scoring in MDCAT

Tips for Students Who are preparing for MDCAT The biggest obstacles in our lives are the barriers our mind creates. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding MDCAT preparation, these mental blocks need to be cleared to achieve what you […]

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Technology makes things easy for everyone and so in the educational field All things considered, trendsetting innovation in our everyday life and better correspondence over the long separations has changed how individuals think. Pretty much everyone expects of life has […]

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Choosing a Right Career

In Pakistan, millions of dreams are crushed and surrendered every day. Unluckily, it has become a culture that children have to follow what they are told, while choosing a career. Parents usually thwart their children’s dreams or ridicule them if […]

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